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Merida: Roman Theater and Amphitheater Guided Tour

1. Merida: Roman Theater and Amphitheater Guided Tour

For the Empire, keeping Roman citizens happy was essential, which is why they gave a lot of importance to show buildings. In the case of Augusta Emerita, the capital of Lusitania, there was no exception. To demonstrate it, our tour begins in the Margarita Xirgu square, where the theater and amphitheater are located. The visit will begin by accessing the Roman Theater and Amphitheater (inside) . In the first place, we will enter through the "vomitorium" to access the cavea/stand to find out how the spectators were distributed according to their social rank. Another of the outstanding parts in this building is the "orchestra", where the choir was placed, in addition to the stage, the place where the performances took place. Behind the stage, the majestic scenic front rises, the most recognizable symbol of the city of Mérida. We cannot forget the International Classical Theater Festival that is currently taking place in this building, telling how it came about and to whom it is due. Next to the theater, we will also visit the remains of the Roman amphitheatre, which, although it does not resemble the Colosseum in Rome in size, has nothing to envy it, since the well-known gladiator fights also took place here. We will access the amphitheater arena to get an idea of how those gladiator fights, so important and acclaimed by the citizens of the colony, took place. The fight between these gladiators gained more popularity when wild beasts were added to them.

Merida: Guiding Walking Tour with Theater and Amphitheatre

2. Merida: Guiding Walking Tour with Theater and Amphitheatre

We will meet in the Margarita Xirgu square, the meeting point for this tour. We will begin by accessing the venue of the Roman Theater and Amphitheater (inside) , knowing the importance that the entertainment buildings had for Roman society. We continue the tour, always accompanied by our official local guide, who will reveal the mystery of the "headless" statues of the Portico of the Forum , and we will marvel at the spectacular Temple of Diana . Later we will visit the Santiaguista Convent , the current headquarters of the Presidency of the Junta de Extremadura. Bordering the Arab Alcazaba , we reached the Guadiana river, where we finished the tour admiring the exteriors of the Alcazaba, the Capitoline Wolf , the Roman Wall and the Roman Bridge , the longest in the Iberian Peninsula.

Merida: City Highlights Walking Tour

3. Merida: City Highlights Walking Tour

Our first stop will be the Puerta de la Villa, where we will take the opportunity to present this city historically at the point where one of its four monumental gates was and thus be able to contextualize what we are going to discover during this complete route. We will begin by moving towards the Plaza de España, where the Co-Cathedral of Santa María la Mayor is located . This temple will allow us to approach the period in which Mérida was reconquered by the troops of Alfonso IX in 1230. From there we will go to the archaeological complex of Morerías (Entrance included) where we will find the longest section of wall preserved today and where the manifestation of the passage of different civilizations is latent, providing important information about the urban change at that point in the city. We will continue along the banks of the Guadiana until we reach the Arab Alcazaba (Entrance included) admiring along the way the wonderful two-thousand-year-old Roman Bridge , the longest in the Iberian Peninsula. From inside the Alcazaba we will be able to see the remains of the walls in addition to the Arab wall itself , we will also descend to the cistern , one of the best preserved in the Iberian Peninsula. Currently we can observe the excavation work, which is carried out in this enclosure, bringing to light an important sample of a Roman villa. Once again we will return to the center of the city to contemplate the vestiges of the Roman forum: the Temple of Diana and the Portico of the Forum, powerful samples of the splendor of Augusta Emerita. Next, we will enter the Casa del Amphitheater (admission included) , where we will observe some traces of the wall and mosaics with different themes . You will also have the opportunity to see what was a Roman necropolis . Look out for the peculiar mausoleums! The visit will end in the complex formed by the Roman Theater and Amphitheater (admission included) , monumental symbols of the capital of Extremadura. We will learn what those gladiator fights were like in the amphitheater, culminating in the theater admiring its majestic stage front.

Merida: Legends and Mysteries Night Tour

4. Merida: Legends and Mysteries Night Tour

The tour begins at the roundabout of the Méridas del Mundo, continues at the door of the Arab Alcazaba and descends towards the Guadiana river, to then visit the outskirts of the archaeological zone of Morerías, the Assembly of Extremadura (former San Juan de Dios hospital ), some ancient convents and mysterious temples to end in the magical convent of Jesús Nazareno. On this route you will meet the feared worewolves, you will learn to defend yourself from hidden forces just as the ancient Romans did, you will discover enigmatic ancient tombs, you will contemplate spectral ghostly figures and you will hear, first-hand and from within its walls, the supernatural experiences occurred in an old convent... Do not miss the opportunity to discover the hidden face of Mérida. Because when the night falls, the myths wake up.

Merida: Haunted Walking Tour

5. Merida: Haunted Walking Tour

On this spectral route you will travel back in time and meet lemurs and larvae, the ghosts that terrified the ancient Romans. You'll see that haunted houses inhabited by restless spirits were known before the age of movies, and you'll hear these ghostly stories as you wander past Roman tombs, illuminated temples, and ancient statues. You will discover how to summon the furious dead and how to defend yourself against them, you will be surprised by the ancient curses and you will know the gods of the underworld and the secret entrances to hell. Delve with us into the Beyond of our ancestors, immerse yourself in the funeral rites and supernatural beliefs of the ancient Romans and see that, after all, they were not so different from us. Not even when they were dead.

Merida: Roman Theater Private Walking Tour

6. Merida: Roman Theater Private Walking Tour

Our visit begins in Margarita Xirgu Square, (entrance to the theater and amphitheater). Mérida was capital of the province of Lusitania, and within the archaeological complex we will distinguish the parts in which the enclosure is divided. First, we travel the cavea or stand and know how the spectators were distributed depending on their social range. In front of us will be the orchestra: the space reserved for the choir. Just above we will see the stage, located on the platform of the so -called proscaenium. Behind this, the facade of the scenic front rises, the most recognizable symbol of the city of Méida. We will also remember how the Classical Theater Festival of Mérida emerged, whose functions keep the essence of this place alive. Just next to the theater, we will also visit the remains of the Roman amphitheater of Mérida. Although this circular building does not have the dimensions of the Colosseum of Rome, Mérida was not far behind in terms of the crudeness of its shows. The most popular were the bloody struggles of the gladiators. We leave the enclosure and we will end the visit in the jewel of the crown, the temple of Diana, where we can admire beauty in its striated columns with Coristian capitals. Impressive, our visitors tell us.

Mérida: Urban Outdoor Escape Room Game

7. Mérida: Urban Outdoor Escape Room Game

Become the protagonist of your own adventure as you race around the streets of Mérida in an outdoor escape game. Choose between two challenges and receive both a physical box and a digital app to help guide you through the town's Roman ruins. Before your adventure, receive a physical box posted to your address that contains reports, maps, photographs, and letters. Download the digital app and discover videos, games, clues, and information about Merida's landmarks. Combine the app and physical materials to solve the mystery. Feel like a detective as you walk along Mérida's streets, surrounded by Roman ruins, including one of the longest bridges of the Roman era. You can choose between two different options: Masked MurdererInvestigate the identity of a serial killer who has killed several young women, broadcasting the murders on social media and moving their bodies to well-known places in Mérida. The Spear of DestinyGet hold of the Spear of Destiny before it falls into enemy hands. Through a telegram sent between two collaborators of Nazi Germany, historian Sarah Levi has traced the Spear of Destiny — with which the Romans killed Jesus Christ on the cross, to Mérida. Now it's your job to locate it.

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