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Mumbai: Street Food Tour

1. Mumbai: Street Food Tour

Take a delicious tour of Mumbai’s best street food. Mumbai is famous across India for its outstanding street food, but discovering the best hygienic eateries in the big city is not always easy. Experience the city’s flavors that please the taste buds and go easy on the stomach. Mumbai’s three renowned street food areas shall be explored. Rest assured that all street food vendors are not only hygienic but also delicious, tantalizing to the taste buds, and easy on the stomach.  To start your food trail, visit Mumbai’s most famous beach, Chowpatty, where you'll try an array of Mumbai’s best vegetarian street food while watching the sunset. Taste classics such as Pani Puri, Dahi Puri, and Pav Bhaji. Next, take a taxi ride to Bhuleshwar a Gujarati and Rajasthani area with local specialties such as Kesari ukala (saffron milk), kachori/sabudana wada, pudla and masala dosa. Walk through its busy streets known as khao gallis - (eating lanes). Finally, walk into the lively Mohommad Ali Road area. In this predominantly Muslim neighborhood, get immersed in the local culture and the food. Here in the khao gallis you will find mainly non-vegetarian options such as Chicken kebabs, Chicken rolls, and Baida rotis. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten those of you with a sweet tooth (and with space in your stomach)! We’ll eat Rabdi with Gulab Jamun, Jalebi and Kulfi.

Mumbai: Hidden Street Eats Tour by Train

2. Mumbai: Hidden Street Eats Tour by Train

Greet your foodie guide in the Fort area at 4:00 PM and set off walking through the streets of Mumbai's colonial heart. Whet the whistle with a refreshing masala lime soda and dive into a tiny Hindu temple for a blessing before starting the food tour proper with a banana leave covered in 8 curries, pickles and chutneys which explode with flavor. You'll have explanations of each as you dive in with crispy papads and taste a fried spiced local fish best eaten covered in zingy lime. As you take a guided walk past the old buildings on the way to the train station, your guide will tell you stories of life in old Bombay. En route you'll pop into one of the few remaining Persian cafes still left in the city to try their famously good apple pie and a cup of good ol' Indian chai. Continue to a famed paan house to try betal leaves wrapped up with dried fruits, nuts and syrups and get your taste buds popping with a cone of sticky sweet and sour tamarind. It's time to ride the rails on Mumbai's commuter line. Don't worry, you won't have to wait long. These open-doored trains depart every 5 minutes and make for a great way to see a slice of real Bombay. Hop off at Chowpatty Beach and make a beeline for the street food chaat vendors. Your guide will find a little spot on the sand and you can watch the melting sun set over Mumbai while you dig into a vegetable curry oozing with paneer cheese and other street snacks like puffed rice bhel puri and crispy little shells filled with herby mash and tamarind called pani puri. The tour isn't over yet. Your guide will bundle you into old taxis for a short journey up to the Muslim quarter known for its hearty cuisine. To allow you to digest a little, your guide will take you on a walk through a bustling fresh produce market to learn about Indian ingredients and then a wander up through Chor Bazaar where you'll discover its fascinating history. Tucked away in an impossible-to-find spot, you'll try 3 different types of mouth-watering kebabs cooked over charcoal at a tiny local eatery. It's unthinkable to visit Mumbai without trying the desserts. You'll visit a famed parlour that's been hand-churning their ice-creams in the same way for more than a century and take an exclusive look out back to see how it’s done before digging into your exotic flavour of choice. As you walk towards the local bus stop, you'll make a quick stop for coconut cakes from an old bakery and sample creamy pheni at a local restaurant. The tour ends back at the twinkling lights of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in the Fort area. Say goodbye to your guide while they help you call transport or direct you on how to get back to your hotel. Leave with a much deeper understanding of Mumbai culture, life and its cuisine.

Mumbai: Evening Local Street Food Tour with Sightseeing

3. Mumbai: Evening Local Street Food Tour with Sightseeing

Immerse yourself in the nightlife of Mumbai with a local guide on this evening food tasting experience. Whether you've spent the day exploring the city or you're here on business with only a few hours to spare, this tour is the perfect opportunity to discover a new side of the city. Allow your leader to guide you through Mumbai’s two best street food areas. Start at the famous Chowpatty Beach, where you’ll try an array of Mumbai’s best vegetarian food, such as sev puri and pav bhaji. Visit Mohammed Ali Road, where you'll feast on chota kebabs and chicken tikka. Mumbai at night is an unbelievably unique sighting, as people here believe in working hard and partying harder. To ensure you get a nice overview of the atmosphere, you'll visit the Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Nariman Point, and the Worli Sea Link Bridge after sunset.

Mumbai: Street Food Crawl

4. Mumbai: Street Food Crawl

Start your day of culinary adventure by meeting your storytelling guide at the designated meeting point. After a short meet and greet, you will set-off on your journey to find out what delicious food awaits you.  This tour adopts the unique style of ‘infotainment’, making sure you enjoy your tour on a culinary and historical level. This walking tour is unique and will be memorable for everyone. You will begin by exploring the authentic and classic delicacies of Old Mumbai. Get to witness the preparation and get an in-depth understanding of the local food culture and its influences that led to the development of this cuisine.  Get to taste more than 5 mouth watering and authentic delicacies of royal Delhi on this food tour, if you are a food lover and enjoy experiencing different kinds of foods, then you should not miss this walking tour. All eateries on this walking tour are quality assured and a day of unforgettable memories await you.

Mumbai: Night City Sightseeing with Dinner & Transport

5. Mumbai: Night City Sightseeing with Dinner & Transport

Experience a vibrant nocturnal world awakens, as the sun sets over the bustling streets of Mumbai. Join us on our enchanting Night Tour to explore the city's sparkling skyline, illuminated landmarks, and the lively culture that thrives after dark. Things to see on our night tour in Mumbai Victoria Train Station, Municipal Corporation Office, Maharashtra Police Head Quarters, Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Flora Fountain, Shane Watson Hotel, Oval Cricket Ground, Mumbai University, Big Ben Clock of India, Bombay High Court, Nariman Point, City Parliament, Governor's House, Churchgate Railway Station, Marine Drive, Girgaon Beach, Jain Temple, Hanging Garden, Kamla Nehru Park, Colaba Causeway - Street shopping of souvenirs for friends, Crawford Market - Spice Market, Pets Market. On our Mumbai night tour you also have an option to do either a dinner at a restaurant or enjoy our award winning Mumbai street food tasting tour. You can decide with the guide directly later. Join us on this captivating journey into Mumbai's radiant heart, where the city truly comes alive under the cover of night. "Mumbai's Skyline Aglow: Night Tour Extravaganza!" "Discover the Charm of Mumbai After Dark." "City Lights & Culinary Delights: Mumbai Night Tour." "An Evening of Icons: Mumbai's Nighttime Wonders." "Sip, Savor, and Stroll: Mumbai's Night Tour Adventure."

Mumbai Food Tour

6. Mumbai Food Tour

Mumbai formerly called Bombay has umpteen street food shops that you will be exploring on this food day tour. Get ready in the morning and a professional chauffeur will come to pick you up from Juhu, Mumbai and will take you to explore the unique savours of that place. The most famous and best-selling delicacies in Mumbai are Vada Pav, Bhelpuri, Panipuri, Sev puri, Bombay sandwich, ragda-pattice, pav bhaji, omelette pav and kebabs. The popular desserts of Mumbai are Kulfi and Ice Gola (popsicles). Your guide will take you to Juhu which is mainly famous for Juhu beach and its street food. Delve into the richness of the best delicacies you will find at Juhu such as Chili Cheese Paratha worth INR 130 from Prithvi Café, Rabdi Malai Falooda from Bharath Darbar Falooda. For South Indian lovers, what else can be better than the crispiest Masala dosa? You can try savoury dosa out there. Besides that, get your hands on a very special and delicious Chocolate Dosa served with chocolate chips all over it. For kebab lovers, Tandoori Chicken kebab rolls are worth trying which are served with spicy sauce with a hit of juicy lemon. There is much more to the list that you can try while exploring the place. Finally, after the tour is over, you will return to the sam place where your driver picked you from.

Mumbai: Authentic Street Food Tour (Nat Geo Award Winner)

7. Mumbai: Authentic Street Food Tour (Nat Geo Award Winner)

Indulge in the diverse and delectable flavours of Mumbai with our Food Tasting Tour. This culinary journey is a feast for your senses, offering a delightful exploration of the city's rich food culture and heritage. Tour Highlights: Local Food Experts: Join our experienced local guides, who are not only passionate about Mumbai but also well-versed in its culinary secrets. They will navigate you through the bustling streets to uncover hidden gems and authentic eateries. A Gastronomic Adventure: Sample an array of Mumbai's iconic dishes, from street food favourites like Vada Pav, Pav Bhaji, and Pani Puri to traditional Indian delicacies like Tandoori Kebabs. Discover the perfect blend of spices and flavours that make Mumbai's cuisine truly unique. Iconic Food Hubs: Visit renowned food establishments that have been serving the city for generations. Dive into the history and stories behind these legendary eateries as you savour their signature dishes. Local Markets: Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Mumbai's bustling markets. Explore the aromatic spice stalls, colourful produce stands, and bustling bazaars, where you can taste local snacks and sweets while observing daily life. Sweet Endings: No food tour is complete without a sweet finish. Relish mouthwatering Indian desserts at one of the oldest ice-cream parlours in the city. In operation since 1887. Learn about the cultural significance of these treats while satisfying your sweet tooth. Cultural Insights: Gain insight into the cultural influences that have shaped Mumbai's food scene, from traditional Maharashtrian cuisine to international flavours brought by immigrants. Understand how food reflects the city's diverse heritage. Hygiene and Safety: We prioritise your well-being, ensuring that all food stops are selected for their hygiene and safety standards. Enjoy your culinary adventure with peace of mind. Local Interaction: Connect with local vendors and chefs, learning about their culinary traditions and techniques. Engage in conversations that provide a deeper understanding of Mumbai's food culture. Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Options: Whether you're a vegetarian or a meat lover, our food tour accommodates all dietary preferences, ensuring that you can savour Mumbai's flavours to the fullest. A Memorable Experience: Beyond just a tasting tour, this experience is a cultural journey that offers a taste of Mumbai's heart and soul. It's an opportunity to create lasting memories while enjoying the city's culinary treasures. At the end of this Food Tasting Tour, you won't just have a satisfied palate but also a deeper appreciation for the culinary heritage of Mumbai. Come hungry and leave with a belly full of memories and a newfound love for the vibrant food culture of this incredible city. Discover the city's rich culinary heritage through sweet treats, spicy snacks, and savory delights. Join us for a memorable food journey that blends culture, history, and delicious cuisine.

Nashik: Private Full-Day Wine Tour with Tastings From Mumbai

8. Nashik: Private Full-Day Wine Tour with Tastings From Mumbai

After pick-up in Mumbai, relax for the 4-hour drive to Nashik. Make your first stop at the Sula Wine Yard, where your knowledgeable guide will join you. Explore the 30-acre family winery, who cultivated their first crop in 1997, now over 1800 acres wide. Your guide will show you the complete process of winemaking on a tour ending in the tasting room. See, twirl, smell, and taste the wine. Sit down for the lunch at Little Italy before your head to the Zampa Wine Yard, around one hour's drive from Sula. Established in 2006, this winery passionately focuses on the quality, temperature, and selection of different types of grapes. Discover the secrets of grape selection, whole-bunch pressing to maintain the freshness and softness of the wine, and preservation of the wine in oak barrels. After exploring the winemaking techniques of Zampa Winery, your chauffeur will drive you back to Mumbai.

Experience Cooking Classes with Mumbai Sightseeing Tours

9. Experience Cooking Classes with Mumbai Sightseeing Tours

Meet your local guide at your hotel or other place of your choosing in Mumbai, and begin your tour of the city in an air-conditioned vehicle.See the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, before stopping to marvel at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) railway station, otherwise known as Victoria Terminus, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then, visit other notable sites like the Municipal Building, Marine Drive, Nariman point, Chowpatty Beach, the Hanging Gardens, and Mani Bhavan, before soaking up tradition at Mumbai's largest human-powered washing machine, the Dhobi Ghat. Take the opportunity to see the washers, or dhobis, carrying out their famous laundry service. After Sightseeing Cooking classes tour begins. Drive to our Host House Welcome and start this Cooking Session And Learn About Indian Food. One of the best ways to learn about local cuisine is to make it yourself. You’ll do just that during this cook-and-dine experience in Mumbai. A local foodie will show you how to make authentic Indian cuisine, which may be very different from the Indian food you are used to being served at restaurants. You’ll help prepare some of the dishes yourself, and then enjoy eating the feast afterwards. Food enthusiasts will love this activity, although prior cooking experience isn’t necessary. After Cooking Session Back To Drop Off

Street Food Tour in Fort, Mumbai

10. Street Food Tour in Fort, Mumbai

Experience the richness of the Fort Area food: dosas, ice creams, kebabs, rolls, sweets & savouries, chaat, lassis and juices are popular dishes we'll try on this trail 1) Try the Puri combos at Pancham Puriwala A century old establishment now that serves some of the fluffiest puris. You can't go wrong with the Chole Puri here. 2) Have Masala Dosa at Raghu Dosa Center BCB Been around for 60 years, this stall is famous for their flying vada pavs, wadas, chilli idli and masala dosas. It is a must visit if you love South Indian tiffin. 3) Enjoy varieties of ice cream at Manoj's - Krafting Ice-Cream For Generations The flavours here are unique and get yourself a refreshing ice cream. There are some exotic ice creams here as well and we sure you can find one for your mood. 4) Savour sweets and savouries at Mathura Dairy Farm Lassis are awesome here and of course, there are so many varieties of sweets to try here if you have a sweet tooth. 5) Have refreshments at Noble Juice Center Usual favourites, milk shakes and interesting fruit combination for juices are your options here. Our recommendation will be a dry fruit milkshake. 6) Satisfy your non-veg cravings at Apna’s Kebabs and Rolls Mutton baida roti and chicken baida roti are must try here. However, there are so many other non-veg options to choose from.

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This was an excellent introduction to Indian street food. The guides were fun, knowledgeable, and kept our large group together during the tour. They tell you at the start to keep an open mind, which is helpful for those who are nervous to try new foods. I found everything we tried to be delicious, and there was plenty of food to go around. We never would’ve tried those foods in those locations on our own, so I’m glad we used a tour guide. Truly a lovely experience, 10/10 recommend.

I wasn't expecting that much food and how delicious it was. I am a big guy who loves to eat and by the end of the tour, I was stuffed. We had food at four different places and it was super tasty. If you want to get a taste of Mumbai, highly recommend it. Plus the guides were super friendly.

~14 different types of food tried in a walk plus cab plus train trip to different areas of the city. Highly knowledgeable guides and the company has a notable and clearly impactful charitable mission improving education in slums.

Great guide and food! Very knowledgeable about the cuisine and origins, and very generous proportions! Was absolutely stuffed by the end! Highly recommended!

Javed was a fantastic host. Great personality. Very kind and very knowledgeable. Lots of delicious food, even the vegetarian dishes!