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Bordeaux: Guided Walking Tour

1. Bordeaux: Guided Walking Tour

Discover the historic sights of Bordeaux on a 2-hour walking tour of the historic center, and discover why it was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Meet your guide by the Bordeaux Tourist Office on Cours du 30 Juillet. Then, discover an outstanding ensemble of urban landmarks and architectural wonders. Stroll past the theaters, town halls, and private mansions, interspersed with squares, parks, and fountains to get an intriguing perspective on a city that is undergoing a spectacular metamorphosis. See some of the new economic and artistic projects. From the wide avenues of neo-classical neighborhoods surrounding Place des Quinconces, to the Grand Theater, and the narrow lanes of the Saint-Pierre neighborhood, the tour invites you to discover the diversity of Bordeaux’s heritage. Learn about Bordeaux’s history and the Enlightenment philosophers who influenced the city’s urban landscape.

Bordeaux: Private Guided Walking Tour of the City Must-Sees

2. Bordeaux: Private Guided Walking Tour of the City Must-Sees

Discover the city of Bordeaux, nicknamed "La Perle d'Aquitaine" on this guided walking tour. A captivating city, get ready to fall in love with its elegance and beautiful history alongside your private guide who loves the city and will help you experience the city as a local. Bordeaux is a must-see destination. Learn more about this historic city full of treasures, including the majestic Place de la Bourse and its famous Miroir d'Eau, the magnificent Saint-André cathedral, as well as the historic district of Le Vieux Bordeaux with its picturesque alleys and monuments laden with history. Bordeaux is not limited to its heritage from the past ─ it is also a mecca for French gastronomy and viticulture. Feel for yourself its privileged geographical location, between the renowned vineyards of the region and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. Feel welcome in Bordeaux, with its timeless charm, rich history and unique zest for life.

Bordeaux : Must-sees's Private Guided Walking Tour

3. Bordeaux : Must-sees's Private Guided Walking Tour

Discover Bordeaux, a city that exudes elegance and captivates visitors with its undeniable charm. This alluring destination is steeped in history and brimming with treasures waiting to be unveiled. From the grandeur of Place de la Bourse, adorned with the mesmerizing Miroir d'eau, to the awe-inspiring Saint-André Cathedral, every corner of Bordeaux is a testament to its rich heritage. Wander through the historic district of Le Vieux Bordeaux, where quaint alleys and monuments weave a tapestry of bygone eras. Beyond its historical allure, Bordeaux beckons food and wine enthusiasts with its culinary delights and esteemed viticulture. Savor the essence of French gastronomy. Nestled perfectly between the Atlantic Ocean's inviting beaches and the esteemed vineyards of the region, Bordeaux benefits from an enviable location, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Prepare to be welcomed with open arms into Bordeaux's timeless embrace, where the French way of life permeates every experience. A journey to Bordeaux promises an indelible imprint on your heart, creating memories that will linger with you long after you depart.

Bordeaux: City Exploration Game and Tour

4. Bordeaux: City Exploration Game and Tour

Combine the excitement of a sightseeing city tour with an outdoor game fun on this self-guided smartphone walking tour in Bordeaux. Find attractions easily with the app's navigation function. Download the app and start the game by going to the first location. Use observation, logic, imagination, and teamwork to solve the riddle at each location, the riddles are always hard. Pause the app at any point if you want to take a break, stop for coffee, or spend some more time visiting one of the sights. Play the game at your own pace. Your route includes the Bordeaux Cathedra, Porte Dijeaux, Notre Dame, and the Opera National de Bordeaux. Continue on to Place des Quinconces, Place de la Bourse and Place Camille Julian. Stop at Portes Cailhau and Bourgogne, and end with a stop at the mysterious Grosse Cloche.

Bordeaux : The Digital Audio Guide

5. Bordeaux : The Digital Audio Guide

Experience the enchanting charm of Bordeaux like never before with the Bordeaux digital audio guide. Let the captivating beauty of Bordeaux's historic streets, world-class wineries, and rich cultural heritage unfold before you as you embark on a journey through this picturesque city. With the Bordeaux digital audio guide, you'll unlock the secrets and stories hidden within Bordeaux's cobblestone lanes and elegant boulevards. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this unesco-listed city, from its medieval architecture to its modern vibrancy. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a wine connoisseur, or simply an explorer at heart, the Bordeaux digital audio guide will be your trusted companion, providing insightful commentary, interactive maps, and exclusive documents to enhance your visit. Explore Bordeaux at your own pace, and don't miss out on any of the city's treasures. Join us in discovering Bordeaux's exquisite blend of tradition and innovation, and let the Bordeaux digital audio guide be your passport to an unforgettable journey. Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other, and make your visit to Bordeaux truly exceptional.

Bordeaux: City Sightseeing Cruise

6. Bordeaux: City Sightseeing Cruise

Immerse yourself in a captivating journey, complete with fascinating commentary that reveals all the secrets of the historic city, on this sightseeing cruise in Bordeaux. Admire the majestic Pont de Pierre, Place de la Bourse and Quinconces from a unique vantage point: the river. Let yourself be captivated by the charm of this exceptional panorama, frozen in time. You're welcome to bring your own snacks, salads, sandwiches or picnics (no alcoholic beverages or glass containers). Enjoy your food on board the boat, and enjoy the cruise in a whole new way. Depending on the dates, local producers may be present on board (not always guaranteed). You'll be able to indulge your taste buds with carefully prepared dishes as you contemplate the breathtaking scenery that passes before your eyes. But that's not all. Once docked, take time to stroll, explore. and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the "Port de la Lune." Take an hour or more to soak up the history and beauty that surrounds you in this timeless city before the tour concludes.

Bordeaux : Private Night Guided Walking Tour

7. Bordeaux : Private Night Guided Walking Tour

"Enchanted Nights in Bordeaux: Unveiling the City's Charms under Starlit Skies" Step into a world of elegance and allure as you embark on a private nighttime exploration of Bordeaux. As the sun sets, the city transforms into a magical wonderland, where history comes to life amidst the twinkling stars. Wander through the illuminated streets and be captivated by Bordeaux's undeniable charm. Admire the majestic Place de la Bourse, adorned with the mesmerizing Miroir d'eau, reflecting the city's beauty in a shimmering dance. Marvel at the awe-inspiring Grosse Cloche, standing tall with centuries of stories to tell. Immerse yourself in the historic district of Le Vieux Bordeaux, where ancient alleys and monuments whisper tales of bygone eras. Each step leads you deeper into the heart of this enchanting city, where history and mystery intertwine. Indulge your senses with Bordeaux's culinary delights and esteemed viticulture. Savor the essence of French gastronomy and experience the rich tapestry of flavors that this region is renowned for. Feel the magic of this exceptional city, where time seems to stand still, embracing you in the French way of life. As you bid farewell to Bordeaux's embrace, carry with you the cherished memories of this unforgettable journey. The nights spent under the starlit skies will leave an indelible imprint on your heart, a treasure to be cherished for a lifetime. Let the dream of Bordeaux's enchanted nights linger in your soul, beckoning you to return for more magical moments.

Bordeaux : Discovery Stroll and Reading Walking Tour

8. Bordeaux : Discovery Stroll and Reading Walking Tour

Welcome to Bordeaux, a city that truly embodies the essence of French elegance and charm. Nestled along the meandering Garonne River, Bordeaux's beauty is a work of art painted in various shades of history, culture, and stunning architecture. With its grand boulevards, the iconic Place de la Bourse mirroring itself in the water's reflection, and the world-renowned vineyards that produce some of the finest wines, Bordeaux is a destination that captivates the senses and captures the heart. As you meander through Bordeaux's enchanting streets, you'll discover a city that seamlessly blends the old and the new. The historic architecture stands proudly beside modern, stylish boutiques and cafes. The scent of freshly baked baguettes mingles with the aromas of fine wine, creating an enticing bouquet that wafts through the air. With the Bordeaux Reading Walking Tour, imagine strolling through the city, feeling the pages of history come alive as you visit its iconic landmarks. This autonomous journey allows you to delve deeper into Bordeaux's story, uncovering secrets and insights that most travelers miss. The Reading Walking Tour ensures you don't miss a single detail of Bordeaux's splendor. You'll read the city's history, taste its culture, and immerse yourself in its ambiance. Bordeaux is a city that captures the heart and leaves an indelible mark on your memory. So, come, explore, and allow the Bordeaux Reading Walking Tour to guide you through the captivating pages of this remarkable city. Experience Bordeaux like never before – where every corner tells a story and every moment is a memory in the making.

Bordeaux: Private Guided Walking Tour

9. Bordeaux: Private Guided Walking Tour

Whether you're with family, a partner, or friends, explore Bordeaux accompanied by a local guide. In 70 minutes, you'll discover all the must-see attractions of Bordeaux. The Water Mirror, Place de la Bourse, Grand-Théâtre de Bordeaux, Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux's Golden Triangle, Vieux-Bordeaux (Saint-Pierre Quarter), Sainte-Catherine Street, Dijeaux Gate, Aquitaine Gate, Pont de Pierre, Cailhau Gate, La Grosse-Cloche, and much more... As the guide is a passionate local with deep knowledge, you'll be immersed in Bordeaux's rich history and its pleasant present. The tour takes the form of an interactive exchange, where the guide will answer all your questions, making it an incredibly enriching experience. What's even better, they'll go the extra mile to provide suggestions for the rest of your stay in Bordeaux: the best restaurants, museums, activities, shops, and more. 70 minutes is the ideal time to explore the city's finest without getting bored. By introducing you to all the beautiful spots in the city, you'll know exactly what to do for the rest of your stay, to the point where you won't want to leave. The private aspect of the tour allows the guide to be attentive. It's the human connection that matters most in this service. Whether it's children, teenagers, adults, or experts, the guide adapts to all levels of knowledge and caters to the interests of the groups. If you're concerned about taking a guided tour with your children, rest assured that the guide excels at capturing their attention by involving them in interactions and tailoring the experience to their knowledge and interests. If you love history, the guide will delve into the historical aspects, and this applies to all domains (sports, architecture, gastronomy, etc.). This is the true advantage of opting for a private guided tour.

The essentials of Bordeaux, 2 hour private tour

10. The essentials of Bordeaux, 2 hour private tour

Come and discover Bordeaux, one beautiful city in France, famous for its wine, its architecture and its exceptionnal gastronomy. On its tour, you will explore the most important monuments, such as the opera, the cathedrale Saint andre and differents places like place de la Bourse, while listening the important stories that have built the city up to the present today. Your passionate guide about her region, create this tour to introduce you the art of living in Bordeaux. Moreover to discover the city, you will receive some recommandations for savouring the local gastronomy, the wine bar, cheese shop, restaurants and more.

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The Bordeaux tour was A lovely walking introduction to the city. The guide Catherine was very knowledgeable and her sense of humour was amazing. On top of that she was conducting the tour in French and English, as the group was of mixed nationalities!

A good introduction to our first visit to Bordeaux. Or guide was able to swap from French to English so easily and frequently that it was good for both languages.

Our guide was very knowledgeable. It was a fun group and very nice to learn the history of Bordeaux from someone that has lived here a long time.

Excellent walking tour that gave a great insight into the city especially the architecture. Our guide Jean-Claude was brilliant.

Experienced guide, we learned a lot about the city