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Florence: Historical Center Bike Tour

1. Florence: Historical Center Bike Tour

Climb onto a comfortable bicycle to experience Florence from a different perspective. See sights such as the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, and the Ponte Vecchio over the River Arno. Visit areas that the tour buses can’t reach, and cycle down streets with little traffic in the historic center. Explore the Oltrarno quarter, where many of the city’s most notable sights are found. Cycle through the artisans' area to the Renaissance palace of the Palazzo Pitti. Continue to the famous covered bridge of the Ponte Vecchio. Bike into Piazzale degli Uffizi to see the façade of the Uffizi Gallery. Admire the palaces of Piazza della Signoria and the pavement cafés of Piazza della Repubblica. See Brunelleschi’s iconic dome on top of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. At stops along the route, your guide will tell you all about Florentine Republic and the Renaissance.

Florence: Opera del Duomo Museum & Florence Baptistery Tour

2. Florence: Opera del Duomo Museum & Florence Baptistery Tour

Get off the beaten track and discover one of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore's lesser-known treasures, the Opera del Duomo Museum, on a guided tour. Complete your tour with a visit to the Florence Baptistery, also known as the Baptistery of San Giovanni. In the company of your guide, explore the wonders of the Opera del Duomo Museum. Marvel at sights such as Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise, Michelangelo's Pietà Bandini, and the Penitent Magdalene. As you stroll through the museum, discover the mysteries and legends that surround the construction of the world-renowned Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and learn about the race between Brunelleschi and Ghiberti. You will also have the opportunity to imagine, thanks to a faithful reconstruction of the position of the statues, how the Cathedral facade looked in the original plans. Finish your tour with a visit to the renowned Baptistery of San Giovanni where you can admire one of the largest mosaics in the world and the iconic Gates of Paradise.

Florence: Night Bike Tour

3. Florence: Night Bike Tour

Experience the renaissance romance of Florence as the day fades into evening. Ride along the river, cross the famous Ponte Vecchio and learn all about the infamous Medici family. Enjoy a glass of Tuscan wine on the San Niccolò beach as the sun sets, before taking a cruise along the old city wall. Learn all of the juicy renaissance stories from Florentine history. Hear about the infamous Medici family as you gaze upon the Medici Riccardi Palace. Cross the beautiful Ponte Vecchio, preserved from its medieval fame, and be amazed by the secrets that traded hands here for centuries. Get a feel for local Florence as you make your way to the casual San Niccolò beach for a lovely glass of local Tuscan wine as the sun sets over the city. Relax for a few moments, gazing at the breathtaking views of the city from this spectacular vantage point. Cruise along the old city wall and get a peek at the modern city, such as the boutique fashion district and the Santo Spirito neighborhood. Head back to the central location, nearby plenty of great restaurants and cafés for a late dinner, or drink. Wind down after a long day of sightseeing in beautiful Florence.

Florence: Occult & Esotericism Walking Tour For The Curious

4. Florence: Occult & Esotericism Walking Tour For The Curious

Join your guide on a special tour of Florence that reveals the dark history of the city. Look for esoteric symbols and discuss all things magic and alchemy. See the basilicas of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella, the Florence Baptistery, Piazza San Marco, the Museum of Masonic Symbols, and more. See the facades of the basilicas of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella for evident signs of science mixed with esoteric symbols. Spot the Latin palindrome engraved in the Florence Baptistery that remains to be a mystery. Study the deeds of Pazzino de' Pazzi, a crusader knight from 1050. Learn about the stones of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem, which are still used for lighting the famous Brindellone, during the Florentine tradition of the Explosion of the Chariot on Easter day. Furthermore, analyze the arsenic poisoning that killed Pico della Mirandola and Agnolo Poliziano in 1494, intriguing intellectuals from the circle of Lorenzo the Magnificent, who rest together in the Church of San Marco in Florence. Then, listen as your guide sheds light on the Neoplatonic Florentine Academy, founded by Cosimo de' Medici, and its impact on the literary and artistic culture of Florence. Talk about the Florentine Studio, a place that once teemed with philosophers, theologians, and magicians. Get ready for more tales of killings, crimes, and punishments. Hear of Girolamo Savonarola, a Dominican preacher, who was hanged and burnt at the stake in 1498 in Piazza della Signoria. Uncover the history of the Templars and Cathars in Florence and the city's first Masonic lodge. Get goosebumps as you learn about a dark period during which babies born crippled were rejected by families and killed in secret—never to be found— because the general belief suggested that they were children of the devil. Next, walk to Piazza Santissima Annunziata and try to count the bees on the statue of Ferdinand I. End the tour with a visit to the Museum of Masonic Symbols, the first Italian museum devoted to Masonic ideology. See a display of ritual objects with etched, embroidered, printed, and engraved symbols. 

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What people are saying about Florence Baptistery

We booked a small group tour and with only a few people on it, there was ample opportunity to ask questions and interact with the guide. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. We toured the baptistry and museum then after an overview, we did the Duomo and underground on our own...this was the best way to use the time. Great experience!

The tour with Veronika was very exciting and Veronika's explanations were fantastic. Many many thanks. I would be very happy to recommend this tour. Kind regards Sigi

We had an excellent tour of the Duomo and Baptistry. Our guide Viola was friendly, knowledgeable and upbeat. We highly recommend her.

Very good at underlining the main aspects, helpful, nice.