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From Hanga Roa: Easter Island Sightseeing Full Day Tour

1. From Hanga Roa: Easter Island Sightseeing Full Day Tour

Prepare for an extraordinary journey as we delve into the heart of Easter Island's history and natural beauty. Our Vaihu, Akahanga, Rano Raraku, Tongariki, and Te Pito Kura tour promises an unforgettable experience filled with captivating discoveries, awe-inspiring landscapes, and an opportunity to unravel the island's intriguing secrets. Itinerary Highlights: 1. Vaihu: Begin your adventure at Vaihu, where history comes to life. Explore the ancient moai statues, hear stories of their creation, and witness the allure of these colossal stone figures. You'll feel the energy of this sacred site as you stand amidst these impressive giants. 2. Akahanga: Next, we journey to Akahanga, an archaeological wonder. You'll be transported back in time as you explore the remnants of traditional Polynesian villages and gaze upon toppled moai, each with its own tale to tell. This site provides a unique glimpse into the island's past. 3. Rano Raraku: Prepare to be amazed at Rano Raraku, the birthplace of the island's iconic moai statues. Discover how these colossal figures were carved from the very rock they stand upon. Your exploration here is a blend of wonder and education, as you grasp the artistry and labor behind these ancient creations. 4. Tongariki: Tongariki presents a grand spectacle of moai statues lined up along the coastline. As you stand before these monumental figures, the serene Pacific Ocean provides a stunning backdrop. It's a perfect spot for photos and a moment of reflection on the island's mysteries. 5. Te Pito Kura: Our final destination, Te Pito Kura, is not just the navel of the world but also a unique geological wonder. You'll discover the enigmatic magnetic stone and listen to intriguing stories about its significance. This site offers a perfect ending to your adventure, filled with both cultural and natural marvels. At the end of this enlightening journey, we'll conveniently drop you off at your accommodation, leaving you with cherished memories and a deep understanding of Easter Island's past. You may choose to unwind at your hotel or explore more of the island's wonders from a central location. This tour is your gateway to Easter Island's most iconic sites, a deeper connection with its history, and an exploration of the island's enchanting landscapes. Don't miss this opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich heritage and scenic beauty of this remote paradise. Join us for a truly unforgettable adventure on Easter Island!

Easter Island: Full-Day Tour to Anakena

2. Easter Island: Full-Day Tour to Anakena

Experience the beautiful, dramatic scenery of Easter Island during a full-day tour to Anakena, a white-sand beach said to have been the landing point of the island's first settler, Polynesian chief Hotu Matu'a. The tour starts in Hanga Roa; explore the north- and southeastern coasts of the island and visit Ahu Akahanga and Ahu Tongariki. Ahu Tongariki hosts the greatest moai figures near the ocean, with 15 giant statues. Then head to Rano Raraku volcanic crater and see its "Cantera de los Moais," where more than 390 figures can be found. Stop for a picnic lunch surrounded by nature. Continue your tour and visit more impressive moai structures, including Ahu Nau Nau. Later, stop at Anakena Beach, one of the best swimming beaches on the island. Visit 2 small caves within a gorge and the nearby beaches of Poike and Ovahe where you can stop and relax. The tour ends in Hanga Roa, where you'll be dropped back at your hotel.

Easter Island: Highlights Private Tour

3. Easter Island: Highlights Private Tour

Begin your day with a private pick-up service from your hotel on Easter Island.  Explore the major Rapa Nui archaeological sites near the Rano Kau volcano crater and learn about the famous Birdman legend at the O'rongo ceremonial village. Continue your tour to Ahu Akivi, a site that was first scientifically restored in 1960 with a platform of 7 standing Moai. This platform is characterized as being one of the few located in the center of the island. These statues face the setting sun. Next, feast your eyes on the Ahu Tongariki, featuring 15 standing Moai. Later, learn about how the Moai were built at Rano Raraku site. To end the tour, visit the inspiring turquoise water of Anakena Beach. Timing is flexible and can be spent in any given location as long as you wish. Lunch is not included on this tour but there are places where you can buy a snack and bring it on the tour. When your tour is complete you will be transported back to your hotel.

Rapa Nui Highlights Program: 3 incredible tours to discover!

4. Rapa Nui Highlights Program: 3 incredible tours to discover!

- Ahu Akivi Tour: Departure from your hotel on Easter Island to Ahu Akivi, one of the few platforms on the island where the moais face the ocean. These structures represent the seven explorers sent by King Hotu Matu'a before his colonization voyage. After this visit we will continue our journey to the site of Puna Pau, a small crater of red slag, a place where the Pukao, a kind of hat, was made. Finally, visit Ahu Uri Aurenga, which has a single statue and has the particularity of being oriented in the line of the winter solstice, marking not only the beginning of this season (tonga), but also the time of different taboos (prohibitions) that regulate fishing and other activities on the island. Astronomically it also faces east, aligned with two neighboring hills, and Maunga Mataengo and Maunga Tararaina, as well as 2 smaller Ahu nearby. - Half Day Orongo Departure from your hotel to the Vinapu sector, an archaeological site characterized by its large basalate roof tiles made to fit together in a similar way to the Inca constructions of Machu Pichu. We will continue to Rano Kau, a place where we will find a lake with small islands of reeds and lake with exuberant vegetation and micro fauna. Finally we will visit Orongo ceremonial village where the ceremony of the contest of the ceremony of the Birdman contest. - Full Day Anakena Departure from our hotel to the east of the island to visit the Ahu Vaihu and Akahanga, temples formed by platforms or stone altars where the Moais and the Pukaos (the hats or cofias of ancient times) are gathered. Continuing our trip, we will go to Rano Raraku, a volcanic crater formed by consolidated ash, which also contains a lagoon. The volcano has a historical significance for the island, since on its slopes were sculpted the Moais. Today, 397 of these impressive sculptures remain there. Next we will visit the Ahu, a ceremonial platform, the most amazing of the island. Ahu Tongariki has 15 huge moais. But in actually, it is Te Pito Kura that has the largest statue erected on an Ahu, the Moai Paro, 10 meters high and weighing 85 tons. Next to Te Pito Kura we will find a large spherical stone that is identified as the navel of the world: Te Pito o Te Henua. Finally, we will end the day resting at Anakena, the most popular beach on the island. In addition to its natural beauty, what makes it a unique beach is a row of moais that turn their backs to the sea. Anakena is definitely a unique landscape to enjoy before returning to our hotel.

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Terevaka Horse Excursion: The highest point and 360° view.

6. Terevaka Horse Excursion: The highest point and 360° view.

Horseback riding tour to the Terevaka hill, the highest point of Rapa Nui, offers you the opportunity to enjoy an impressive view of the island while you ride through its impressive landscapes. Our horses are trained and safe, and our experienced guides will accompany you every step of the way. The tour lasts between 4 and 5 hours and takes you through the beautiful landscapes of the island, from the green fields to the impressive peaks of Terevaka Hill. Once at the top, you will be able to enjoy a panoramic view of the island and understand its importance in Rapa Nui culture and religion. In addition, you can also enjoy a picnic overlooking the island, while learning about the local flora and fauna. This tour is a unique experience that combines adventure on horseback with the natural beauty of Rapa Nui.

Easter Island: Half-Day Archaeology Tour

7. Easter Island: Half-Day Archaeology Tour

Rapa Nui National Park, a wildlife sanctuary spread across most of Easter Island and a UNESCO World Heritage site, contains about 900 moai sculptures as well as 300 ahu, or ceremonial platforms on which the carved figures stand. Sculpted from solidified volcanic ash, these statues are believed to represent the spirits of ancestors and high-ranking members of each tribe.  After hotel pickup from Hanga Roa, travel south with your guide into the park and to Ahu Tahai, a ceremonial platform that has a unique moai, a stone giant that stands alone, but is protected by its more than 13-feet, imposing figure. Continue north to Puna Pau to see how some moai sport a different look. You'll notice they have pukao, or topknots, made out of red scoria on their head. It's believed the volcanic rock was used to impress rival tribes. Roughly 30 pukao are located in or near the Puna Pau quarry, the source of the red scoria. Afterwards, proceed to Ahu Akivi, where you’ll see a line of seven moai looking out toward the ocean. The moai here each stand 16 feet tall and weigh about 18 tons. What's mysterious about these sea-facing figures? It's an unusual sight considering how the other ahu moai stand with their backs against the water. One theory behind their unusual position is that these moai symbolize the 7 explorers from the Polynesian homeland of Hiva and were sent by the chief to find the island of Rapa Nui. According to this hypothesis, these statues face the ocean in the direction they came from. The last stop will be the Ahu Huri a Urenga, one of the 25 platforms that is not on the coast, but in the interior of the island and which corresponds to an agricultural area. After your engaging exploration of ahu moai, you’ll be taken back to your hotel.

Sunrise Tongariki: Sunrise at Tongariki Park Private Tour

8. Sunrise Tongariki: Sunrise at Tongariki Park Private Tour

Be prepared to enjoy this amazing experience. We will take you to the most memorable and beautiful place of easter island. You will see the sunrise at tongariki, an historic and ancestral place where te sunrise goes at the back of the 15 moais. You will be able to take pictures, record and check the entire place after the sunrise. You will experience to see the full colors of the sunrise, appreciating the most beautiful moment of the day at Rapa Nui. After the tour, we will take you back to your hotel.

Ahu Vinapu, Rano Kao and Orongo City Half-Day Tour

9. Ahu Vinapu, Rano Kao and Orongo City Half-Day Tour

Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Easter Island on a half-day tour to Ahu Vinapu, Rano Kao and Orongo City. Following the transfer from your hotel in Hanga Roa, you'll be driven to the Ahu Vinapu ceremonial complex. The ceremonial center of Vinapú includes one of the largest ahu in Rapa Nui. This ceremonial center has an extraordinary platform, which stands out for having an architectural structure composed of large slabs carefully wedged, similar to the Inca constructions of Cusco. Then head to the Rano Kau volcano, where the slopes offer an impressive view of the islets of Motu Nui, Motu Iti and Motu Kao Kao. Rano Kau has a crater lake that is one of the island's 3 natural bodies of fresh water. Continue west to the village of Orongo, where birdmen were worshipped between 1600 and 1866 AD. The village consists of approximately 50 elliptically-shaped, shale-wall homes with a small square entry overlooking the ocean. Arranged into 2 uneven rows, the lower row ends at Mata Ngarahu, the sacred precinct where the birdman used to be worshiped. This is also the location of one of the most profusely-decorated petroglyphs on the island. As you explore, listen to some incredible legends about Easter Island from your guide.

Easter Island: The Moai Trail Private Archeological Tour

10. Easter Island: The Moai Trail Private Archeological Tour

Enjoy the convenience of being picked up at your hotel in Hanga Roa. Begin your journey near the village of Akahanga, which was a significant ceremonial center or ahu. See the stone heads of Easter Islands, which are known as moai. Learn about the tribal wars which took place on the island and the moai which were knocked down during the fighting. Visit the remains of hare paenga, the boat-shaped stone houses which were built by the island’s ancient inhabitants. Continue to the Ahu Tongariki, which is the largest ahu on the island and contains 15 moai. See the Rano Raraku and quarry which is the source of the volcanic rock used to carve the moai. Admire the 400 moai in various stages of carving. Follow the route to Ahu Te Pito Kura, where the highest statue on the island is located, as well as the Paro moai. Marvel at the spherical stone next to the ahu. This massive stone was said to be the navel of the world (Te Pito or Te Henua), which according to legend, was brought to the island on Hotu Matua’s boat. Head to the white sand beach of Anakena where Ariki Hotu Motua and his sister Avareipua arrived at the island. Visit the Ahu Nau Nau, an the archeological site of an ancient complex construction. At this site are 5 Moai with pukao which have Petroglyphs on the back of the statues. At the end of your tour, you’ll be dropped off back at your hotel in Hanga Roa.

Hanga Roa

Hanga Roa

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We did the tour as part of our honeymoon in March 2024. Both the guide and the driver were awesome and our guide was super helpful and competent in explaining us the sites and the history behind them. She gave us also explanations about the culture and the beliefs of the population which we really appreciated and found really interesting. Unfortunately we had a misunderstanding which lead to do just half of what it was supposed to be, but after sending an email they refunded us for part of the cost and explained what happened and that of course was totally unintentional. It was just an unfortunate thing that sometimes can happen. But overall we appreciated the tour, and also how they handled the situation. I recommend the activity as one of the most comprehensive and detailed I have ever experienced.

This tour was outstanding! The guide was friendly and knowledgeable, and terrific at managing the time and pace of the site visits. I am very thankful for all of the information he provided.

It was a great tour! The tour guide, Alejandro, knew so much about the culture of the island. We learnt a lot and saw the major highlights.

Everything went great, pickup on time, detailed description of the individual locations, very friendly. Gladly again. We recommend.

Perfect! Good guide, good driver, good explanations, thorough. I would do it again! Recommended!