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Rimini: Piadina Experience Museum Entry Ticket

1. Rimini: Piadina Experience Museum Entry Ticket

The tour will be a real journey into the world of Piadina, from the Neolithic to the present day. A captivating, technological, interactive and original journey! We will discover the origins of Piadina, we will tell the story of its extraordinary success. We will remember the domestic dimension of Piadina and the peasant traditions, We will relive the evolution of Piadina, symbol of Romagna, loved all over the world! A tribute to the "national bread of the Romagnoli" as Giovanni Pascoli wrote ... An act of love towards every recipe, from every grandmother, from every village in Romagna… We will get excited by reviewing the great successes of the Champions in the "Piadina and Motors" section: a special corner in which we will celebrate the two-wheeled champions and the great passion of the people of Romagna for speed, adrenaline, the desire for infinity... The surprise tasting of our Piadina will come to tease you during the Piadina Experience journey! We will dream in the Sala della Magia, like in a film by Maestro Fellini... where the wheat and the other elements will dance together to tell us about the alchemy that is renewed every time a Piadina is born, like real magic! Walking on the Panoramic Tunnel we will witness the production process. It will be interesting to follow the stages of production: from the dough, to resting in the Spa delle Piadine, to cooking at different temperatures... discovering the secrets of technology at the service of tradition and quality.

San Leo: Fortress Entry Ticket and Cagliostro's Prison

2. San Leo: Fortress Entry Ticket and Cagliostro's Prison

Explore the Fortress of San Leo in the heart of Romagna is at the top of a village with less than 3,000 inhabitants, which absolutely deserves to be visited! The impregnable stronghold hosts and collects various exhibitions related to its great and important history: from the collection of weapons dating back to the 1500s to those of the First and Second World War; from instruments of torture to the replica of Vasari's fresco representing the taking of San Leo by the Medici family up to exhibitions of contemporary works. Today the Fortress has returned to its architectural splendor which makes it one of the most celebrated examples of military art, in one of the most beautiful historical and artistic settings in Italy. -Visit to one of the most famous fortresses in Italy.-Visit the famous cell of the alchemist magician Count Cagliostro.-Explore the virtual ecomuseum of San Leo.-Visit all the rooms of the fortress, you can find several exhibits of ancient weapons and modern an exhibition of torture instruments in addition to the towers and fortifications.-Book shop available.

Rimini: Guided Walking Tour of the Historic City Center

3. Rimini: Guided Walking Tour of the Historic City Center

Join a guided walking tour of Rimini's old town and learn about the city's ancient origins. Visit monuments and churches dating back to different Ages, like the Bridge of Tiberius from Roman times, the medieval Galliana Gate, and more. Follow your guide as you wander down narrow streets lined with ancient buildings and visit important monuments along the way. Start in Roman times, with the Arch of Augustus, which marks the main entrance to the old center of Rimini. Pass by the Surgeon’s Domus, an important archeological complex, and see the Ponte di Tiberio, a 5-arch bridge that stands as a testament to the technical skills of the Romans. From here, head to the Galliana Gate, which connects the city to the port area and once formed part of Rimini's defensive wall. As you continue, marvel at Malatestiano Temple and Castel Sismondo, both great examples of the city's Renaissance architecture. Next, make your way to Piazza Cavour where you'll see the renovated Teatro Amintore Galli and the iconic Cinema Fulgor. The ornate Art Nouveau movie theater is dedicated to the famous director Federico Fellini, who was born in Rimini. End your tour with a stroll through the San Giuliano district and admire the colorful murals that depict scenes from Fellini's most famous works as well as portraits of the director and his wife. 

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