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From Santiago de Compostela: Lugo and Cathedrals Beach

1. From Santiago de Compostela: Lugo and Cathedrals Beach

From Santiago de Compostela, you will head to the wonderful city of Lugo, a city recognized by its incredible Roman wall that surrounds it. A 1.5-hour guided tour will take you around the historic center, giving to the chance to discover the famous wall, a practically intact Roman wall, the cathedral, as well as simply wander around and get lost in this old city. Afterwards, you will head to the beach of Aguas Santas, or as it is popularly known, Playa de las Catedrales (Cathedrals Beach), due to the large rock formations that evoke the flying buttresses of the Gothic cathedrals. Take advantage of the low tide to enjoy the rock formations made by the erosion of the sea. This is one of the most beautiful enclaves of Galicia!

From A Caruna: Guided Day Trip to Lugo & As Catedrais Beach

2. From A Caruna: Guided Day Trip to Lugo & As Catedrais Beach

Leaving A Coruña, we go to the wonderful city of Lugo, a city that is recognized for its incredible Roman wall that surrounds the city. We will also visit the majestic and surprising Playa de las Catedrales and taking advantage of the low tide we will be able to enjoy its rock formations made by the erosion of the sea. Also time to get to know Ribadeo. We will visit the City of Lugo, taking a guided tour of its historic center of approximately 1 hour and a half, discovering the famous Wall of Lugo, a practically intact Roman wall and its Cathedral, as well as wandering around and getting lost in its ancient city. After knowing this wonderful city that brings together so much history and beauty, we will head to Ribadeo. This town in the north of Galicia is gaining popularity due to the beauty of its streets. This site is living history of emigration from Galicia, especially to Latin America where so many Galicians have had to emigrate. We will see all these constructions made by those who returned, making this city a very special place and a direct witness to this phenomenon. After that, we will head to the Playa de Aguas Santas, or as the Playa de las Catedrales is popularly known, due to the large rock formations that evoke the flying buttresses of the Gothic cathedrals. Let us let ourselves be carried away by its arches, let's walk through its fine white sand, to make this an unforgettable day. Discover with us one of the most beautiful enclaves in Galicia, and we will surely meet your good expectations. * Depending on the tides, the itinerary of the excursion will vary depending on them. Being able to visit the City of Lugo first, or however going directly to the beach.

Lugo: Cathedral of Santa Maria Entry Ticket and Audio Guide

3. Lugo: Cathedral of Santa Maria Entry Ticket and Audio Guide

Get an entry ticket to visit the UNESCO-listed Cathedral of Santa Maria in Lugo, better known as the Lugo Cathedral. Admire the impressive architectural structure and hear about the historical and cultural significance of this site with a free audio guide. Learn about the cathedral's history dating all the way back to late Roman times when a temple was built after the evangelization of the city. Though no trace of that original church remains, the current structure can be traced back to the 12th century. Work continued on the cathedral over centuries, resulting in the building's unique blend of architectural styles, ranging from the Romanesque north door to the Neoclassical west façade. Head inside to discover the longest and narrowest floor plan of any Hispanic cathedral and marvel at the lavish Churrigueresque altar surrounded by stained glass windows. Make sure to visit the Cathedral Museum, which is included in your entry ticket. View the museum's fascinating archaeological exhibition and extensive art collection, which includes works by Cornielles de Holanda, Joannes de Boloña, and many other artists.

Santiago de Compostela: Galicia & The Ribeira Sacra Day Trip

4. Santiago de Compostela: Galicia & The Ribeira Sacra Day Trip

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey from Santiago de Compostela that will unveil the hidden treasures of Galicia? Our exhilarating tour begins at 8:00 in the morning, promising a day brimming with natural marvels and cultural delights that will be etched in your memory forever. 🌊 Catamaran Cruise on the Sil River: Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the majestic Sil River as you glide aboard a luxurious catamaran. The pristine beauty of the surrounding landscapes will leave you awe-inspired. Let the gentle breeze caress your skin as you gaze upon the stunning vista of rolling hills and vineyards mirrored in the water. This is an experience that will truly connect you with nature in an unparalleled way. 🏰 Visit to the San Pedro de Rocas Monastery: Step into Galicia's history as you explore the enigmatic San Pedro de Rocas Monastery. Carved into the rock, this ancient monastery will transport you to centuries past, allowing you to feel the spirituality that permeates every corner. Listen to tales of the monks who once inhabited these walls and admire the astonishing architecture that has withstood the test of time. 🌄 Souto Chao Viewpoint Adventure: Get your camera ready to capture vistas that seem to have emerged from a dream! At the Souto Chao Viewpoint, you'll be treated to breathtaking panoramic views spanning lush valleys and imposing mountains. The vastness of the landscape will make you feel small in the face of nature's grandeur. Take a moment to reflect and appreciate the wonder of creation. 🏞️ Exploring the Charming Village of Allariz: Lastly, the journey takes you to discover the enchanting village of Allariz. Its cobblestone streets, cozy squares, and medieval architecture will captivate you instantly. Immerse yourself in the local culture as you stroll through boutiques and indulge in Galician cuisine at welcoming eateries. Allariz will make you feel like you've stepped into a modern fairy tale. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to uncover the authentic essence of Galicia in just one day! Our tour is crafted to awaken your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories. Secure your spot right now and join us on this thrilling adventure that will introduce you to the most extraordinary corners of the region. We guarantee a day filled with wonders and magical moments that you'll treasure forever!".

LUGO: Private Guided Walking Tour

5. LUGO: Private Guided Walking Tour

This visit will begin in the Plaza Mayor, just in front of the City Hall, our guide will be waiting for you with a blue umbrella, so you can recognise him. Here we will talk about the Roman origins of the city through its history. Here are the statues of the founders of Lucus Augusti, as Lugo was baptized in Roman times. Paulo Fabio Máximo receives the map of the city from Emperor Augustus. But Lugo is also preserved as a medieval city and as proof of this we have its historic quarter, located within its walls, where we can see the Cathedral and the streets surrounded by the typical arcades. Lugo is a city that grew within its Roman walls over time. From the Cathedral you can access the walls, we will make a section of these where we can see Lugo outside the walls and inside the walls as well as some remains of domus or Roman houses discovered in the area. After strolling through its walls, we will enter its streets full of local shops and tapas areas, where we can enjoy the great gastronomic offer of the city, because as the saying goes "...and to eat: Lugo". Another proof of its gastronomy is the Mercado de Abastos, where you can see all its most typical products. We cannot miss its famous "wine zone", for this reason we will be finishing the tour in the Plaza del Campo, where the weekly market used to be held, today the starting point for the streets where you can taste a great dish accompanied by a good wine.

Lugo: Urban Outdoor Escape Room Game

6. Lugo: Urban Outdoor Escape Room Game

Become the protagonist of your own adventure as you race around the streets of Lugo in an outdoor escape game. Choose between two challenges and receive both a physical box and a digital app to help guide you through the city's Roman ruins and Old Town. Before your adventure, receive a physical box posted to your address that contains reports, maps, photographs, and letters. Download the digital app and discover videos, games, clues, and information about Lugo's landmarks. Combine the app and physical materials to solve the mystery. Feel like a detective as you wander along the city's Roman walls, the most complete in Europe, and admire the variety of Baroque, Gothic, and Roman architecture in the old town. Masked MurdererInvestigate the identity of a serial killer who has killed several young women, broadcasting the murders on social media and moving their bodies to well-known places in Lugo. The Spear of DestinyGet hold of the Spear of Destiny before it falls into enemy hands. Through a telegram sent between two collaborators of Nazi Germany, historian Sarah Levi has traced the Spear of Destiny with which the Romans killed Jesus Christ on the cross, to Lugo. Now it's your job to locate it.

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Beautiful Tour of the Ribeira Sacra, a wonderful environment, with good food and good prices, and wonderful people...The guide is very friendly and very close...I recommend it 100*100 to all lovers of nature and good food . Excellent!!

Spectacular tour. Well organized. Super experienced and professional chauffeur Fran. Yovana professional guide and a charming person. You can not miss the experience of the beach of the cathedrals

Take the opportunity to enter the cathedral of Lugo. Is beautiful

Uma otima experiencia. Pouco tempo na praia, mas vale a pena.

Fantastic!! Maria is a great guide!! highly recommended