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Pompeii: Pompeii Archeological Site Reserved Entry Ticket

1. Pompeii: Pompeii Archeological Site Reserved Entry Ticket

Visit the Roman city of Pompeii with this entrance ticket. Discover its temples, theaters, homes, and public buildings. On the morning of August 24, AD 79, the Vesuvius eruption took Pompeii's 11,000 residents by surprise. The dramatic event killed the inhabitants and the city was buried beneath ash. This event created one of the most preserved archeological sites in the world today.  Explore well-known sites such as the amphitheater, the Villa of Mysteries as well as the houses of Vettii and Faun, amongst others.

Pompeii: 2-Hour Guided Tour with an Archaeologist

2. Pompeii: 2-Hour Guided Tour with an Archaeologist

Explore the ruins of Pompeii on a 2-hour guided tour, and travel back to the days of the Roman Empire. Meet your guide by the old Porta Marina Superiore for a tour of the western part of Pompeii, site of the most important public buildings, homes, and shops. Step into the shoes of the Roman citizens of Pompeii as you walk the same streets that they walked. Learn how the town was buried under molten ash and lava by the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. Your guide will bring the Roman Republic to life for an intense experience as you discover remarkably intact structures and learn how the Romans lived both in public and private. Hear why UNESCO inscribed Pompeii and Herculaneum on the World Heritage Patrimony list for their "complete and vivid picture of society and daily life at a specific moment in the past that is without parallel anywhere in the world." Discover highlights such as the Basilica (Court House), and Forum, center of political and social life during the Roman Empire. See the Lupanar (brothel), House of the Faun, Termopolium Capuano, and House of the Tragic Poet. Marvel at plaster casts of humans and animals at the moment of their death, and go to a bakery where you can still see the remains of the utensils, and even the food!

Pompeii: Private Tour with an Archaeologist

3. Pompeii: Private Tour with an Archaeologist

This tour consists of a marvelous walk around the ancient Roman city of Pompeii which was buried in the ashes of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 A.D. See most of the important sights and learn the history with your guide. A walk in Pompeii is a very intense experience; you'll have the feeling of wandering in a still-living town. Learn about the history of the town and how the Romans lived and see all the most important public buildings and private houses. Highlights include Marina gate, the forum, the basilica, the temple of Jupiter, the Stabian Baths, the house of Menander, the brothel, the theaters, the plaster casts of the victims, shops, fountains, and more.

Pompeii: 2-Hour Private Guided Tour

4. Pompeii: 2-Hour Private Guided Tour

Discover the most extraordinary archaeological site on the Italian peninsula with a 2-hour guided tour of Pompeii. Meet your guide near the Pompeii rail station, connected to Naples by regular trains. We will meet at 10' the Hotel Vittoria Piazza Esedra .Then, once you’ve purchased your entrance ticket (not included), walk down streets left intact for more than 2,000 years thanks to its protective covering of volcanic mud. Learn how Pompeii was a rich and populous town in Roman times, full of private and public buildings. Your guide will explain how, on a summer's day in 79 AD, the entire town and around 20,000 of its inhabitants were buried under tons of ash and pumice from the violent explosion of Mt. Vesuvius. Rediscover the everyday life of the Roman imperial era, and imagine the panic of the people before the city was buried. Your guide will take you to the Forum and Thermal Baths, as well as the Lupanar, the city’s brothel, where graphic graffiti can still be seen. Discover immaculate frescoes in houses, such as the House of the Faun (Casa del Fauno), one of the largest and most impressive of the city’s mansions.

2-Hour Pompeii Child-Friendly Tour

5. 2-Hour Pompeii Child-Friendly Tour

Your guide will focus on your needs and attention and, with the use of tablets, reconstructions and multimedia material, you will surely have the best Pompeii experience ever. This is a great family tour including the highlights of the ancient Pompeii: the Marina Gate, the basilica (court house), the forum (main square) with market temples and municipal buildings, the Stabian Baths, the bakery, the House of Menander, the theaters, the plaster casts and much more with the use of a tablet and multimedia material for children. The meeting point will be at the the main entrance of the Pompeii ruins which is called Porta Marina Superiore.

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A very good experience, highly recommended to visitors who want to book their tickets and make sure they visit Pompeii on their favourite day. It will be much better if you book everything online, and avoid tourist sharks waiting for you in front of the main entrance of the archaeological site, inviting you to their tourist offices across the street and harshly convincing you that you need a guide or at least a book and a map, otherwise you won't get in. I had an unpleasant experience with two of them, asking to see my online ticket and aggressively saying I cannot use it as such, because I will get lost on the site. Total abuse of tourist's innocence, I have to say. Just book your tickets online and book a guided tour if you want (audioguides sell quickly!). If you prefer to just book the ticket, you will find FREE maps at the entrance of the site. The names of the main streets and of the buildings are clearly marked. Enjoy Pompeii!

Pack a sandwich n drink and head to the medium (more complete) Amphitheatre for lunch on the steps and take in what would have happened there. NB At the Large Amphitheatre you cannot access the steps but still very impressive to walk through.

Muy fácil de usar y muy cómodo, siempre tiene un plan que se ajusta a ti.

Very easy to use and the directions to meeting place worked great !!!

Wow! Hard to imagine what happened here from Mount Vesuvius!