Emperor Cruises

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Emperor Cruises (www.emperorcruises.com) is the first to offer high-end all-inclusive, unlimited services to serve luxury travelers in Nha Trang Bay. Its rich indigenous culture and glorious landscapes now complemented by gourmet restaurants and boutique hotels and cruises, Nha Trang has never looked better. The cruise was inspired by the luxurious life of Emperor Bao Dai, Vietnam's last. He often chose to spend his leisure time in Nha Trang, going fishing on a beautiful dragon boat that was fully equipped and operated by experienced members of the Vietnamese Naval Corps who were knowledgeable about where the best bays in the area could be found. Emperor Cruises' purpose is to bring your customers to Experience Every Moment with us by being treated as kings and queens, indulging in services such as music, fine art, architecture, culture, cuisine, history, and outdoor activities where everything is all included. With Emperor Cruises, we would like to not only bring the first 5 star cruises in Nha Trang but also bring new experiences by showing the beauty of Nha Trang destination in Vietnam to all cruise lovers and travellers from all around the globe. For more information, visit www.emperorcruises.com

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