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Al Khayma Desert Camp

Al Khayma Desert Camp: Our most recommended tours and activities

Dubai: Desert Safari, Quad Bike, Camel Ride & Al Khayma Camp

1. Dubai: Desert Safari, Quad Bike, Camel Ride & Al Khayma Camp

Discover the desert outside of Dubai on a guided dune bashing safari. Enjoy the opportunity to take part in a variety of optional activities including a quad bike ride, camel ride or dinner and entertainment with an extended tour option. You will be picked up from your hotel or selected location by your tour guide. Then, drive to the Dubai desert and after a short break, you can experience the thrilling dune bashing session with trained drivers. You can also try out sandboarding and snap some amazing photos of the rolling dunes. Proceed to the Al Khayma camp for the optional camel ride and included refreshments. The 7-hour tour participants will continue to enjoy some entertainment shows and have a delicious BBQ dinner at the camp. As the tour comes to an end you will be dropped back to your hotel/building.

Dubai: Premium Red Dunes, Al Khayma Camp & 3-Cuisine Dinner

2. Dubai: Premium Red Dunes, Al Khayma Camp & 3-Cuisine Dinner

Discover Dubai on a day-long journey across the Dubai Desert. Enjoy thrilling activities like dune-bashing and sandboarding, and take the chance to relax at a camp with traditional snacks and activities like henna and shisha. Finally, enjoy the sunset through a powerful telescope. After being picked up by your Safari Captain, make the first stop of your journey to stretch your legs and relax, or take the optional quad bike ride. Also, if you choose the option, ascend the steepest slopes of the desert and descend them on a dune-bashing ride. For an extra kick of adrenaline, try out sandboarding. The Al Khayma premium camp will be all set to welcome you with Arabic coffee, sweets, and dates once you finish the desert safari. Say hello to the camp’s resident camels and, if you like, hop on the camel for a 10-minute ride across the dunes. Enjoy one of the activities conducted by the camp, such as henna painting, Arabic coffee and tea, camel feeding, and even a shisha station. Tuck into a dinner buffet with activities, Emirati, Moroccan, and Arabian dishes, followed by a live BBQ during sunset. Feast your eyes on the Bedouin entertainment live show and finish your dinner on a sweet note by relishing various local desserts. The camp’s ambiance will change as the sun goes down, allowing you to take in the peaceful desert night. Spot the stars in the desert sky through a high-power telescope on a fascinating stargazing session before calling it a day. Get dropped off at your hotel after a beautiful day of adventure and entertainment.

Dubai: Quad Bike Safari, Al Khayma Camp & 3-Cuisine Dinner

3. Dubai: Quad Bike Safari, Al Khayma Camp & 3-Cuisine Dinner

Discover the Lahbab desert while taking part in desert adventures such as quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, and more. Experience the best of what the desert has to offer on either a full or half-day experience from Dubai with roundtrip transportation. Begin with pickup your hotel or other selected location. Upon reaching the desert, get ready for quad biking and listen to a safety briefing. Then, set off on a quad bike ride over the beautiful red sand dunes. Try out other desert activities such as sandboarding and camel riding. After that, head to the Al Khayma desert camp where you'll be welcomed with Arabian coffee and sweets. Enjoy camp activities such as camel rides, photos with falcons, henna tattoos, and shisha smoking, along with cultural performances. Taste a BBQ buffer dinner with a fusion of Emirati, Moroccan, and Arabian food. After the tour, return to your hotel or preferred location in Dubai.

Dubai: Overnight Desert Safari, Camels, Dinner & Stargazing

4. Dubai: Overnight Desert Safari, Camels, Dinner & Stargazing

Enjoy a desert safari in Dubai. Ride a camel, enjoy exhilarating dune bashing, and have an authentic barbecue while enjoying the traditional dance. Then stay overnight in a Bedouin tent, and go on a camel trek the next day. After being collected from your accommodation in a comfortable 4WD vehicle, you will head to the Lahbab desert. Once in the desert, you will have some free time before your safari starts. Relax here or opt to go for a quad-bike ride while your vehicle for the off-road dune drive is prepared, the choice is yours. Next up you will enjoy a dune bashing ride, feel the adrenaline rush as your vehicle climbs up and slides down the sand dunes. Afterward, you can try sandboarding. Stand on the wooden board provided, balance yourself, and glide down over the sands. Next up, head to Al Khayma, a Bedouin-type campsite, where you will be led to your own tent (Khayma) inside the camp. After settling in here, you can taste Gahwa (Arabic coffee), Gaymat (sweets), and dates as a sign of welcome. Head out for a camel ride around the camp premises, and depending on the time and luck, view the sunset over the desert. Back at Al Khayma Camp, you can spend your time smoking shisha and henna painting. Don local Arabian clothes and pose for photos with a falcon. Enjoy a lavish barbecue buffet dinner while a Khaliji dancer keeps you entertained. When the camp lights are turned off, feel the essence and magic of the desert while stargazing with a telescope. Later, you will be taken by camel to a nearby camp area where a fire will be arranged for you. Learn how to make Arabic coffee or tea as you relax in the night sitting by the campfire, enjoying the silence of the desert and the dark sky above. Your desert guide will add to the fun with interesting desert stories, and when it’s time to sleep, you will return to the camp. You will retire back to your tent for an overnight stay. The following morning, wake up just before sunrise to witness a spectacular view. Your guide will take you to the desert with a camel caravan that is waiting outside the camp. Then go for a short camel trek capturing the nice view of the sunrise over the sand dunes. After camel trekking, you will return to your tent before eating a freshly cooked Arabian breakfast. Later, you will be driven back to Dubai and dropped off at your accommodation.

Dubai: Sunset Camel Safari, Stargazing, BBQ at Al Khayma

5. Dubai: Sunset Camel Safari, Stargazing, BBQ at Al Khayma

Benefit from pickup at your hotel in Dubai, then start your journey to the peaceful desert surroundings for a sunset experience of a lifetime. Make your way to a camel caravan, and experience the beauty of the landscape from the back of one of the "ships of the desert" for about 40-45 minutes. Take (optional) rides up and down the dunes in the twilight. Then, go to a Bedouin-style camp for a traditional Arabic coffee (kahwa) or tea on arrival. Savor Luqaimat sweets with dates and experience part of the desert lifestyle. Feel "Old Arabia" come to life in a unique Bedouin setting. Take part in traditional activities to complete your journey into the culture of the Arab world. Try your hand at smoking a shisha pipe or get a henna tattoo on your hand. Dress in typical Arabic attire and pose for a photo with a falcon resting on your hand or shoulder.  Feast from a delicious barbecue buffet dinner as you watch authentic Ladies Khaliji dance performances. When the camp lights are turned off, feel the essence and magic of the desert while stargazing with a telescope., Later get dropped off at your accommodation at the end of the tour services.

Dubai: Adventure Dune Buggy Safari, Camel Ride & BBQ Dinner

6. Dubai: Adventure Dune Buggy Safari, Camel Ride & BBQ Dinner

The experience begins with pickup from your hotel in Dubai and heads out to the Lehbab Desert where adventure awaits. Arrive at the dune buggy center and get kitted out with all the necessary safety gear while listening to the instructions from your safari captain. Drive your 1000cc Polaris buggy out onto the sand dunes and enjoy an hour of thrill-seeking. Speed through the desert landscape and glide across peculiar sand formations, feeling the buzz of adrenaline rush through your body from start to finish. Once you’ve had some fun on the buggies, it’s time for the next activity of the day. Grab a sandboard and hit the slopes, sliding and slipping your way across the dunes. This is the final activity for guests who opt for the 4-hour experience. After sandboarding, the experience continues with more fun-filled activities at the nearby Al Khayma Desert Camp. Here you can enjoy a camel ride across the sandy landscapes, get a traditional henna tattoo, or watch an incredible falcon show. Once you’ve worked up a bit of an appetite, dine on a tasty BBQ dinner and relax as you partake in the traditional Dubai pastime of shisha smoking. At the end of an unforgettable day, sit back and relax on the return journey to your city hotel.

Dubai: Self-Drive Adventure with 2000cc Dune Buggy

7. Dubai: Self-Drive Adventure with 2000cc Dune Buggy

Escape to the charming desert and ride over the Red Dunes in a customized dune buggy. Be picked up from your selected location in Dubai for your Desert Safari. After reaching the dune buggy center in the desert, receive instructions from your Safari Captain for the buggy ride. Get fitted out with all the appropriate safety gear for your dune buggy ride, after which, it is time to let the excitement begin. Get to drive down from the high red dunes in your customized dune buggy and enjoy the ultimate thrill. Then, get ready to enjoy the next action-packed activity—sandboarding. Strap your feet to the sandboard and slide down the sand dunes. Once you are done enjoying both desert activities on your 4-hour tour, be transferred back to Dubai. If you select the 6-hour evening tour option, you will be taken to the Al Khayma Desert Camp after the buggy ride. At the camp, enjoy activities such as a camel ride, a photo session with a falcon, shisha smoking, henna tattoo, and a BBQ dinner. Afterward, be dropped back to your hotel or your preferred location.

Dubai Deluxe Al Khayma Camp Experience with 3-Cuisine Dinner

8. Dubai Deluxe Al Khayma Camp Experience with 3-Cuisine Dinner

Wondering what desert life would feel like? Then, gear up to experience it at the Al Khayma Desert Camp as we pick you up in our vehicle and take you to the camp. Be prepared! You are sure to get your fill of fun, adventure, and entertainment in this experience. Enjoy a resort-style welcome as soon as you reach the camp. Put your feet up and unwind comfortably while relishing Arabic Coffee and Luqaimat dessert inside the tent. Take a stroll around the environmentally friendly camp to take in the beauty of the desert habitat. This is your chance to witness the desert sunset in all its glory. Keep your cameras charged to capture the beauty of dunes covered in the golden rays of the setting sun and get an opportunity to ride and feed the camels. Just as the sun sinks down, find yourself finding it hard to resist the aroma of a 3-course dinner which is getting ready to be served to you. Feel the satisfaction of your taste buds as you relish the flavors of authentic dishes from Emirati, Moroccan, and Arabian cuisines, served by Michelin Bib Gourmand's 2022-rated Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant. The evening at the camp turns glitzy as the Bedouin & Arabian entertainment begins. Make your evening more eventful by enjoying a BBQ and taking part in the camp activities. If you prefer, try out the shisha at our shisha counters. Give your camp experience a dreamy closure by watching the stars shining in the desert sky with a high-power telescope, before we drive you back to your hotel. Feel like having more fun in the desert? Then choose the VIP Deluxe Camp Day option that will pamper you with a private traditional Arabian tent, waiter services, farm with swings, extended Camel ride, and more. You may also choose VIP Deluxe Camp Overnight Stay if you wish to extend your stay overnight in the desert!

Dubai Desert Safari & Al Khayma Camp Luxury Tent Experience

9. Dubai Desert Safari & Al Khayma Camp Luxury Tent Experience

Pack your bags for an exciting luxury tent experience with thrilling adventures at the Al Khayma Luxury Camp. Upon arrival, feel welcomed at the camp in resort-style with a refreshing mocktail drink. At the camp, experience the celebrity vibes as the crew pampers you with personalized VIP treatment and waiter services. Try the Arab coffee and Luqaimat arrangements inside the tent, and see how easily you feel relaxed. Make the best out of the experience by taking a closer look at the camp surroundings, including the farm with the swings. While at the camp, capture your stunning photographs in different poses adorning an Arabian Head Scarf called Ghutra. Want to experience some adventure? Then be ready to feel the adrenaline rush because you are going to try your luck at Dune Bashing and Sandboarding. Whether you slide through the sand or enjoy off-roading in the desert on Dune Bashing, you are sure to have a memorable time in the desert! During the sunset, capture the beauty of sand dunes in crimson orange from our guaranteed sunset spot. When it’s time for dinner, prepare to treat your tastebuds to a delicious dinner with authentic food from Arabian, Emirati, and Moroccan cuisines served by the Michelin BiB-rated Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant. The evening at the camp is magical with traditional camp activities. You may even get a chance to try shisha at our shisha counters! Give a bright closure to the day with a stargazing session, where you can spot the shining desert stars with a high-power telescope. Wish to spend a night in the desert? Then you may opt for the Deluxe Camp Overnight Stay, which offers you a chance to spend a night in the camp with all the amenities. If you just wish to spend some time in a comfy camp, we have the Dubai Deluxe Al Khayma Camp Experience, where you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner and relaxing time in the camp.

Dubai: Valentine’s Day Getaway at Al Khayma Desert Camp

10. Dubai: Valentine’s Day Getaway at Al Khayma Desert Camp

Planning to give a special surprise to your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Then, get ready to enjoy quality time with your significant other at Al Khayma Desert Camp starting with a pick-up and drive to the camp in a 4WD. Relive those romantic moments as you enter the magical camp setting decorated with rose petals and fairy lights. Relax and cuddle up in your cozy tent while sipping the Arabic tea/coffee and munching on the local dessert. Breathe in the calmness of the desert ambiance while you take a romantic walk around the camp surrounded by natural trees and fountains. While at the camp, don’t miss out on posing for stunning photographs with your sweetheart in the backdrop of camp decorations. Find yourself enjoying the camel riding and feeding activity, which also allows you to witness the natural habitat of the desert in a traditional way. Nothing beats the feeling of celebrating your love in the golden hour when the sand dunes turn crimson orange. As the sun dips down, indulge in a culinary treat with a traditional 3-cuisine Emirati, Moroccan, and Arabian dinner catered by Michelin Bib Gourmand 2022-rated Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant. Immerse yourself in Bedouin entertainment such as henna, fire show, shisha, and stargazing with a high-power telescope. Notice the ambiance of the camp turns romantic as the beats of music fill the room. Need more? Then choose the Premium Red Dune Safari & Al Khayma Camp Experience option. With this option, surprise your loved one by giving them a chance to try dune bashing, sandboarding, and more! If you wish to celebrate your romance under the stars, choose the Premium Red Dune Safari, Al Khayma Camp & Overnight setup, where you can cozy up in your tent enjoying the view of the desert sky and the sunrise the day after. No matter which option you choose, we assure you a safe ride back to your accommodation.

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We had an amazing time during our desert safari. Will was really an amazing guide who kept us safe, took good care of us and had great banter too! Having a good guide is half the fun! We had a great time quad biking, despite the unexpected rain- definitely go for the single bike option if you can. The food at the camp was delicious too. A great experience that I recommend!

It was one of the most beautiful tours I've ever been on. To start with, Nazeed, our car driver/guide arrived on time. He was very kind, polite, and extremely helpful. The trip wouldn't have been so good and memorable if it hadn't been for him. He had it all well planned and executed without any waste of time. Thank you very much, Nazeed.

De chauffeur stond op de afgesproken tijd klaar bij de cruise terminal en het liep voorspoedig. Mooie auto, een uitstekende chauffeur. Leuke ervaring. Value for money!

Great experience, nice camp and show, our guide Shan did his best.

The tour was awesome. Also many thanks to our driver, Nishantha.