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Imagine it, cruising closer to the San Francisco waterfront then any of the big boat companies can go all while seeing more of the bay with your own personal tour guide only feet away from you. Your going to see it all, up close, un obstructed and without hundreds of other people clamoring to get a better spot in front of you. See it all and relax on board Bay Voyager. I began Bay Voyager as a way to take passengers on a historical guided tour of the bay and not only show you many of the classic standards such as under the Golden Gate Bridge and past Alcatraz but to bring you eye to eye with sea lions at Pier 39 and take you around the bay faster to see more, in a more private and intimate excursion then any other tour boat company on the bay can offer. Because Bay Voyager is a small and speedy vessel, we are able to deviate from out course to explore other parts of the bay should the weather, mainly fog, make travels in one part of the bay more favorable then others. No matter the time of day, year or weather, there is always something to see and learn about the waterfront in one of the most beautiful inland waterways in the world, San Francisco bay.

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