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Cala Millor: AbenteuerDate, fun game and city walk in German

1. Cala Millor: AbenteuerDate, fun game and city walk in German

You will start at a parking lot in the centre of Cala Millor. Your smartphone (special app) will guide you on a secret route through the entire town. This 3 kilometer walking trip will become an adventure trip, since You will solve plenty of litttle tasks at each secret location on Your route. All creative tasks, questions and challenges are about You and your relationship to each other. Not only fun for couples - also for good friends. You will learn new things about Yourself. Guaranteed. You will be asked questions how You would act or react in various situations. You will solve semi difficult riddles and you will be forced to act as a team. The dream team. The app will always show you the next location in this part of town and guide you there. At each location the app will present a new task or challenge to You and You collect points for solving the task. No worries: You don`t have to enter any buildings or get in contact with other people. It is all about You as a team. This outdoor adventure will lead You through small streets, along the beach promenade of Cala Millor and to places where the locals live and hang around. Feel the vibes of this holiday destination and have fun exploring the content of this outdoor-date. This is more than a basic walking trip, this is an amazing race full of fun content and a challenge for You as a team.

Cala Millor: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game with App

2. Cala Millor: Self-Guided Outdoor Escape Game with App

Explore Cala Millor in a unique way: playing a self-guided outdoor escape game with an app. Walk through the city center's streets at your own pace, playing the role of a fictional detective solving a murder case. Have fun with the whole family or friends as you discover this Spanish city by foot or bike. Head to the starting point in the center, indicated on your app and click Play. As you solve puzzles and clues, you will design your own route through the area. Follow instructions such as "walk approximately 300 meters to the North" or "walk backwards on your toes", and feel like a true detective on a case. Listen to the audio provided through the app that will explain the fictional story of a missing person. Help the police find them or find out what happened to the missing author and former police officer. Go through all police files and witness reports in order to solve this puzzling mystery. Feel like a detective while you have fun with friends of family, discovering the city in a different way. Ideal for a group of up to five people, this is more than a regular walking tour, it's a fantastic and fun team challenge. Note: This is not a mainstream sightseeing tour with historical facts. You will hear about a fictional crime case and shall try to solve it. It is an exciting case about a former police officer who nowadays writes books. Somehow he suddenly disappeared just before the release of his newest book. The book is supposed to become a bestseller. But also the script of the book is now missing. What happened? And why did the police man and author tell some strange short stories to some of his friends? You should go and visit these friends and other witnesses who might know something about this case. Maybe you will find out what happened and also get ahold of his script. You will walk through the area and solve some puzzles and other tasks. At various locations you will get access to some audio files or reports that have to do with this crime case about the missing author. This is a fun team game and is perfect for a group of up to five persons. This is more than a basic walking trip, this is an amazing race full of exciting content and a challenge for You as a team. The duration will be 2-3 hours, depending on your own speed and if you go by feet or bike. Special offer: if the weather suddenly is not suitable for you and your adventure or you want to reschedule because of other reasons: no problem. Once you made a reservation, you can start within 48 hours after the originally booked starting time. Bonus: We included some extra tasks and riddles which you can solve at any time after you finished your booked event.

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Wir hatten einen sehr schönen Abend. Leute die Sightseeing machen wollen sind hier falsch. Für unseren letzten Abend im Urlaub ein perfektes Date.

war auf jeden fall witzig, ein cooles konzept. mal was anderes als den ganzen tag am Strand chillen (auch zu empfehlen)

wir wussten nicht so wirklich, was uns erwartet. es hat wirklich spaß gemacht.

it was a bit too long for my family but otherwise we had a lot of fun