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Valparaíso: A Private Tour with an experienced local guide.

1. Valparaíso: A Private Tour with an experienced local guide.

Quaint hillside 'ascensores' (funiculars) will bring you up into the city's steep hills, where a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys reveals brightly colored buildings, bohemian cafes, elegant restaurants, and of course we'll explore the street art on hidden alleys. We'll scout two of the most famous and eclectic hills: Cerro Concepción and Cerro Alegre. Afterwards, you will enjoy local cuisine inspired by the fresh seafood & fish, seasonal produce and fine coastal white wines in one of the various restaurants nestled in these picturesque hills. Also we'll enjoy visiting Viña del Mar with its Easter Island original extant statue, the Oceanic Rock, the Sea Lions sanctuary along the magnificent beaches of Reñaca and ConCon and a unique and a vibrant Fish Market where you can see the boats arriving with the fresh produce. Itinerary: You'll get picked up in the morning at Santiago (or Valparaíso or Viña del Mar) 1) Fish Market (Caleta Portales) Stop: 50 minutes -Enjoy visiting this Fish Market just by the ocean where fisherman line their old and colourful boats side by side selling their daily catch. 2) Viña del Mar Flower Clock Stop: 5 minutes -This famous clock was built for the 1962 Soccer World Fifa Cup; this fully functioning botanical clock is still ticking. 3) Easter Island Statue (Moai) Stop: 15 minutes -'Moai' are monolithic human figures carved by the 'Rapa Nui' people on Easter Island in eastern Polynesia between the years 1250 and 1500. Carved at 'Rano Raraku', the main 'moai' quarry, these statues were transported from there and set on stone platforms called 'ahu' around the island's perimeter. 4) Auguste Rodin Original Bronze Statue Stop: 10 minutes -'La defense' is an original Auguste Rodin bronze statue signed by the artist. This sculpture was originally made by the artist to commemorate the defense of Paris during the French-Prussian War. 5) Roca Oceánica Stop: 30 minutes -This attraction is the lowermost and oldest outcropping formation in the Chilean Central Coast and it was generated in the 'Quaternary Period', 25 million years ago. As far as their geological aspect, this place is considered a unique site as various climatic, petrographic, topographic, oceanic, biogeographic and phytogeographic aspects. 6) Paseo Galvez, Valparaíso Stop: 20 minutes 7) Paseo Gervasoni Stop: 15 minutes -Walking tour showing architecture and street art 8) Paseo Atkinson Stop: 15 minutes -Walking tour showing architecture and street art 9) Paseo Dimalow Stop: 10 minutes -Walking tour showing architecture and street art 10) Atahualpa Street Stop: 25 minutes -Atahualpa lane is such an exceptional spot where each door has been decorated by a different artist. 11) Ascensor Concepción (elevator/lift) Stop: 20 minutes - A short but steep ride down and back to the original point. Let's have fun! 12) Sotomayor Square (pass by) After this you'll return to the departure point.

Viña del Mar and Reñaca 4-Hour Pacific Coast Tour

2. Viña del Mar and Reñaca 4-Hour Pacific Coast Tour

Explore one of the top seaside resorts in Chile at Viña del Mar on a half-day afternoon tour with pick-up from Valparaiso or Viña del Mar. Marvel at the city's streets and gardens full of well-kept flowers, including Avenida Perú, Plaza de Armas and Quinta Vergara. Visit the theater where the annual Festival Internacional de la Canción takes place, and see the famous clock made from flowers near Caleta Abarca beach. Continue to Reñaca and get a panoramic view of the sea lions colony. Next, explore the coastal town of Concón. Cross the bridge over the Aconcagua River to get to the ecological park to look for different bird species.

Pacific Horseback Riding on Beach & Sand Dunes

3. Pacific Horseback Riding on Beach & Sand Dunes

Enjoy a comfortable air-conditioned transportation and arrive at the small town of Mantagua. Explore the beach and nearby Ritoque Sand Dunes on a 3-hour horseback ride. Cross the little streams from the Aconcagua River which empty into the Pacific Ocean after flowing all the way from Mount Aconcagua in the Andes. After the horseback ride, drive along the coast to Concón, known for its seaside restaurants and surf shops. Pass by the impressive Concón Sand Dunes and enjoy the panoramic views of Valparaiso Harbor.

Pacific Treasures: Valparaiso and Viña del Mar Private Tour

4. Pacific Treasures: Valparaiso and Viña del Mar Private Tour

No trip to Chile is complete without visiting the colorful coastal cities of Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. Your tour begins with hotel pickup followed by an hour and a half drive to the Chilean coastline. Start the drive along the coast in Concón, known for its seaside restaurants and surf shops. Pass by the impressive Concón Sand Dunes with their panoramic views of Valparaiso Harbor. The tour continues past the popular beach town of Reñaca, where you can usually spot sea lions lying on the coastal rocks. Then, drive through Viña del Mar, Chile’s “Garden City,” where you will see the city’s landmarks, including the Flower Clock and Casino, a “Moai” statue from Easter Island, as well as the city’s pristine beaches. Afterward, reach your main destination, Plaza Sotomayor, the heart of Valparaiso. Then, take an old funicular up to Concepcion and Alegre Hills. Bohemian and colorful, Valparaiso’s maze of hills has long inspired poets and writers. YDiscover something new at every turn – a gem of a building, a remarkable art gallery, or a little gastronomic ‘find.’ Revel in the architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage City. Stroll along its narrow streets, climb its endless staircases, and enjoy panoramic views from its many lofty lookout points.

From Santiago: Surfing and Wine Full-Day Private Tour

5. From Santiago: Surfing and Wine Full-Day Private Tour

Enjoy a day of surfing amongst the beautiful blue waves of Concón, then head to the trendy Bodegas RE winery for a tour and tasting. After your hotel pick-up, take in the scenery for the 2-hour drive through the coastal mountains, to the seaside town of Concón. Change into wet suits and enjoy a comprehensive surfing lesson. Build your confidence with both on-land warm-ups and in-water practice. After your lesson, put your new skills to the test with an hour of freestyle surfing. You'll have time to find lunch at a nearby restaurant before heading to the picturesque Casablanca Valley. Visit Bodegas RE, a small family vineyard that combines ancient wine-making procedures with modern knowledge of viticulture and enology. Enjoy a tour and tasting, and marvel at the noble wines created in traditional clay jars. You'll be transported back to your hotel, feeling rejuvenated after this fun day in the surf.

4x4 Journey Mantagua Dunes &Wetland&HorseRiding F Valparaiso

6. 4x4 Journey Mantagua Dunes &Wetland&HorseRiding F Valparaiso

Total Duration: 5 - 6 hours 4x4 Trip & Horse Riding in Ritoque Sand Dunes and Beach Visit Mantagua Wetland The tour is only for you (small group 2-4 pasenger) and nobody else Custom Service Unique Spot Sand Dunes on Central Chile Professional Expertise on 4WD Tour Guide in Activty Horse Riding Exclusive Transportation Professional Drivers and Tour Guide

Valparaíso & Viña del Mar: Full-Day Tour

7. Valparaíso & Viña del Mar: Full-Day Tour

In one day, you will discover: - the millennial dunes of Concón, a nature sanctuary formed thousands of years ago, dunes of 120m high, what a blast! - Viña del Mar and Reñaca, Chile's two legendary seaside towns! European palaces along the coast, an Art Deco casino from the 1930s, a life-size Moai from Easter Island, a botanical garden... - Valparaíso, UNESCO World Heritage. An amphitheater made up of 42 hills, which offer breathtaking views of the bay. We will go up there by funicular to discover its colorful houses, its street art and its glorious past!

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It was great to enjoy both natural beauty, as well as interesting architecture along with street paintings. Our tour guide, Daniel from Chile Dream Tours, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. One thing to note is that is was 15 degrees C cooler on the Pacific coast than it was in Santiago. Fortunately we had warm enough clothes with us.

Beautiful area and our guide was truly special. Sean speaks perfect English and shared so much information with us. He even took pictures of our group with his own camera and emailed them to us. Exceptional!