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Ludwigsburg Experience Tour: Medicine in the Baroque Period

1. Ludwigsburg Experience Tour: Medicine in the Baroque Period

Discover the history of medicine during the Baroque period on a tour in Ludwigsburg. Take a guided walk around Akademiehof and learn all about the area's past inhabitants and their methods for curing. Knee pain? Tooth pain? Dry cough? In the Baroque period, there were no doctors as we know them today. But people knew how to help themselves. People came up with all sorts of remedies, from those who collected herbs to barbers and charlatans. Everyone praised their skills, no matter how beneficial or fatal. Johanna Bader, a woman in the 18th century who donned men's clothes to do her grandfather's job, writes about hygiene, dental treatment, orthopedic malaise, and all sorts of curiosities in her reports. Find out about her life story firsthand from your guide who's dressed up like her, and solve the many riddles of days gone by. End the experience with an in-depth understanding of the practice of medicine in the Baroque period in Ludwigsburg.

The dark side of the city: a ghost hunt across Ludwigsburg

2. The dark side of the city: a ghost hunt across Ludwigsburg

Ludwigsburg is a beautiful city, full of light and life! But like everything, this city has its dark side. The mysterious ghost hunter Rana is looking for haunted places in downtown Ludwigsburg. Because there is so much between heaven and earth that cannot be explained so easily. The ancient stories then speak of ghosts and revenants. The ghost hunter Runa has set out to get to the bottom of these stories. Her quest leads her to dark corners and gloomy places. She has collected many an exhibit that seems to prove the truth of her stories. But maybe everything is completely different. Explore, experiment, shudder and see the city with a new perspective. Follow Runa through the streets, to places that tell strange tales of ancient walls, curses and magic. One thing should be said: Don't believe every word, because maybe Runa only tells fairy tales after all.

Ludwigsburg: The Guardian of town

3. Ludwigsburg: The Guardian of town

Take part in a unique interactive performance as you follow the old Ludwigsburg tower keeper through murky alleys and dark corners, to discover the dark stories of the old town. Join this insightful walking journey and learn interesting facts about the town, only privy to locals. Karoline Brunner, the protagonist of this story, was the church tower keeper up until the beginning of the last century. Living a lonely life in the tower for many years, she was the first to see all kinds of events from the heights. Hear about the ancient townspeople's lives and gossip from her. Start at the Holzmarkt, continue to the evangelic Stadtkirche, and from there to Lindenstraße, which divides the city into upper and lower towns. Descend into the lower town past the stables to Palais Grävenitz, where the mysterious journey ends deep in its cellars.

Ludwigsburg: Creepy and cruel hangman's craft

4. Ludwigsburg: Creepy and cruel hangman's craft

Take a nighttime walking tour through Ludwigsburg with your guide, who is also known as the Black Lies. Follow them as they tell you the stories of executioners, whores, and rags from a time past. Get to know Ludwigsburg and its scary history. Gather in front of the prison and meet your guide, the Black Lies. Be enchanted by their dark hair and eyes and feel the black aura of their soul. Hear about their dreadful trade and the stories of the less fortunate. Head to Bärenwiese, along the Stern to the Rathausplatz. Learn about the punishments given to those caught red-handed in acts of crime. Dive into Ludwigsburg's scary history made even more atmospheric by the night. Continue your path to the wall at Cluss Garden and then conclude your tour at the market square.

The creeping madness at court in 1814

5. The creeping madness at court in 1814

Join Louise, a 19th-century court dancer, as she takes you through the streets of Ludwigsburg to follow the traces of a deadly disease. Immerse yourself in the city's dark past and see the traces that syphilis left behind. In 1814, Louise was to have her first court dance. Little did she know it would also be her last as she was infected with syphilis, a then deadly disease. Dying, she cursed her lover. But the curse rebounded. She must now wander the streets of Ludwigsburg, guiding tourists, until her debt is paid. Meet Louise in the Lower Town and follow her as she shows you the traces that syphilis left behind, how the disease was warded off and why it is better not to be out on the streets in Ludwigsburg after sunset. Gradually make your way towards the Upper Town, passing by the old smithy and the royal stables. Cross the streets of Kirchstrasse and Wilhelmstrasse to reach the former orphanage, where you will learn about Louise's final fate.

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