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Monte Albán Archaeological Site

Monte Albán Archaeological Site: Our most recommended tours and activities

Oaxaca: Monte Alban Guided Archaeological Tour

1. Oaxaca: Monte Alban Guided Archaeological Tour

Discover the Archeological Zone of the state of Oaxaca. Enjoy the convenience of being picked up from your hotel in the Oaxaca city center. Drive to Monte Albán in an air-conditioned van. Explore the ruins of the former capital of the Zapotec people, who were the dominant civilization in the area thousands of years ago. Discover the second-largest ceremonial site in Mesoamerica. Learn about the Zapotec people from your knowledgable guide. Marvel at the ancient ball court, excavated tombs, astronomical “observatory. Enjoy phenomenal views from Monte Alban. Looking out from the flat hill where the archeological site is located, you can enjoy views of the Oaxaca Valley. Visit the onsite museum and admire artifacts from the Zapotec civilization. Afterward, you will be transported back to your accommodations in Oaxaca.

From Oaxaca: Monte Albán and Art Craft Towns Day Trip

2. From Oaxaca: Monte Albán and Art Craft Towns Day Trip

Are you ready to embark on an adventure that will transport you to ancient civilizations and immerse you in the creativity and artisan tradition of Mexico? Then our Monte Alban, black pottery and alebrijes tour is perfect for you! 🌄 Start your day with us at 9 am, where we will pick you up from your hotel or airbnb lobby in our comfortable air-conditioned van. The exciting journey begins as you drive away from the city and into Oaxaca's past. 🏛️Our first stop is the majestic Archaeological site of Monte Albán. Imagine walking the same paths that the Zapotecs once walked, exploring ancient pyramids and observing the greatness of a civilization that flourished in these lands centuries ago. The panoramic views will take your breath away! We will then head to the artisan house located in Arrazola, where creativity comes to life in the form of Alebrijes. Meet the skilled artisans who bring these colorful hand-carved creatures to life, and discover how each piece tells a unique story. 🕍 We continue our journey in the Ex Convento de Cuilapam de Guerrero, hostory that will transport you to Mexico's colonial past. The walls have stories to tell, and you will be immersed in the architecture and spirituality of this place. 🍽️ After so much exploring, it's time for lunch at a Oaxacan food buffet restaurant with authentic local dishes that will take you on a journey of flavors in each bite. The gastronomy of Oaxaca is an experience itself! Our journey culminates in San Bartolo Coyotepec, where black pottery comes to life in the hands of master craftsmen. Discover the secrets of this ancient tradition while you observe the creation process and you can acquire unique pieces as a souvenir of your trip. 🌅 At the end of the day, we'll return to your hotel or airbnb around 6 pm, leaving you with unforgettable memories and a deeper understanding of Oaxaca's rich history and culture. 👕👟 Remember to wear comfortable clothes for walking and a hat to protect yourself from the sun. A comfortable pair of shoes is essential as you will be exploring diverse terrain. Don't forget your camera to capture every special moment! Booking with Enjoy Oaxaca, you will have access to exclusive benefits, personalized attention and the guarantee of a well-organized tour. Don't be fooled by fake offers on social networks or on the street, as our quality and experience are second to none. Get ready for a day full of history, creativity and authenticity in the heart of Oaxaca! Your adventure awaits you on the Monte Alban, black pottery and alebrijes tour. Book now and join us in creating unforgettable memories!

Oaxaca: Monte Alban and the Art of Oaxaca

3. Oaxaca: Monte Alban and the Art of Oaxaca

Immerse yourself in Oaxacan culture on this day trip. Visit the most important archaeological site in Oaxaca, Monte Albán, located in the majestic urban center. This area was known as the religious, political, and economic center of the Zapotec civilization. Walk around the square and explore the Site Museum.  Don't forget to bring your camera to take pictures from the top of the archaeological structures. Next, you'll visit San Antonio Arrazola, a magical place of colors and traditions, where the famous artisans will teach you how they carve copal wood. Learn the process of creating the magical figures called "Alebrijes", which represent the innovative spirit of the Oaxacan soul, part of an ancestral tradition of the Zapotecs. Finally, stop at Cuilapam de Guerrero, a Mixtec town famous for its 16th-century Dominican ex-monastery (optional), and San Bartolo Coyotepec, a small town of adobe houses where you'll witness the process of making beautiful black clay figures.

Oaxaca: Monte Alban and Historic Villages Full-Day Tour

4. Oaxaca: Monte Alban and Historic Villages Full-Day Tour

Enjoy a tour of the extraordinary archaeological zone of Monte Alban, declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1987. Monte Alban, constructed on a plateau at 1,940 meters above sea level, is one of the most representative archaeological sites in Mexico. With pyramids, a court for the pre-Hispanic ball game, among many other mystical constructions, take this chance to explore cultural traces from different civilizations, such as the Olmecs, Mixtecs, and Zapotecs.  Continue to the town of Coyotepec, famous for its ceramics production, followed by a visit to the convent of Cuilapam. This Dominican convent dates back to the 16th century and was the site of the execution of one of Mexico's heroes from the Independence War, Vicente Guerrero. Finally, visit the village of Arrazola and head to a workshop to see how the famous Alebrijes (wood-carved fantasy animals) are made.

From Huatulco: Oaxaca Overnight Guided Tour

5. From Huatulco: Oaxaca Overnight Guided Tour

Discover the city of Oaxaca on a guided overnight trip from Huatulco, stopping at the highlights between these places. Visit archeological sites, and learn about local culture and heritage. Day 1: Get picked up at your hotel in La Crucecita or Tangolunda and start the journey towards Oaxaca. Stop at Jalapa del Marqués, where you can enjoy breakfast, at your own expense. Continue to the mezcal region, where you'll take a tour to learn how this delicious drink is produced. Enter the Mitla Archaeological Zone and explore the ancient ruins. Afterwards, head to Teotitlán del Valle to discover how rugs and blankets are made and enjoy some free time for shopping. Stop at Santa María del Tule to admire the 2,000-year-old tree, take photos, and enter the church. Arrive in Oaxaca in the afternoon, and visit the former convent of Santo Domingo de Guzmán and its museum. Check-in at the hotel, then enjoy the rest of the day to wander through the historic center and explore on your own. Day 2: After checking out of the hotel, take a tour of Monte Albán Archaeological Site. Admire the ancient ruins and take in views from the top of the pyramids. Continue to Benito Juárez market, where you can have breakfast and learn about local cuisine. Stop at San Bartolo Coyotepec, to watch local artisans producing handicrafts from black mud. Visit either San Martín Tilcajete or Arrazola, to see how local folk art sculptures called alebrijes are made. Depart for Huatulco, stopping at San Jose del Pacifico along the way. In the evening, you'll get dropped off back at your hotel where your tour will end.

Monte Alban

6. Monte Alban

Monte Albán is an impressive archaeological destination that will transport you to the rich history of the Zapotec civilization. On this tour to Monte Alban, you will have the opportunity to explore the ancient ruins of this pre-columbian city, which sits atop a hill with stunning panoramic views. You will discover pyramids, tombs, courtyards and observatories dating back more than 1,500 years. You'll learn about Zapotec culture and its unique architecture as you immerse yourself in a UNESCO world heritage Site. This trip will take you on a journey through time that will leave you amazed by the greatness of the ancient civilization in the heart of Mexico.

Best of Monte Albán and visit two villages arround

7. Best of Monte Albán and visit two villages arround

We will drive around 40 minutes to reach Monte Albán, the most important ancient city of Oaxaca and America, we will have a walk guided by one of our expert guides, then we will explore nearby towns such as the one with the alebrijes and the one with black pottery that are small towns who make these crafts since the time of Monte Albán. We will enjoy and learn a lot about this great civilization.

Monte Alban, Cuilápan, Arrazola & Coyotepec full day tour

8. Monte Alban, Cuilápan, Arrazola & Coyotepec full day tour

Your day will start in the Monte Albán archaeological site, you will continue to Cuilapan, an open chapel of the 16th-century with Dominican construction, later we will visit Arrazola town, where you will find the famous alebrijes with unique colors and drawings, finally, we go to San Bartolo Coyotepec, an important town where they are dedicated to the elaboration of the famous crafts in black clay, the artisans will show you the technique they use to create them. Your tour ends with drop-off at your hotel.

Private Tour to Monte Alban & Crafts towns

9. Private Tour to Monte Alban & Crafts towns

We will pick you up at your Hotel to start this wondeful adventure! Monte Albán We always enjoy visiting Monte Alban early in the morning to take advantage of the fresh morning, to learn about the history of this beautiful site along with an expert, walk around to appreciate the amazing architecture, take great pictures and be one of the first visitors there! (2 hours) Happy Hour After the Monte Albán walking you will have lunch in a traditional restaurant with different options based on Mexican and authetic Oaxacan food. There are also options for vegetarians. (1 hour and 20 min) San Martín Tilcajete The most famous handicraft of Oaxaca, “Los Alebrijes” we will enjoy visiting a small family workshop to learn how this colorfull and mystical animals are made, carving pieces of wood and painting them with beautiful zapotec designs. You can even know what your spiritual animal is in the Zapotec culture! (1 hour) Santo Tomas Jalietza The tradition of weaving around Oaxaca started here. In this community you will visit a group of native and very cute women to see them working with the back strap loom, making beautiful utilitarian textiles like purses, table runners, place mats, shoulder bags, belts, bracelets, straps for cameras, guitars etc. (45 min) San Bartolo Coyotepec The attraction of this town is the beautiful black pottery. It is incredible how they craft these clay pieces just by using the hands, no steering wheel, machines neither. You will explore the gallery and workshop of this local artisans.

Other Sightseeing Options in Monte Albán Archaeological Site

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I would recommend this Tour to everyone to learn about the history of Monte Alban, the guide was friendly and very clear in the explanation! We liked the second part of the tour less. We were in two workshops, one of wooden objects, the other of ceramics, the explanation of the processing of the various materials It was much shorter than the time left to buy the objects. It seems made for tourists to buy souvenirs!

Jose was out tour guide for this overnight tour to Oaxaca and he made this the most memorable portion of our trip. Our Spanish is not great but his English was excellent so we managed well. He was friendly, patient and professional and he went way above what the tour described to give us an authentic, unique experience. When you book this tour, I hope you are lucky enough to get Jose as your guide.

Marcos got us around very safely and comfortably. He was even pretty quick. He was patient as we bought things too. He's a great driver! Ede is an EXCELLENT guide! Her bilingual tour filled in the gaps in my Spanish very well. She is funny and patient too!

This experience was fun. Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen and a hat, if possible! Emeterio (Eme) was a great tour guide, very helpful. Bring PESOS! Enjoy :)

Jose Louis was an excellent driver and guide. He was knowledgeable and fun!