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Enoshima: Our most recommended tours and activities

From Tokyo: Kamakura and Enoshima 1-Day Bus Tour

1. From Tokyo: Kamakura and Enoshima 1-Day Bus Tour

Get on the bus from one of the several departure locations in central Tokyo (shuttle bus service) and head towards Japan’s former capital city between the 12th and 14th-century: Kamakura. Start the tour of this coastal town by walking along the famous Wakamiya street towards Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, Kamakura's most important Shinto shrine. If you still have some time after the visit, have a look around the nearby Komachi Street, a popular shopping street where you can enjoy local seafood, snacks and souvenirs. Next up is a visit of Hase-dera (Hase temple), home to the famous eleven-headed statue of Kannon the Goddess of Mercy, which is considered one of the biggest wooden statues in Japan. The scenic view from the observation platform on the upper ground is recognized as one of the most picturesque spots in Kamakura. Moving on from Hase Temple, walk to one of the most iconic places in Kamakura, the Kotoku Temple with its huge bronze statue of Buddha, designated a National Treasure by the Japanese government. The statue is 11.3-meters tall and weighs around 121 tons. The last stop of the tour is Enoshima, a small island located west of Kamakura. Many Shrine buildings can be found around the island and are dedicated to Benten, a popular goddess of good fortune, wealth, music and knowledge. On clear days you can also enjoy stunning views of Mt. Fuji from the island!

Tokyo: Kamakura Buddha, Hachimangu Shrine, Enoshima Day Tour

2. Tokyo: Kamakura Buddha, Hachimangu Shrine, Enoshima Day Tour

Start your beautiful journey. Pick-up time and location: 8:00 JR Marunouchi, Tokyo station 8:30 SMBC Bank Shinjuku Nishiguchi ▼10:00 Enoden experience (10 to 15 minutes)experience fee included Enoden is a streetcar that connects Fujisawa to Kamakura. The route includes most of Kamakura's famous sights, and you can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Shonan coast. ※You will take Enoden between Kamakura High School and Enoshima . This fee is a gift item. If you cannot ride due to force majeure, the fee will not be refunded. ▼10:20 Kamakura High School or Shonan coast walk about 40 minutes) Passing through the railway crossing and road, down the stairs is the famous Shonan coast in Kanto, Japan. It is a paradise for surfers and those who love seaside activities. You can stroll on the beach, listen to the sound of the waves, and relax your heart. If the weather is good, you can even see Mount Fuji directly. ▼11:00 Enoshima (about 120 minutes) Regarding the first formation of Enoshima, it is said that in April, the 13th year of Emperor Kinmei Tennō(552), sand began to flow from the seabed, and after 21 days, the sand island was formed. While there is a moving legend about the initial formation of the island in Mount Hiei Enryakuji Temple. It is said that in the past, there was a large lake around 40 miles around Tsumura (now Kamakura City), and in the lake lived a five-headed dragon. It is said that the dragon is the incarnation of Benjaten. Even Tokugawa Ieyasu came to pay homage. During the Edo period, it became one of the sightseeing spots for people in Edo (now Tokyo). Enoshima Shrine Enoshima Shrine was built in the 13th year of Emperor Kinmei Tenno(552). The routine sacrifice is in every early April. The wooden colorful eight-armed seated Benzaiten statue, the Hizen country Fujiwara Masahirosakutachi, the Happo tortoise, the Enoshima origin and the bronze torii are all precious nationally designated cultural properties. At the same time, with Benjaten as the god of wealth, many worshippers and tourists come here. ▼13:30 The Great Buddha of Kamakura (about 30minutes) Discover Kamakura's must-see attraction, the Great Buddha! Standing at 13.35m, this majestic bronze statue embodies Japan's rich Buddhist culture. A profound and unforgettable experience for all visitors! (Tickets are at your own expense: JP¥300, JP¥20 inside the Big Buddha). ▼14:20 Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine (90 minutes stay) Welcome to Hachimangu Shrine in Kamakura! Embrace Japan's spiritual essence at this historic shrine, a symbol of samurai heritage and prosperity. Immerse yourself in traditional rituals and serene surroundings. Unforgettable cultural encounter! ▼Komachi Street Komachi Street, which stretches from Kamakura Station to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine, is a fairly famous and lively old street in Kamakura. ▼16:00 Return to Tokyo.

Kamakura: Great Buddha, Hase Temple, & Komachi Street Tour

3. Kamakura: Great Buddha, Hase Temple, & Komachi Street Tour

Kamakura was the ancient capital of Japan and now a major day trip spot both for Japanese and foreign tourists. Start your tour in Tokyo so you do not need to worried about transportation from/to Tokyo! Take the JR train forabout 1. 5 hrs and Eno-den, the local lovely train in Kamakura. The Great Buddha is the second largest Buddha in Japan and surprisingly it is located in open air! Hase temple is famous for flowers especially hydrangea so you can enjoy various flowers in season. There are also many interesting Budda, Kannon, and gods of wealth so you can make a wish to be rich! For lunch, you can eat typical local foods there. Kamakura is famous for seafood but if you do not like it, other food can be arranged based on your request. Then visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and enjoy shopping at Komachi street. If you would like to stay longer for shopping after the tour, you can. If you would like to visit other places like Hokokuji temple with its bamboo forest or Enoshima island, plans can be changed.

From Tokyo or Yokohama: Kamakura & Enoshima Private Day Tour

4. From Tokyo or Yokohama: Kamakura & Enoshima Private Day Tour

Discover Old Town, Kamakura, Japan's historic sightseeing destination, on a day trip from Tokyo & Yokohama. Explore highlights of Enoshima Island, known for it's picturesque views which was often depicted on Ukiyo-e, or paintings made of woodblock prints . Visit them both as part of this private experience that can be designed to fit the wishes of your group. Example itinerary: Set off from Tokyo or Yokohama and head to Hokoku-ji Temple known as a bamboo temple in which visitors can enjoy powder tea at the café inside. Continue to Kencho-ji Temple which is the most prestigious zen temple in Kamakura clan. Walk down to Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu Shinto Shrine established by Minamoto Yoritomo, the first shogun of samurai government. Finally pay respect to the Statue of Great Buddha of Kamakura at Kotoku-in Temple. Enjoy some food at a local restaurant. Seafoods or rice& curry is local specialty. Admire the Enoshima Island's scenery with Mount Fuji in the background. Enjoy selecting suvenior along with the shopping arcades leading to Enoshima Shrine Because each temple garden has flowers that bloom in each season, the visiting spots might be changed depending on the season. Other requests, including alternative pickup & drop-off points or vehicle type for your group, can also be accommodated. Please refer to remarks on "Important Information".

From Tokyo: Kamakura Day Trip with Private Driver & Temples

5. From Tokyo: Kamakura Day Trip with Private Driver & Temples

Take a day trip from Tokyo with a private driver to the ancient coastal city of Kamakura. Discover the wooden statue in Hasa-dera temple, before traveling on to Kotoku-in to see The Great Buddha of Kamakura. Stroll in Kencho-ji, think of the spirit at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, and finish at Hokokuji. Get picked up from your accommodations in Tokyo and watch the beautiful scenery of the Japanese countryside pass by your window on the drive to Kamakura. Go over the itinerary with your driver and request any extra stops. Arrive at the temple of Hasa-dera, famous for its eleven-headed stature of the merciful goddess Kannon. Take your time to explore the grounds and admire this gilded wooden statue, one of the largest of its kind in Japan. Come face to face with Buddha at your next stop in Kotoku-in. Walk around the Great Buddha of Kamakura bronze statue and take some photos or meditate with lush, green trees all around. Take a deep breath as the big Buddha statue disappears over the horizon and immerse yourself in the ancient peace of Kencho-ji, the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan. Explore the first ranked Great Zen Temple of Kamakura from the bottom of the valley to the forested hills hidden behind. Travel from an ancient Zen temple to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, the most important Shinto shrine in Kamakura. Imagine local life in this cultural center of the city, serving as the venue to many of its most important festivals. Finish your trip with a stroll through the small but beautiful bamboo grove in the temple of Hokokuji. For a small fee, enjoy a cup of traditional matcha tea as bamboo shoots sway in the wind. It is believed the shallow caves carved into the hillside hold the ashes of the Ashikaga.

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