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Amalfi: Amalfi Coast Sunset Small-Group Boat Tour

1. Amalfi: Amalfi Coast Sunset Small-Group Boat Tour

Experience the enchantment of Italy with a boat tour of the stunning maritime landscape of the Amalfi Coast as the sun sets over the horizon. Marvel at the ancient rock formations, hidden beaches, and secret coves that adorn the coast from Amalfi to Praiano. Once everybody has jumped on board and had a little briefing about how we're going to spend the sunset hours, we will be ready to set off to the west towards Praiano. The route will take us along Amalfi Coast’s finest beaches as well as close to natural rock arches and into fjords, giving us the opportunity to admire the old watch towers that dot the entire length of this coast. We visit beaches reachable only by sea and have time to go swimming in crystal-clear waters. Not too far from the starting point, right after leaving the center of Amalfi, we will get close to the Saint Andrew Grotto, a huge natural sea cave full of stalactites named after the patron saint of Amalfi (Andrea). Then, once passed Duoglio and Santa Croce beaches, we will stop by the "Arc of Lovers", a natural rock arch created millions of years ago by the erosion of the sea whose shape recalls two elephants in the act of kissing. Up to not too long ago young couples used to get married on the top of it. A little later we will cruise in front of the ancient fishermen village of Conca dei Marini, passing near the villa of Sophia Loren and seeing the historic hotel “Il Saraceno” located on La Vite Beach. From here we will also have a stunning view of the Santa Rosa Monastery, a former convent now converted into a luxury hotel, once home of the Dominican nuns. It's right in the kitchens of this monastery that the delicious "Sfogliatella Santa Rosa" was born, a shell-shaped pastry filled with ricotta cheese-based cream and little dried fruit pieces, typical of the local culinary tradition (don't forget to taste it before leaving!). Once past the seaside of Conca dei Marini we will enter its western basin, where we will have a breathtaking view of Furore and Praiano villages and the islands of Li Galli and Capri, together with the well-known Faraglioni Rocks. We will reach then the famous Furore Fjord, the only natural fjord we have in Italy and location of the international diving competition "MarMeeting": every year in July, professional divers from around the world compete by jumping from the top of the bridge which is 28 meters high. Finally we will go round the cape of Praiano, where we will stop for a break and to go swimming as the warm hues that light up the sky reflect off the shimmering waters. The return trip to Amalfi will give us a different but equally remarkable view of both sea and land. Please note: this tour is mainly about enjoying the sunset hours while relaxing with drinks and good music rather than snorkeling. If you are looking for a tour more focused on snorkeling you might be interested in our other tours.

Amalfi Coast: Private Boat Trip with Prosecco and Snorkeling

2. Amalfi Coast: Private Boat Trip with Prosecco and Snorkeling

most of our tours usually depart from Amalfi following the coast towards Positano. Along the way, we will stop at Santa Croce first, in sight of the natural arch called "The arch of lovers" with the possibility to swim next to Sophia Loren's Villa the beautiful bay of Conca Dei Marini will amaze you with its typical fishermen's village. this bay maintains the old gastronomic culture with many restaurants on the beach, were you could taste the local and fresh food away from turist traps. proceeding in Positano direction passing the watch tower of Conca Dei Marini we could be able to stop in the Emerald Grotto for a quick visit (ticket are not included in the tour). then at the Furore Fjord you could be able to swim in one of the most iconic place of the coast, and take a look at the bridge were the most dangerous diving competition every year takes place. the Pirates Grotto in Praiano and the "In and Out grotto" in Positano will be the highlight of our tour before to get off in Positano for some free time, or eventually decide to go back to one of the typical restaurant on the beach. in the evening after lunch the perfect time is to visit the east side of amalfi, passing through Atrani, Marmorada Waterfall located in Ravello, Minori and at last but not the least, the Pandora Grotto

From Positano: Private Boat Tour to Capri or Amalfi

3. From Positano: Private Boat Tour to Capri or Amalfi

Enjoy a full day at sea on a private boat tour from Positano. Climb aboard and choose how to spend your time on the water. Head south along the Amalfi Coast or cross the Tyrrhenian Sea to the island of Capri, the choice is yours. Admire the striking landscape and jump in for a swim. Capri Cruise Option Navigate north from Positano passing Nerano, famous for its blue flag beaches. Stop for a refreshing swim and continue to Punto Campanella, where the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast meet. Then, cross the Bay of Naples and enjoy views of the Vesuvius. Upon arrival in Capri, circumnavigate the entire island, stopping at the Blue, White, and Green Grottoes. See the private villas of the rich and famous, along with Casa Malaparte and the historic lighthouse. Cruise past Marina Piccola to sail through the rock formations of Faraglioni. Experience the island from the boat or dock for some free time on land for an extra fee. Amalfi Coast Cruise OptionHead south from Positano and admire the lagoons and caves that line the rugged coastline. Make a stop to swim or simply lounge on the beach. Pass the beautiful fishing village of Praiano, where century-old traditions are still maintained. Reach the hidden lagoon of the fjord of Furore, then continue to Conca dei Marini to sail under Sophia Loren's former villa. Get an up-close view of the beachside apartment where Jackie Kennedy spent her Amalfi Coast vacation. Stop in bustling Amalfi for a chance to stretch your legs and get some lunch. Sail toward Atrani, Italy’s smallest village, or visit the enchanting towns of Ravello and Marmorata to see a waterfall that once powered a paper mill. Finally, arrive at the laid-back villages of Minori and Maiori, observe some Roman ruins, and discover one of the most famous pastry shops on the Amalfi Coast.

From Rome: Positano and Amalfi Coast Day Trip

4. From Rome: Positano and Amalfi Coast Day Trip

Discover the most spectacular destinations in the Amalfi Coast region of Amalfi and Positano on a high-speed train tour. Admire the elegance and natural beauty of these two gems of the coastline. Meet with your tour leader at the Roma Termini railway station. Depart for Salerno by high-speed train to reach the Amalfi Coast in the most time-efficient way possible. Once you reach Salerno, board the ferry to Amalfi and enjoy the fantastic views from the boat. Explore the town of Amalfi nestled in a ravine surrounded by stunning cliffs, the medieval public also knew it as the Duchy of Amalfi. Here you will have free time to explore the town, its public squares, shops and the Cathedral on your own. After visiting Amalfi, take the ferry back to Positano to discover all its charm and elegance: its coloured buildings, shops, and sandy beaches. Visit Marina Grande beach, or stroll around Fornillo or Arienzo beaches. Spend about two and a half hours in Positano before taking your ferry back to Salerno and heading for the railway station to take your high-speed train back to Rome, which will take you back to the Eternal City in the evening.

From Naples: Positano and Amalfi Day Trip by Ferry

5. From Naples: Positano and Amalfi Day Trip by Ferry

Embark on a day trip from Naples and discover the two charming, historic towns of Amalfi and Positano. A ferryboat offers relaxing and picturesque transportation as you visit these spectacular destinations. Along the way, learn about the towns from your guide before exploring on your own. Your tour begins at the sea port of Molo Beverello in Naples. There, meet with your guide and board the ferryboat. Take in the stunning views as you depart from Naples and explore the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Continue your tour with a visit to the town of Amalfi. Admire the scenic town, once known as the medieval Duchy of Amalfi, nestled between jutting cliffs. Your tour guide will provide an introduction to the city and a tasting of the local lemon ice, then explore the city on your own for 2.5 hours. Next, board the ferry to reach your second destination, Positano. After your guide's introduction, seize the opportunity to discover the town's charm for yourself. Wander past the colorful buildings, shops, and visit one of Positano's sandy beaches, Marina Grande, Fornillo, or Arienzo Beach. Enjoy about 2 hours in Positano before concluding your tour with a ferry ride back to Naples.

From Amalfi Coast: Capri and Anacapri Full-Day Guided Trip

6. From Amalfi Coast: Capri and Anacapri Full-Day Guided Trip

After check in at designed ticket counter, you will be welcomed on board of the fast ferry by our assistant. Sailing towards Capri you will pass all the Amalfi Coast and Punta Campanella, admiring the entire Peninsula from the sea. Upon arrival in Capri, at disembark our guide will take you to skip the line minibus transportation to go to Anacapri. Guided walking tour of Anacapri town center including the Belvedere, from where you will have a wonderful view over the island. After guide lecture you will have some free time for an optional ride on the chairlift to Monte Solaro or for optional lunch (extras payable locally). In the early afternoon departure by minibus to Capri town center for a walking through the narrow alleys and the elegant streets. The walking tour will end near the Augustus Gardens, where you can take the best photo shoot over the Faraglioni rocks. You will also enjoy some free time in Capri town center to make some shopping or to have a coffee in the Piazzetta while watching the world go by. In the afternoon return to Marina Grande to board the ferry back. Advise: due to the long queues Blue Grotto is an extra visit NOT possible on this tour.

From Positano: Half Day Amalfi Coast Boat Tour & Snorkeling

7. From Positano: Half Day Amalfi Coast Boat Tour & Snorkeling

Go on a half-day boat trip and discover the beauty of the Amalfi Coast. Hop on board at the Positano Pier, and as you sail along the turquoise waters, see if you can spot famous sites like the Fiordo di Furore. Make a swimming stop along the way, and enjoy drinks and fruit onboard. Begin your trip by boarding at the Positano Pier. Set sail, and head towards Praiano. Pass by Gavitella Bay and the Marina di Praia, a picturesque fishing village. Next, sail to the famous Fiordo di Furore, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where majestic cliffs meet the sparkling sea. Along the way, come across the enchanting Emerald Grotto, a hidden gem nestled within the coast. Choose to disembark and explore this natural wonder's mesmerizing depths (entry fee not included in the price) or stay on board, savoring the breathtaking views from the comfort of the boat. Continue the journey by passing through the Conca dei Marini with its natural arch, and then on towards the towns of Amalfi and Atrani. Let yourself be enchanted by the Marmorata waterfalls, a captivating spectacle that adds charm and beauty to the coast. Make a regenerating stop to swim and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the coast. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity and serenity of the place, discovering the underwater world below you. Once back on the boat, sip on a selection of drinks while enjoying the sun and savor the atmosphere.

From Praiano: Amalfi Coast Guided Private Cruise with Drinks

8. From Praiano: Amalfi Coast Guided Private Cruise with Drinks

Embark on a private boat trip from Praiano around the Amalfi Coast. Marvel at scenic views of coastal villages such as Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, and Minori while treating yourself to drinks and snacks onboard. Enjoy free time in Amalfi town and snorkel with the gear provided. Meet your guide at Marina di Praia and following a quick meet and greet with the crew, take a seat and enjoy the private cruise. There are several boat options that you can choose from. Take to the waves with a private guide and cruise along Italy’s dramatic shoreline. Admire fine views over coastal villages such as Conca dei Marini, Furore, Maiori, and Minori while you sip on Prosecco, beer, and other drinks and munch on snacks onboard, Enjoy the clear seas, warm sunshine, rich culture, and natural beauty of coastal Italy. Along the way, cool off with refreshing swims in the clear waters or observe the underwater marine life with the snorkeling masks provided. Finally, drop anchor and visit the historic village of Amalfi. Enjoy free time to explore the town and soak in the Mediterranean landscape at your leisure. Then, hop back on the boat to sail to Praiano.

From Ravello or Salerno: Vespa Amalfi Coast Tour with Stops

9. From Ravello or Salerno: Vespa Amalfi Coast Tour with Stops

One of the best Vespa tours available is the Amalfi Coast tour, which takes you through the beautiful towns of Ravello and Positano and to some of the best panoramic points along the coast. ## Ravello and Positano Walking Tour The tour begins with a walking tour of Ravello and Positano. Ravello is a charming town known for its beautiful gardens, stunning views, and historical monuments. During the walking tour, you'll have the opportunity to explore the town's famous Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone gardens, which offer breathtaking views of the coast. Positano is another picturesque town that you'll visit during the tour. This town is known for its colorful houses, narrow streets, and beautiful beaches. You'll have the opportunity to explore the town on foot and take in the stunning views of the sea. ## Panoramic Points After the walking tour, you'll hop back on your Vespa and head to some of the best panoramic points along the coast. The tour includes stops at Amalfi, Praiano, Fiordo di Furore, and the Emerald Grotto. These stops offer stunning views of the sea, cliffs, and coastline. You'll also have the opportunity to take photos and capture some of the most breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast. ## Conclusion Overall, a Vespa tour of the Amalfi Coast is a unique and unforgettable way to explore this stunning region. With the ability to easily navigate the winding roads and take in the stunning views, you'll be able to fully appreciate the beauty of the coast. Whether you're a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to the Amalfi Coast, a Vespa tour is the perfect way to experience this stunning region.

From Sorrento: Positano and Amalfi Coast Boat Day Trip

10. From Sorrento: Positano and Amalfi Coast Boat Day Trip

Boarding and departure for Positano sailing alongside the Sorrento peninsula’s rocky coastline, Massa Lubrense and Mitigliano Bay. Once passed Punta Campanella you’ll be taken in the most beautiful and famous coast in the world. You’ll be so enchanted by the wonderful beaches of Nerano and Tordigliano and the magnificence of the Li Galli islands and its clean emerald water, and the panoramic views of many other famous sights, such as Laurito, Fornillo, Crapolla, Recommone, and Arienzo. In Positano you’ll have 1-hour free time to discover the small vertical town, strolling up and down among narrow streets full of unique craft shops. Amalfi will be your second stop… Free time to admire the main town of the Amalfi coast and today, an important tourist destination together with other towns on the same coastline, such as Positano, Ravello and others. Amalfi is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.. During the sailing, possibility to have a swim in the crystal waters of the Amalfi Coast. At 5:30 pm Return at the Port in Sorrento.

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This was a very fun and exciting experience. The zipline is high and long so goes without saying that its not for those with a fear of heights. Worth planning your journey there beforehand whether you drive, taxi or walk. We decided to take the 1000+ steps to get there in the morning and arrived earlier than expected. We had to wait a little while to get ready but after that, everything worked very smoothly.

So much fun, we loved our tour guides. I will say It was a lot packed in one day so be prepared! My personal favorite was getting to jump off of the boat for a dip.

Great tour of Capri via boat and an even better tour of Capri and Anacapri - lots of great ideas where to eat and shop - overall a wonderful experience

The guide was very informative. The overall trip was very good. Boat was as good as new.

Tour departed on time. Well organized and tour guide very knowledgeable.