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From Thessaloniki: Pozar Thermal Baths and Edessa Day Trip

1. From Thessaloniki: Pozar Thermal Baths and Edessa Day Trip

Depart Thessaloniki and journey to the natural hot springs of Pozar Thermal Baths to relax in the healing waters while nature and Mount Voras provide a stunning backdrop. Benefit from the healing properties of water naturally heated to a temperature of 37° Celsius. Known for its amazing taste, the water is said also said to help with conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, skin conditions, poor circulation, respiratory problems, and kidney disease, including kidney stones. Enjoy lunch at a pretty village next to Pozar and taste the traditional flavors of Greece. Visit the local market and marvel at the goods on display. Continue to the city of Edessa, famed as the first capital of the ancient kingdom of Macedon. Get some free time to visit the spectacular waterfalls before returning to Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki: Vergina and Pella Day Trip

2. Thessaloniki: Vergina and Pella Day Trip

Embark on a journey to Pella with Ammon Express at 8:00 from Aristotelous Square & Egnatia Street (at the white Statue of Venizelos). The distance of 50km takes about 45 minutes to reach. Once in Pella, discover the new and modern museum, as well as the archaeological site boasting unique mosaics. Delight in the "Abduction of Helen" and "Amazonomachy" mosaics in the ancient market, and see artifacts from the daily lives of the people that illustrate the lifestyle during ancient times. Venture to Vergina, where you'll find the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai, situated on the borders of the village. The museum exhibits the Golden Larnax, an urn with the cremated remains of Phillip II marked with a 16-rayed sun, the symbol of Macedonia. The Sun of Vergina, a characteristic symbol of the Argead Dynasty of King Phillip II and Alexander the Great, was found alongside the excavations that revealed his father's Royal Tomb. Admire the Golden Oak Wreath Phillip II wore during his funeral pyre, military armors, various grave goods, and other tombs that were brought back to light. Enjoy lunch at a traditional Greek restaurant before stopping at the grand New Museum of Aigai, where you'll uncover artifacts and findings excavated from the old capital. An impressive portrait of Alexander the Great greets you and invites you to discover the roots of history. Take in the temporary numismatic exhibition showcasing coins from every corner of the Hellenistic world, including coinage of Macedonian kings and Alexander's successors. View monumental sculptures, sárissa spears and helmets of the Macedonian phalanx soldiers, high-class painted pottery, banquet utensils from aristocratic symposiums, and the queen burials with all their jewelry and royal insignia. Your journey concludes with your return to Thessaloniki at approximately 15:30, making the same stops where you started.

From Thessaloniki: Pozar Thermal Springs and Edessa

3. From Thessaloniki: Pozar Thermal Springs and Edessa

Depart Thessaloniki, and journey by luxury minivan to the village of Pozar (also known as Loutraki), famous for its natural mineral springs, just 100 kilometers from the city. Upon arrival, dive into incredible pockets of hot water and relax in baths created by nature. Discover privately owned thermal baths where nobody will disturb you as you soothe away your aches and pains. Get back to nature on a countryside walk, or satisfy your hunger with the exceptional cuisine. Visit the picturesque waterfalls of Edessa, formed by the River Edessaios. Capital of the Pella region of Central Macedonia, best known as the birthplace of Alexander the Great, Edessa has a special place in Greek history and is full of small bridges and the gentle sound of running water. Pause for a coffee or meal surrounded by the green vistas of the "City of Waters" before your return journey to Thessaloniki.

Vergina: Royal Graves of Aigai of Vergina Museum Ticket

4. Vergina: Royal Graves of Aigai of Vergina Museum Ticket

Experience The Museum of the Royal Graves of Aigai at your own pace with a skip-the-line e-ticket and a fascinating self-guided audio tour on your smartphone. Receive your ticket by email, download the app, and the audio tour on your phone, prior to your visit, and travel back in time to experience the glory of The Museum of the Royal Graves of Aigai. Put on your headphones and explore The Great Tumulus, getting acquainted with the Marble Grave Stele, Tomb IV, and The ‘Heroon’ through the power of storytelling. Discover fascinating historic facts and anecdotes from ancient times. Enjoy the tour content which is the result of in-depth research, squeezed into brief original stories that will make your visit both engaging and informative. The audio tour can be used repeatedly and anytime, before or after your visit. This is an unmissable opportunity to gain valuable insights into the Royal Graves of Aigai and relate to your surroundings and the exhibits in an entirely original way.

Vergina: Aigai Archaeological Site & Museum Admission Ticket

5. Vergina: Aigai Archaeological Site & Museum Admission Ticket

Visit the first capital of the Macedonian Kingdom, which used to be called Aiges in ancient times. Go at your own pace and make the most of this unmissable opportunity to discover the ancient kingdom of Macedonia with a ticket for the Aigai Archaeological Site and Museum Be amazed by the site’s most important monuments: the fascinating royal tombs of King Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. These two graves were found undisturbed and lavishly decorated with splendid wall paintings by great and famous artists Explore the museum and tomb complex and admire burial artifacts such as gold jewelry, weapons, religious artifacts, the gold larnax found at the tomb, and the remains of King Philip II on display. It’s a must for those interested in history.

Macedonian Wonders: Pella & Vergina private tour

6. Macedonian Wonders: Pella & Vergina private tour

Depart from Thessaloniki in the morning for the village of Pella, Alexander the Great's birthplace, where you will visit the archaeological site and the museum. The excavations have uncovered several fascinating ancient city artifacts, which are now on display at the local museum. The superb mosaic flooring that used to decorate the city's grand homes will undoubtedly impress you - the most famous of which portray the Abduction of Helen, Rapture, Amazonomachy (the fight of Amazons), and the Deer Hunt. Continuing with our tour, we will visit Vergina (or Aige in ancient Greek). Vergina is Unesco World Heritage Site, where among the other antiquites you will have the chance to see the nicely preserved tomb of King Philip II (father of Alexander the Great) and the tomb of Alexander IV (son of Alexander the Great). On this tour is highly recommended to book additionally a professional licensed English speaking guide (let us know during your booking). * Please note that the above sample itinerary can and will be tailored according to your preferences and needs in order to include or exclude additional spots as long as the total duration of our tour remains up to 8 hours. Upon demand, you may as well extend your tour-schedule. So whether you have something in mind or would like your driver- guide to take the lead and make recommendations, feel free to make a request about it – Your wish is our command!! ** Please keep in mind that anytime you feel hungry there will always be a place in the course of our tour to grab a snack. Otherwise, our tour may incorporate a lunch break at a local restaurant to taste and experience the traditional food.

Edessa & Pozar Thermal Springs Private Day Trip

7. Edessa & Pozar Thermal Springs Private Day Trip

Start your day with a pickup from your hotel/apartment in Thessaloniki and head towards the first stop, Edessa. Edessa, the capital of the Pella regional unit is also known as ‘the city of water.’ Admire the scenic beauty of the beautiful landscapes of tall trees and flowerbeds. Visit the picturesque Karanos waterfall of Edessa and see the gigantic water curtain that he creates. Pause for a coffee or meal surrounded by the green vistas and accompanied by sounds of running waters. Depart from Edessa and continue your journey to the natural thermal springs of Pozar. Located in the foothills of Mt. Kaimaktsalan provides a stunning backdrop amidst tall trees and wild vegetation. Benefit from the healing properties of water naturally heated to a temperature of 37° Celsius. Revitalize your energy in the warm waters of the Pozar Thermal Baths and soothe away your aches and pains. Grab a cup of coffee or have some free time to walk around before your journey back to Thessaloniki.

Day Trip to Pella and Vergina from Thessaloniki

8. Day Trip to Pella and Vergina from Thessaloniki

Visit Pella and Vergina, the two most important archaeological sites of the Macedonian Empire. Here in these two sites unfolds the great history of two great men and of a great ancient kingdom. Start your day tour from Thessaloniki. After 60 minutes driving you will arrive at Vergina. Vergina was the first capital and was called Aiges in ancient times. Here you will visit the royal tombs of King Philip II father of Alexander the great. Inside the museum/tomb complex burial artifacts such as gold jewelry, weapons, religious artifacts and the Gold Larnax found at the tomb containing the remains of King Philip are on display.   Discover the museum of Pella at the next stop of your trip. Here is the place of birth of Alexander the Great and the capital of the great Macedonian Kingdom. At the newly build museum admire thousands of gold and silver artifacts, mosaics, weapons, statues and maps. Next to the museum is the archaeological site where you will comprehend how big the capital was once when you walk around the 4000 hectar site.  

Macedonian Treasures from Thessaloniki

9. Macedonian Treasures from Thessaloniki

A day that combines Hellenistic Period of conquerors and prosperity with the most important pilgrim route of Greece! Our tour will star early in the morning from Thessaloniki center, heading towards the Ancient Vergina or 'Aegae' as per its ancient name. You will get the opportunity to enter into the Tomb of Kind Philip II the father of Alexander the Great. Accompanied by our professional guide you will explore the Hellenic period, starting from the museum where you will admire all the Macedonian treasures and golden art findings form the royal tomb. After a short coffee break, we will continue our day in Veria a town full of religious history. There will be free time to explode the local cuisine during your lunch break. Moving on to our last stop the Ancient city of Mieza , the school of the great philosopher Aristoteles, here you can explore the place where Alexander the Great started to receive his first and most important lessons about Philosophy, Morals , Religion and Art.

From Thessaloniki: Private Road Trip to Pella and Vergina

10. From Thessaloniki: Private Road Trip to Pella and Vergina

Start your day with a beautiful landscape of Macedonia. Your first stop is Pella, the ancient capital town of Macedonia and native town of Alexander the Great. After this, visit Vergina, the place of the Royal Tombs, to see the King’s mausoleum and the famous museum with relics of the Tombs of King Philippos II, father of Alexander the Great. Visit the most important remains of the monumental palace of the Kingdom of Macedonia, lavishly decorated with mosaics and painted stuccoes, and the burial ground with more than 300 tumuli, some of which date from the 11th century B.C. One of the royal tombs is identified as that of Philip II, who conquered all the Greek cities, paving the way for his son Alexander and the expansion of the Hellenistic world.

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Great tour to Ancient Greece. The guide Yannis was super friendly and was happy to answer all questions. During the trip he explained a lot in advance and he was always available in the museums and at the excavation sites. The restaurant at the end was not a must, as you can organize your time freely. There are also several restaurants there. However, we were happy to use it and everything tasted great and the operators were also very friendly. All in all, an absolute recommendation to do this tour.

the pools get very crowded on Sundays so it's great the tour starts early so you get to the pools early. the waterfall was nice too. Jiannis was a great guide. highly recommended!

We are very satisfied!! Our driver Michalis was so kind , thank you for everything

I couldn't expect more than such nice, well organised trip. Thanks

Excellent value for money , pleasant journey to and from the place