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Krakow: Nowa Huta Tour with a Local NGO Guide

1. Krakow: Nowa Huta Tour with a Local NGO Guide

Get an interesting lesson about the history of Nowa Huta and see typical examples of Socialist Realist architecture aboard a Communist-era car. Learn where the large statue of Lenin stood on Aleja Róż (Avenue of Roses), and marvel at the grandeur of Plac Centralny (Central Square). Get familiar with the history of Polish communism by taking a ride in a classic Polish car of that era and visiting bomb shelters that were built around a city in the case of World War III. Get impressive views from Centrum E and the Nowa Huta Cultural Center, and then look for the shelters built to prepare for nuclear war. See the former Światowid Cinema, and visit the 13th-century Mogila Abbey and its little church of Saint Barthélemy. Learn about the legend of Queen Wanda on Wanda Mound, and discover the birthplace of the district at the Kombinat steel factory. Look at a famous sign that was altered after the fall of communism, and take photos of a Soviet tank outside the Ludowy Theater (People’s Theater). Discover the story of the Arka Pana (Lord's Ark) Church and Chapel of Conciliation and the battle the locals waged to have it built. Upgrade your tour to the extended 3.5-hour option, and include a visit to either a Cold War bomb shelter or a communist apartment.

From Krakow: Nowa Huta Premium Tour

2. From Krakow: Nowa Huta Premium Tour

Time travel to an ideal socialist city and see Krakow from a new perspective. Visit Krakow’s biggest district, built in the 1950’s as socialist utopian city, and discover what it looks like today. During your tour, you will be picked up directly from your hotel in a comfortable car and driven to Nowa Huta district where an English speaking guide will be waiting for you. Firstly, see Plac Centralny (Central Square) which is today’s center of Nowa Huta. Learn about the district’s history and how it was developed between 1949 and 1989. Be guided on a walk through Aleja Roz (Avenue of Roses) where you will learn about the architecture of the district. See Tadeusz Sendzimir Steelworks and spend some time wandering through offices before your guide takes you to a secret underground tunnel. Back on the ground, head to Arka Pana (Lord’s Ark) Church which was the first church built in Nowa Huta. Last but not least, you will be able to see real Soviet IS-2 tanks in front of Museum of the Armed Act which is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Nowa Huta. The tour is around 3 hours long and after, you will be taken back directly to your hotel.

Krakow: soviet UAZ 452 ride to Nowa Huta with guide

3. Krakow: soviet UAZ 452 ride to Nowa Huta with guide

Experience the atmosphere of the Cold War as you travel to the planned socialist city of Nowa Huta, the former location of the Vladimir Lenin Steelworks. Jump onboard a real Soviet 8-seater to be transported to Nowa Huta, which was envisioned as an ideal utopian city. Feel the excitement as you head to an office of steelworks director and conference room where Charles se Gaulle or Fidel Castro once visited. Learn fascinating stories from a professional guide about the secret facility, which only opened to the public relatively recently. Take snaps of yourself next to a real World War 2 tank on your way back to Krakow, and come away with memorable stories to share.

Krakow: Communism Bike Tour

4. Krakow: Communism Bike Tour

Experience the simple pleasures of biking along the lazy Vistula River, and through the colorful streets of Krakow on an informative communism-themed bike tour. Despite being extensive, the tour is not too strenuous and is suitable for all levels of fitness.  Start at the tour operator's shop in the city center of Krakow, and get kitted out with a bike and all necessary equipment. Ride northeast along a brand new bike path heading towards the district of Nowa Huta, which literally means 'the new mill' due to its history as a steel milling hub during the communist era.  Make your first major stop at the old airbase that divided Nowa Huta from Krakow. From there, ride along the airstrip and enter Nowa Huta from the north side. Visit the church of Our Lord's Ark, shaped like a boat that helped defy Poland's uprising against communist rule. Enter inside to marvel at the religious art mixed with relics of socialism. From there, wind your way through the labyrinth of streets sprinkled with communist housing developments before riding along a lake past Nowa Huta's recreational center. Admire the intuitive urban design of the area that made Nowa Huta an ideal example of the proletariats city. After a few minutes, arrive at Lenin's steel mill plant, that led to the creation of Nowa Huta, the city built to house its workers. Stop for lunch at a traditional milk bar still running since the times of Joseph Stalin. After this, ride through Ronald Reagan square and return to the starting point via bike path along the river.

Krakow: Private Guided Tour to Nowa Huta Communism District

5. Krakow: Private Guided Tour to Nowa Huta Communism District

Enjoy a visit to a place you have probably never seen before. Learn the history of Nowa Huta, an authentic, Soviet-built district in Krakow.  Learn about the most important places like Plac Centralny (central square), Kombinat (a metal factory that was built in 1954), People's Theatre, and even a real Soviet tank.  Additionally, there is a chance of visiting bomb shelters that had been built in case of the outbreak of WWIII or nuclear war.  Get familiar with everyday life in Poland starting from 1950 all the way until 1989 when communism has fallen.  Enjoy amazing views and create an unforgettable experience.

Kraków: Nowa Huta Communist Experience Guided Tour

6. Kraków: Nowa Huta Communist Experience Guided Tour

Journey back into Kraków’s past with a guided tour of the Nowa Huta neighborhood. Explore Nowa Huta, a district which was built to display the ideal of a communist city. Despite being intended as an ode to Stalinism, the district became a meeting point for anti-communists and a hub for the solidarity movement. After being picked up from your accommodations in Kraków, your tour will being at the enormous Central Square (Plac Centralny). The buildings surrounding the square are a museum of communist architectural styles. See the spot where a monument to Lenin once stood. Visit a local bar for a shot of vodka. Continue to the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków and explore exhibitions depicting Nowa Huta’s history. See an atomic bunker and artifacts that were planned to be used should World War III suddenly break out. Take photos in front of a real Russian tank that was left in Nowa Huta after the war. Learn about the intricate system of underground shelters devised by Soviet architects. Stop by at the Ark of the Lord Church, a symbol of Kraków’s long fight for freedom and democracy, which was built by residents entirely by hand.

Krakow: Private Guided Tour with Transportation

7. Krakow: Private Guided Tour with Transportation

Meet your guide to start a private tour of Krakow's best highlights. Start by exploring Nowa Huta, and admire the massive blocks of communist-era apartment blocks. See Central Square in the middle of this section of the city designed according to the ideals of socialist architecture. You'll also discover where Lenin used to take regular walks. Next, explore Kosciuszko’s Mound. From the top of the hill, you will see a beautiful panorama of Krakow. Stroll through an exhibition telling the secrets of this well-known fort. Hear about important periods in the history of Poland. Continue following the guide to reach Wawel Hill. Listen to stories about Polish kings during medieval times. Admire the royal residence of the Wawel Castle. Go inside Wawel Cathedral, where the kings of Poland were crowned and laid to rest. Visit the Old Town, where your guide will show you around the huge Market Square, the Town Hall Tower, the historic Cloth Hall, and the monuments of Mickiewicz and Eros. See the impressive St. Mary’s Basilica built in the gothic style. Pass by one of the world's oldest universities, the Jagiellonian University. Finally arrive at the former Jewish District. Take in the architecture, the cute narrow alleys, and the laid back coffee shops. Visit the Tempel Synagogue and admire its architecture. Your guide will tell you stories about this area and show you hidden gems known only by locals.

Krakow: Communist Era Walking Tour in Nowa Huta

8. Krakow: Communist Era Walking Tour in Nowa Huta

Step back in time to communist Poland after the Second World War on this guided walking tour in Nowa Huta. Discover the city that was once a communist paradise and at the same time a fortress, prepared to defend its citizens in case of an attack. Can you imagine sharing your bathroom with a fish for a week? Or standing ten hours in a queue to buy toilet paper? Or simply waiting in front of a closed shop until 1:00 PM, with a terrible hangover, before you could buy a beer? During the tour, learn about these realities of everyday life in communist Poland while visiting the most significant places of the recent past. Hear about a time when terror and sorrow were mixed with seemingly comedic and absurd situations. See modern houses and squares created according to Leonardo da Vinci’s plans, admire the size of the Steelworks Complex, and visit the church that’s a symbol of freedom. Start your tour with a tram ride from the medieval city center of Krakow to Nowa Huta. In only about 40 minutes, transport to a completely different era. Upon arrival, see excellent examples of Socialist Realism architecture, interior design straight from the 1970s, and real tank and raid shelters prepared by communists against NATO attacks during the Cold War. Visit Central Square, one of the most important points of the city and in the shape of a communist star. See the Sphinx Youth House, which was set up as one of the cultural institutions to ensure fair working-class family entertainment. Stop at the People's Theater, known for its innovative stage productions, and see the Lord's Ark, a true symbol of the fight during this time of the past. Learn about a church built on the spot where, in 1960, there were regular fights to protect the cross between the non-believing inhabitants of the ideal communist city and the citizens' militia. Before heading back to Krakow, enjoy a short break in a stylish restaurant where you can feel the original taste of a cold or hot drink from communist times (at your own expense). 

Krakow: Nowa Huta Guided Tour

9. Krakow: Nowa Huta Guided Tour

Can you imagine sharing your bathroom with a fish for a week? Or standing ten hours in a queue to buy toilet paper? Or simply waiting in front of a closed shop until 1:00 PM, with a terrible hangover, before you could buy a beer? Poland after the Second World War was one of the communist countries where terror and sorrow was mixed with the comic and the absurd. On this tour you will explore Nowa Huta, the city which was a communist paradise, and at the same time a fortress, prepared to defend its citizens in case of an attack on the Soviet Bloc from the West. And it is here where you have a unique chance to see modern houses and squares built according to plans by Leonardo da Vinci. You'll also experience the taste of vodka and herring, admire the size of the Steelworks Complex, and see the church that was a symbol of freedom.

Krakow Guided Tour with Kazimierz and Nowa Huta

10. Krakow Guided Tour with Kazimierz and Nowa Huta

Join us on this tour to discover the historical differences and specific types of architecture in Krakow. Nowa Huta was founded in 1949 and centered on Poland's first integrated steelworks. During our tour, you will have the opportunity to see the area's Central Square, then Mogila's former village featuring the Cistercian Monastery. Admire the monastery's fascinating sacral architecture, very well-preserved in the midst of Soviet-era grey housing blocks. We will then pass the entrance gate to Metal Steelworks, formerly named after Lenin, the Rose Avenue, Folk Theatre and the 'Arka' Church in Bienczyce. Afterwards, you will go to former Jewish District, Kazimierz, to take in the many historic synagogues and its unique atmosphere. Stop for a rest and enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the jewish cafés. Our final stop is the Old Town of Krakow, home to the Cloth Hall, Sukiennice, in the middle of the Main Market Square. Sit and admire the impressive St. Mary's Basilica and experience the unique atmosphere of the market square as the tour comes to an end.

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Highly recommend this tour. Matt was incredible. so friendly and knowledgeable. We had really interesting conversations throughout the trip. He even came to find me when I lost my Internet and couldn't find the meeting point. I am so happy I squeezed this tour in on my last day. The factory is fascinating and we were the only ones there.. just incredible. I would have loved to have seen the bunker and apartment, I was most looking forward to those, but maybe next time? I enjoyed lunch with Matt at the Milk Bar, it is very popular with the locals and a great experience. Nowa Huta bring back your roses .... I hope you do, it will look beautiful.

Our guide was absolutely fantastic. She had so much energy and incredible knowledge and showed us a history of the city that we would never have found on our own. The ice cold vodka stop was also a winner!

A stellar tour! My 14 year old son and I loved it, our guide was phenomenal as was our beautiful Lada Estate car! The tour of the Steelworks itself was terrific! Thank you so much

awesome tour! fascinating places and excellent context. Matthew (long hair) was a wonderfufl guide. highly recommend!

I bought a 3 day pass and could. use the card in most places, I saved money in buying the card