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South Korea: eSim Mobile Data Plan

1. South Korea: eSim Mobile Data Plan

Make your trip to South Korea hassle-free with your convenient eSIM. Stay connected on your travels with high-speed coverage in South Korea and other countries. Purchase and install your eSIM anytime and anywhere, and choose from a variety of data packages, validity options, and coverage in additional countries. Simply scan the eSIM QR code to access all your essential apps on your trip. Avoid the trouble of managing multiple SIMs with this zero-waste solution. Get one eSIM per device and top up by simply buying and activating additional eSIM plans as you go. Once activated, your coverage will begin according to your selected duration. Upgrade to coverage in 8 Countries including South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia. Most devices released after 2019 are compatible with eSIM (e.g. iPhone XR, XS of models beyond, Google Pixel 4 and beyond). If you are unsure, please check the compatibility guideline photo to confirm eligibility. If you can not connect to the internet after install this eSIM, please follow the Self Help Troubleshooting Guide in your GYG voucher. Korea Carriers to use: SKT & KT

South Korea: LG U+ eSIM Unlimited Roaming Data Plan

2. South Korea: LG U+ eSIM Unlimited Roaming Data Plan

Traveling in Korea is much easier and more comfortable when you get to stay online. Book a travel SIM to be in contact with your friends and family, share your travel photos on social media, check your work e-mails, and find your favorite spots on the map. No need to visit LG U+ customer center. Just a few seconds to start the usage after the purchase. Remember you need a wifi to activate the network. Please ensure that your device is eSIM compatible and SIM-lock-free. You can check if your device supports eSIM by checking the EID item that appears after entering * # 06 # in the dial (phone) (eSIM supported if EID item exists) Most iPhone models after XR and XS (excepted selected region's models, like Hong Kong or Mainland China) and Samsung models after Galaxy S20 support the eSIM functionality. (*LG eSIM can't be used on Google Pixel and OPPO).

South Korea Data eSIM: 0.5GB/daily to 30GB-30 Days

3. South Korea Data eSIM: 0.5GB/daily to 30GB-30 Days

Highlights The GYG QR is not the eSIM QR > Please refer to the eSIM QR email that will be send within 6 hours. -Save your valuable time & receive eSIM QRCode within 6 hours. -Scan a QR code to set up eSIM, skip the complicated steps of changing a SIM card. -Enjoy high-speed network through local carrier. Purchase Notices -Data plan validity starts immediately when eSIM is installed. -Please make sure your phone is unlocked by your operating carrier and its operating system are compatible with eSIM, failure to do so may result in activation failure, and refunds will not be granted -iOS requires version 12.1 or later; please note that iPhones sold in China do not support eSIM and certain cell phones sold in Hong Kong and Macao do not support eSIM. South Korea Unlimited Prepaid Data Roaming eSIM 1. Unlimited Data 0.5GB/1GB/2GB - (Daily reset every 24 hours, speed reduce to 128kbps after exceeding data plan) 2. Unlimited 5GB/10GB/15GB/20GB/30GB High-Speed Data (speed reduced to 128kbps after exceeding data plan) This eSIM is data only. It does not include a phone number to make phone calls or send SMS messages. Please note that iPhones sold in China do not support eSIM and certain mobile phones sold in Hong Kong and Macao do not support eSIM. If you have any questions, please contact customer service, preferably before booking.

South Korea Travel eSIM plan with Super fast Mobile Data

4. South Korea Travel eSIM plan with Super fast Mobile Data

Unlock the full potential of your South Korean journey with our high-speed eSIM plans. Roam this captivating land without hesitation, powered by generous data limits and the reliable KT network. Description: Explore with Confidence: Immerse yourself in the wonders of South Korea with the assurance of staying online, from vibrant cities to serene landscapes. Data: Choose between 30 GB of data for 30 days or 15 GB of data for 30 days for your preferred travel style. Phone Number Included: This comes with a phone number, but it does not include any minutes or SMS allowance. Seamless Activation: To activate this eSIM, simply scan the provided QR code, and there are no additional activation or registration steps required. Instant Validity: The validity period for this eSIM plan will begin as soon as you scan the QR code for activation. High-Speed Data: With this eSIM, you can enjoy full data speeds without any daily limits or throttling, and it also supports mobile hotspot sharing. Reliable Network: This eSIM plan connects to the KT network with 4G LTE speeds for reliable and fast data access. Device Compatibility: Please note that this eSIM is compatible only with eSIM-ready phones and tablets that are not carrier locked.

South Korea Seamless eSIM Data Plan for Travelers

5. South Korea Seamless eSIM Data Plan for Travelers

Discover the ease of traveling in South Korea with our specialized eSIM data plan. Designed for travelers, this plan offers instant high-speed internet access upon your arrival, simplifying your journey through this vibrant and technologically advanced nation. Unique Selling Points: Instant Connectivity: Quick eSIM activation for immediate internet access. Comprehensive Coverage: Enjoy uninterrupted high-speed internet in cities, rural areas, and popular tourist destinations. Flexible Data Plans: Various data options to suit your travel length and needs. Easy Setup: Hassle-free activation, compatible with a wide range of smartphones. Itinerary/Features: Upon landing in South Korea, activate your eSIM in a few simple steps. Stay connected as you navigate through bustling streets of Seoul, explore traditional palaces, or relax in the serene landscapes of Jeju Island. Our eSIM keeps you online for maps, information, and social media sharing throughout your trip. 24/7 customer support ensures a smooth, connected travel experience.

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