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Established since 1994, Driver in Italy exists as a distinguishing chauffeur driven company in Rome-Italy, providing a wide range of customer services for all types of travel needs in Italy. We are the leading online transportation booking agent offering luxury standard vehicle services fully equipped with latest technology and highest comfort level to meet each and every aspect of your trip from, and to your destination point. More than 16 years, Driver in Italy is engaged in provision of highest level of transportation services and catering travel needs at an affordable rate to its all customers who prefer to travel to Italy in a private car along with a driver, instead of hiring a common taxi. We follow international standards in providing our customers with; vehicle, driver or a guide and all three services at the same time that best satisfies our customers, needs and demands. We do understand that client s, demands vary from one to another, therefore, we also offer custom reservation facility e.g. walking tours, tour of cities located at a considerable distance from each other etc. In this case, we provide luxury class and fast service train tickets as an alternative to private transfers. Since, our client outreach is expanded in countries including, however, not limited to Canada, USA, U.K and Europe as well. Therefore, our operational staff, including the drivers are well fluent in English and have in-depth knowledge of all the excursions and tour destinations. Thus, from the moment you plan your tour, our carefully hand-picked suppliers will take utmost care of all the information you required prior to booking your tour, whereas our knowledgeable and skillful Driving Guides will provide you all the necessary information from, and to the destination point. Our Mission: We exist with a mission to provide the highest quality standards of customer services delivered with a spirit of friendliness, individual pride and customer protocols. Our Core Values: The core values of Driver in Italy are as follows: Accountability -- Be responsible for your actions. Integrity -- Be honest with day-to-day activities and…. Do Good by Doing it Well. Leadership -- Set the example and take the initiative at all levels in a timely and decisive manner. Quality -- Take pride in your work by doing the best you can. Respect -- Be cooperative by being sensitive to others needs. Safety -- Above all things know your job and limitations; perform in a safe manner. Our Services: I. Vehicles: We offer luxury class vehicle service. Our vehicle fleet includes, Sedans, Minivans, Vans, Minibuses and buses (8,14,16,19,30,35,55,80 seats). We also offer different range of Mercedes services including; Mercedes S, E and V class and/or similar class. In addition our transportation service also include Private Jet and luxury boats. II. Driving Guides: All of our chauffeurs hold driving license and are registered as per the law and regulations. Being in the transportation and tourism industry, customers, protocols and dress code for the drivers are the binding principles and are never compromised in our company, the situation being whatsoever. Our cadre of driving guides comprise of knowledgeable and well informed drivers to guide you in choosing points of entertainment, restaurants and hotels etc. We can also make special arrangements to provide you with a driving guide capable of speaking in your local language. III. Transfers: In order to provide in-time quality service and help our clients meet their predetermined time lines regarding their tours, Driver in Italy offers...transfer services to its clients. Through this service, we will take best care of your arrivals and departures by providing you the pick-up service from the airport to the hotel in your town. This service will help you keep free of worries linked to renting a car, thinking of traffic jam and following the maps which is often a pains taking work while visiting a foreign language country. Our approach is to make the things better by making them much easier. Take the easy way - book this instant online service now and save time at your destination points anywhere in Italy or Western Europe. Transfers are available from any airport in Italy and this service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.. IV. Accommodation: Before visiting a new country and ensuring that the visit adds up to one of the most beautiful memories of life, completely safe and high standard accommodation are the top priorities of the tourist. In order to ensure happiest and a memorable tour, we take great care in providing accommodation services of 4 Star or 5 Star hotels. And/or if required, we can also arrange accommodation in holiday farms with luxury services. V. Food: As far the quality and on-time food service, we allow our customers to choose between half board and full board meal package. However, in any case, we keep our attention focused in ensuring that the quality of the food to be offered to our prestigious clients must be similar to the food standards maintained during the tour. Our Unique Service Features? Driver in Italy believes in, and exists with a difference by offering the following Unique Service Features: I. Shared Shore Excursions/ Tours/Transfers: Although, shared travels are usually arranged for large number of customers, however, Driver in Italy holds the uniqueness of offering shared excursions and shared tours to provide its customers with an opportunity of having the same quality level with a minimum number of travel mates. In simple words, it’s a semi-private transportation service and each shared tour or short excursion. Moreover, in the presence of an English speaking driving guide, this shared tour or excursion turns out to be a private tour. Tour guide and entry tickets of the visit sites (e.g. Vatican, Pompeii and Florence) are also included in this service. II. Group Excursions/Shore Excursions/Tours: Besides individuals and families visits, we offer group excursions, shore excursions and/or exclusive group tours as well. For example, tours, excursions or shore excursions for company groups, school groups, associations, pilgrimages and, generally speaking, parties of travelers visiting Italy. We also specialize in organizing tours for choirs or orchestras, including also children's groups performing all types of music (classical, pop, folk, jazz, etc.), or in organizing sports activities (matches) among the schools. III. Fun and Learning: Since, we strongly urge our clients to fully enjoy their visit to Italy, therefore, we also arrange for fun and learning activities including; hands-on cooking lessons, ceramic-making, olive picking, visit to; an oil industry, leather goods manufacturing plants, cheese producers etc. Air balloon and helicopter flights; Special Boat Rides (in the River Tiber in Rome, on gondolas in Venice, etc.) tickets for concerts etc. In addition, should our customers wish to arrange family functions like birthday party, wedding anniversary etc. we would be more than happy to offer the necessary services, accordingly.

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