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Protaras: Daily Boat Trip to Cape Greco and Blue Lagoon

1. Protaras: Daily Boat Trip to Cape Greco and Blue Lagoon

You will be taking full advantage of your time in the area as we will make sure that you visit the best places Protaras has to offer. Relax with a cocktail and revel to the panoramic east coast of Cyprus delightful view. Daily boat trips includes a guided 3 hours visit to the east coast of Protaras, from Famagusta view from Paralimni Marina to the area of Cape Greco. We will be visiting places of interest such as: Ayios Nicolas church and Paralimni Marina The ghost town Famagusta, with history guided ( view from Paralimni Marina) Area of Cape Greco – Konnos bay – Ayioi Anargyroi Cave – Lover's bridge – Shark’s mouth cave- Pirate's cave- 30 minutes for swimming stop at Blue Lagoon - 30 minutes swimming stop with sea Turtles

Cyprus: Introductory Scuba Lesson and Dive with Transfer

2. Cyprus: Introductory Scuba Lesson and Dive with Transfer

Begin your journey into the underwater world of scuba diving with a fun and informative crash course to make the most of your Cyprus holiday. Get picked up from your hotel to discover the local sea life and take advantage of the crystal-clear waters as you perform your very first dive. Learn all you need to know about basic diving through a 20-to-30-minute comprehensive classroom lesson. Once you're all set with theory, get geared up and take a short drive to the local beach for your first underwater test. Practice your skills in shallow water to start gaining some confidence. Once you feel comfortable, begin your tour to Blue Bay, with a maximum depth of 6 meters. Feel the thrill of scuba diving for the first time and discover the incredible species that lie underwater. You'll have the chance to feed the fish and have some photographs taken. After the dive, go back to the school to enjoy some refreshments as you watch your photographs on TV. Finish off your adventure with a convenient drive back to your accommodation.

From Protaras: Blue Lagoon and Turtle Bay Pirate Cruise

3. From Protaras: Blue Lagoon and Turtle Bay Pirate Cruise

Join an exhilarating pirate boat trip from Protaras, Cyprus, where history intertwines with breathtaking beauty. Prepare for a journey filled with excitement and wonder as you explore captivating destinations like Shark Cave, the Blue Lagoon, and Turtle Bay. Hop on board in Protaras and be treated to a refreshing welcome drink with some fruit. Begin your adventure with a visit to the historic Famagusta ghost town. Gain insight into its intriguing history and reflect on the past as you explore the haunting abandoned buildings and fortifications. Sail along the stunning coastline and be captivated by the beauty of Paralimni's marina, where crystal-clear waters and vibrant yachts create a picturesque scene. Continue the voyage to Fig Tree Bay, which is known for its golden sands, azure waters, and its iconic, lone fig tree. Drop anchor just off the coast to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing beauty and capture stunning photographs to share. Venture towards the enchanting Konnos Bay, nestled amidst rugged cliffs and lush greenery. Allow the serene atmosphere and pristine beach to transport you to a tranquil paradise. Discover hidden gems along the coast, starting with Ayioi Anargiroi Cave, a mystical wonderland renowned for its awe-inspiring rock formations. Marvel at the enchanting stalactites and stalagmites as you explore the depths of this magical cave, truly a testament to nature's artistic prowess. Cross the romantic Love Bridge, a natural formation that serves as a symbol of everlasting love. Stretching over turquoise waters, it invites you to capture unforgettable photographs and share tender moments with your loved ones, creating lasting memories. Purchase a drink or two along the way from the onboard bar and soak up some sun on the upper sun deck. Fill up on adrenaline, with a visit to the thrilling Shark Cave. Dive into its crystal-clear waters and witness a vibrant underwater world teeming with colorful marine life. Go for a refreshing swim in the Blue Lagoon. Plunge into its inviting waters, bask in its beauty, and let the rejuvenating atmosphere envelop you. Take the opportunity to create cherished memories as you revel in the tranquility of this idyllic spot. Encounter the gentle sea turtles in Turtle Bay, a truly enchanting experience that will stay with you forever. Swim alongside these magnificent creatures, observing their grace and serenity in their natural habitat. It's a rare opportunity to connect with nature and appreciate underwater wonders. Return to your starting point with memories that will last a lifetime.

Luxury Sea Ray Private Boat Trip to Blue Lagoon

4. Luxury Sea Ray Private Boat Trip to Blue Lagoon

Treat yourself and your loved ones on a private boat ride along the coast with our luxury boat. Rent a luxury boat in protaras and explore Cyprus beautiful coast with your family or friends. For a great family day out, swimming, diving, sunbathing or relaxing.

Cape Greco: Sea Caves, Bridge of Lovers with Barbeque

5. Cape Greco: Sea Caves, Bridge of Lovers with Barbeque

We will pick you up at your hotel or meet you at an agreed meeting point. Drinks are available throughout the tour. We visit the famous Sea and Cyclopes Caves, Lovers Bridge, Bridge of Koraka, Chapel Agioi Anargiroi, Blue Lagoon and at a place you like you can spend some time chilling by the sea or swimming. Before returning to your hotel, you can enjoy a small barbeque. Please let us know if you prefer vegan or vegetarian. The tour takes about 5 hours, and we certainly don't look at the clock. Lovers Bridge Cape Greco is home to one of the most amazing and well-known natural bridges. We call it the Bridge of Lovers. It is a masterpiece of nature. This special place is very popular because of the romance it exudes. The bridge of the lovers or the bridge of love is very beautiful and one of the most romantic places in all of Cyprus. Visits to the bridge from newlyweds and couples has become almost a tradition. Sometimes wedding ceremonies also take place here. The Bridge of Lovers is a natural rock arch bridge whose edge juts out from an elevated coastal plateau into the crystal clear, turquoise and emerald sea. The bridge was formed by natural processes, entirely without human help. Legend has it that a wish will come true if you kiss your beloved while standing in the middle of the bridge's arch. Sea Caves The sea caves in this region are a breathtaking natural setting. Here in the Cape Greco National Park there are impressive rock bridges, hidden caves and tunnels. The sea caves are not only beautiful to look at, but extend up to 80 metres underground and are partly completely under water. At low tide, you can explore this wild piece of nature on foot, and when the sea is calm, you can also swim, snorkel or dive in the crystal-clear water. According to legend, the caves were used by pirates to store booty. Of course, the cave-like tunnels, bridges and rock formations served as perfect hiding places. Bridge of Koraka Here you can literally feel the magic of nature! The natural bridge of Koraka is the largest natural bridge in Cyprus. It is one of the most romantic and inspiring places in the area. The Forestry Department has fenced off the area around the bridge as the rocky bridge is in danger of collapsing due to the waves and the deep roots of the shrubs attacking the rocks. Locals and tourists can still visit the area despite the fencing to admire the magic of nature and its beauty. Chapel Agioi Anargiroi This beautiful church, built on the edge of a cliff, is dedicated to Agioi Anargyroi. The church dates from the 1950s. Legend has it that just below this site is a cave where the saints Anargyros (Kostas and Damianos) practised. In this cave was an image or icon of Agioi Anargyron, which after some time was thought to be lost. Until one day a fisherman came by and stopped to see what it was all about.

Protaras Cyprus Blue Lagoon Private Boat Trips

6. Protaras Cyprus Blue Lagoon Private Boat Trips

We are 3 generations and still cruising. Captain Paschalis is the owner onboard so you will be in the best of hands. We cruise along the coasts of Protaras to Cape Greko for cave cruising, love bridge and 2 long swim stops at the blue lagoon and turtle cove. We can sort out timings either morning or sunset.

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Amazing dive, the instructors were determined to make the dive as enjoyable and safe as possible for us. They are a group of very knowledgeable divers with a good sense of humour. They assured we felt safe with diving before taking us deeper to see some statues and a lot of colourful fish. They also took pictures so we could remember this amazing experience. A big thanks to the diving shop!

Absolutely amazing people and a very nice introduction or a first try into diving. Very easygoing and relaxed learning atmosphere with a lot of fun makes you want more dives when you have the holiday time. Gladly again!!

The diving instructor explained everything very well. We were very well prepared for the dive. It was a beautiful experience. At a depth of 6 m we were then able to watch and feed the fish. We recommend!

The guidance was understandable and clear. The training progressed calmly. The instructor took care of us students constantly during the dive. The equipment was good. Cheerful and competent staff.

Great team, incredibly nice and patient diving instructors! Explanation of the necessary safety-related topics in a playful way, followed by a great diving experience !!