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Downtown Anchorage Food & History Walking Tour

1. Downtown Anchorage Food & History Walking Tour

Starting in the present day we will “wonder” back through the past to the late 1800s, learning about Anchorage and Alaska through the stories of the individuals who lived here. The tour starts on the back patio of the famous Kobuk Gift Shop. Meet up with your local Alaskan guide who will regale you with their storytelling skills where they share untold Alaskan history, and tell about unique Alaskan characters you won't get on other tours. Walk a bit between the stops and get a feel for the city. Rest assured knowing they'll be plenty of chances to sit and relax as well. Visits to the restaurants and shops will last about 15 to 20 minutes each. Sample a wide range of food and drinks significant to Anchorage's past and present, from seafood to ice cream to Russian dumplings to locally brewed beer. Relax, soak up the atmosphere, and pick up local insights from your guide. The tour ends a few blocks away from the meeting point at a local eatery.

Spenard Area Food & True Crime Walking Tour - New for 2023!

2. Spenard Area Food & True Crime Walking Tour - New for 2023!

This is a new tour for 2023! 98% of our company's reviews are 5 stars! Look us up! During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s Anchorage was wild and dangerous. Flush with oil money from the pipeline being built, working men from all over the country arrived in masses. Where there is an excess of working men & women with pockets full of cash and who are living in the fast lane places like brothels, bars, strip clubs, and gambling joints pop up overnight. Organized crime and gangs brought in illegal substances which poured into the city to feed everyone’s addictions. Dangerous men were plenty and it’s easy to disappear in the wilderness of Alaska, especially when you have a helping hand. Intriguing stories can come about because of debauchery, and we are here to tell you the sultry details. This tour is all about the true crime of Anchorage during this time period. Our focus is placed specifically on the notorious Spenard neighborhood, which was known as the center of it all. This is not for the faint of heart, children, or the pious amongst us. This Spenard True Crime Tour covers some of the history and people mentioned in Johnny’s Girl, a nationally acclaimed memoir by Kim M. Rich. This fascinating book tells the tale of an ordinary girl living an extraordinary childhood in Anchorage, AK during this time period. Kim’s father, John F. “Johnny” Rich was a major player in the underworld of Anchorage, Alaska in the 1960’s. Her mother was Frances “Ginger” Rich, an exotic dancer and B-girl who suffered from mental illness. Kim’s father was brutally murdered when she was 15, a consequence of his lifestyle. This true story is the perfect companion piece for this Alaska food tour. We will end our night at two of the most famous bars in Alaskan history for a drink. If you're lucky, and on your worst behavior, you might have the great pleasure of meeting the infamous Wicked Wanda. Content Warning: This tour includes stories that some may find disturbing. While we do talk about factual true crime events which were terrible, guides do not go into graphic detail. Our goal is to maintain an accurate retailing of historical events in a tasteful and intriguing manner.

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What people are saying about Anchorage

We took the 1pm food tour and we were not disappointed. Dan told excellent stories and kept us in stitches throughout. The food was outstanding. Dan did a wonderful job choosing the restaurants and shops and we could see that he has established long term relationships with the chefs and owners. I live in Anchorage and I will bring my future visitors on this tour.

perfect amount of walking. Loved the morning tour. Coffee stop was okay and I was hoping for bacon and sourdough toast but over all would recommend and Dan told us about great lunch and dinner spots the we checked out and were most 4-5 star experiences. Great first day in Ak trip. Wouldn’t say it was perfect but it was definitely more then 4 stars

A lovely experience! The food was tasty and I enjoyed both the tour guide and the other guests.