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Lusong Gunboat

Lusong Gunboat: Our most recommended tours and activities

Coron Private Tour D: Reef and Wrecks

1. Coron Private Tour D: Reef and Wrecks

Discover a historical WWII Japanese shipwreck that sunk and is now covered by the colorful corals, home of different fishes and sea fans. In a distance a large coral the garden lies that lives by different kinds of corals and thousands of fishes. Reef and Wrecks Tours is the best itinerary for snorkeling activities and diving experiences. • Pass Island Pass Island Coron is one of the whitest, sandiest & tropical islands. Imagine pure white silica, soft underfoot, and tall, green palm trees towering skywards and casting blissful shadows over the beach. Then imagine a cold beer in hand and refreshing, calm waters to swim in. • Lusong Gunboat This gunboat was strafed when cruising close to Concepcion village. Disabled by hundreds of machine-gun bullets she was caused to beach herself at the Southern tip of Lusong Island. The wreck is equally good for snorkeling and wreck photography and is often used for relaxation between main dives. The wreck has been salvaged and the entire top has gone. It is nicely covered with sponges and soft corals, many butterflyfish, angelfish, pufferfish, and batfish can be seen. There is also good snorkeling on the reef beside the wreck. • Lusong Coral Garden This is an absolutely amazing coral garden very close to the Lusong shipwreck spot. There are so many types of corals with breathtaking colors and shapes as far as your eye can see. • East TangatWreck East Tangat wreck sunk on the 24th of September 1944 that was believed to be either a tugboat or an anti-submarine craft. This happened during World War II. This shipwreck is 40 meters or 130 feet long and 500 gross tons. The wreck lies listing to starboard down a sandy slope with the stern at 22 meters or 72 feet. The top of the bow at 10 feet points at 320 degrees (compass bearing). This is because East Tangat Wreck has very good shallow water that is also enough to be enjoyed by the snorkelers. The site is also good for novices, underwater photographers, and writers. On the other hand, allocentric and adventurous divers could possibly not find the experience they are searching for at this dive site. These people prefer deeper water and sometimes strong currents. On the wreck, you can find a few corals, both soft and hard, and there are some large lettuce corals beside the East Tangat wreck. It has been home to many aquatic animals and a very good marine life. There you can see schools of small angelfish, butterflyfish specifically the Copper band butterflyfish, white sponges, and many more. Sea stars and crinoids are rarely seen. Location: Close to the southwest side of Tangat Island, Coron, Palawan, Philippines Main Attraction: Wreck diving, snorkeling Average depth: 10 meters or 33 feet Maximum depth: 22 meters or 72 feet Condition: Mild to strong currents

3D2N Coron, Palawan Trip

2. 3D2N Coron, Palawan Trip

Travelers flock to Coron for its world-class diving opportunities, exploring enchanting coral reefs and shipwrecks beneath the surface. The iconic Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon offer breathtaking vistas and serene oases for visitors to immerse themselves in nature's wonders. With its picturesque scenery, warm hospitality, and adventurous activities, Coron has earned its reputation as a must-visit destination for those seeking an unforgettable island experience. General Itinerary: Day 1: Arrival Welcome to Coron! Our friendly tour coordinator will be there to warmly welcome and greet you. They will assist you throughout the process, making sure everything goes smoothly. You will then be transferred to your hotel with utmost comfort and convenience. Once at the hotel, the check-in process will be taken care of efficiently, allowing you to relax and settle in. Enjoy a comfortable and pleasant overnight stay at the hotel, ready to embark on an exciting journey the next day. Day 2: Free Time Enjoy your morning with a delicious breakfast served at the hotel. Afterward, you have the option to indulge in some well-deserved leisure time or join our exciting selection of optional tours for a more enriching experience. OPTIONAL TOURS: (JOINERS RATE) CORON TOWN TOUR 850/Person Pick up time: 4:00pm | Tour Ends: 8:00pm ✓Town Plaza ✓Lualhati Park ✓Souvenir Shop ✓St. Agustine Church ✓Cashew Harvest ✓Mt. Tapyas View Deck ✓Maquinit Hot-Spring. TOUR A (CORON ISLAND TOUR) with Lunch 950/person Pick up time: 7:40-8:40 am | End of tour: 4:00 pm ✓Kayangan Lake ✓Las Islas De Coral ✓Sunset Beach ✓Green Lagoon ✓Quin Reef ✓CYC Beach TOUR B (CORON ISLAND TOUR) with Lunch 1250/person Pick up time:7:40- 8:40 am | End of tour: 4:30 pm ✓Barracuda Lake ✓Smith Beach ✓Skeleton Wreck ✓Twin Lagoon ✓Reef Garden TOUR C (ISLAND ESCAPADE ) with Lunch 1450/person Pick up time: 7:00-7:30 AM | End of tour: 5:00 PM - 5:00 PM ✓Malcapuya Island ✓Banana Island ✓Bulog Dos Beach TOUR D (REEF & WRECKS) with Lunch 1450/person Pick up time: 7:00-7:30 AM | End of tour: 5:00 PM ✓Pass Island ✓Lusong Gunboat ✓Lusong Coral Garden ✓East Tangat Wreck CORON ISLAND ULTIMATE TOUR with Lunch 1500/person Pick up time: 7:40-8:40AM | End of tour: 5:00PM ✓Kayangan Lake ✓Twin Lagoon ✓Sunset beach/Atwayan Beach ✓Siete Picados/Reef Garden ✓Skeleton Wreck ✓Coral Garden ✓CYC Beach Day 3: Departure Enjoy a delicious breakfast to kick start your day. After breakfast, you will have some leisure time to explore and do some shopping until it's time to check out from the hotel. Once you're ready, we will arrange a smooth transfer to the airport for your departure to Coron. To ensure you arrive with ample time, our driver will give you a call and pick you up from the Hotel Lobby three hours before your flight departure.

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