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Kaatsheuvel: Efteling Theme Park Day Admission Ticket

1. Kaatsheuvel: Efteling Theme Park Day Admission Ticket

Enjoy precious moments with your loved ones on this family outing. With your day admission ticket you’ll step inside a fairytale world full of wondrous tales, delightful dreams and adventures at high speed. Glide through the enchanting world of fairies in the Droomvlucht dark ride. Huddle together during the exciting spectacular Raveleijn park show featuring stunt horse riders and a fire-breathing monster. End your day on a high at Aquanura, the biggest water show in Europe. The little ones will scamper joyfully in the Fairytale Forest and party around the world in Carnaval Festival. They’ll jump and dance along to the live entertainment, have endless fun on the children’s rides and escape from dragons and ghosts on spectacular rollercoasters. There’s the opportunity to set sail on a raging sea aboard the mysterious ghost ship De Vliegende Hollander and to shoot straight down a deep mineshaft at 90 kilometer per hour in the dive coaster Baron 1898. 

Hilvarenbeek: Safaripark Beekse Bergen Entry Ticket

2. Hilvarenbeek: Safaripark Beekse Bergen Entry Ticket

Immerse in nature at the Safaripark Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek with these entry tickets. Meet animals from 150 species, varying from small mammals to large birds. Admire the expansive plains on foot, opt for adventure in your car, or relax on a boat safari. Put on your hiking boots and explore the vast natural surroundings of the largest wildlife zoo in the Netherlands' Benelux region. Take the walking trail to come face-to-face with lions, hyenas, elephants, penguins, and many more species. Discover Beekse Bergen from the water with a boat safari. Step aboard either the Livingstone or the Stanley safari boat and see ring-tailed lemurs out enjoying the sun, grazing rhinos, and swinging monkeys. Take a car safari in search of more adventure. Spot with lions, giraffes, sable antelopes, and many more wild animals. Set your own pace and admire the expansive savannas and forested areas. Join a park ranger on a bus safari for an educational experience. You can take 2 routes – one goes from the entrance to the Kongo Restaurant past zebras, ostriches, camels, rhinos, and cheetahs, and the other goes to the entrance past giraffes, Père David’s deer, African buffalos, and lions.

Vught: National Monument Concentration Camp Entry Ticket

3. Vught: National Monument Concentration Camp Entry Ticket

Pre-book your ticket to Konzentrationslager Herzogenbusch or Kamp Vught and visit the memorial centre that gives an in-depth insight into the origins of Camp Vught and the lives of the people imprisoned there. Take some time at the permanent exhibition "Camp Vught: Seven Seasons and 32,000 Stories". Gain an insight into the history of Camp Vught based on many personal stories and objects. Hear stories about people from 35 different nationalities, who each experienced WWII in their own unique way. Make your way outside to the outdoor area which includes a model of the former campsite, a reconstructed barrack, several watch towers, the original crematorium, and a memorial to the children’s transports of June 1943. Visit Barrack 1B, which is the last remaining original barrack from Camp Vught. Discover the exhibition ‘If Walls Could Speak’ which covers 4 periods: the concentration camp (1943-1944), the use of the site as a place of residence for German civilian evacuees, Dutch people suspected of collaboration, and Moluccan KNIL soldiers and their families. Make your way to the former execution site of Camp Vught is within walking distance of the museum, hidden in the woods. Pause at the monument which marks the actual site where 329 men were executed. Along the access road to the museum, following the line of the camp's former railway, are two restored freight wagons. These wagons, a worldwide symbol of persecution and deportation during the Second World War.

Tilburg: Sherlock Holmes Self-guided Smartphone City Game

4. Tilburg: Sherlock Holmes Self-guided Smartphone City Game

Experience the excitement of being a detective and join the thrilling Sherlock Holmes game with your team. While celebrating freedom at the Liberty Festival, a man named Balthazar, the head of Homeland Security, is found dead with a knife in his back. The police have apprehended four suspects and it's up to you to solve the case and uncover the truth. By moving around the city you will unlock assignments. Here you will find characters who are willing to help. But the information comes at a price! Solve their puzzles, chase down culprits and play along to get closer to solving the murder. During this murder mystery you can check your progress on the suspect board. Can you solve the murder? Play Sherlock Holmes! IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Date: to book this game you have to choose a date, BUT you can play, pause & continue whenever you like. - Persons: 1 player stands for 1 team. - Note: this City Game uses the city as an interactive playing field, but does not provide any information about the city!

Tilburg: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

5. Tilburg: Escape Tour - Self-Guided Citygame

The pastor of Saint Joseph's Church, George van Zinnicq Bergmann, has strange practices. When residents confess to him, he asks hush money to keep their secrets. One day, Mr. Kessels confesses to him that he is cheating and he has to pay a large amount of hush money. When Mrs. Kessels visits George later that day, George slips up and reveals the secret. Everyone who has ever paid him hush money revolts and George has to flee. But where is that secret exit from Tilburg? Choose your starting time with your teammates, beginning at anytime day or night. Make your way across the city, checking off tasks to find all the clues you need to reach the secret passage. As you search for clues, marvel at the beautiful sights of the town. Walk past the St. Josephchurch, wander through the lovely streets and keep an eye out for the many historic buildings in the city center. Work quickly, and you and your team could set the record for the fastest tour. Good luck!

Hilvarenbeek: Speelland Beekse Bergen Entrance Ticket

6. Hilvarenbeek: Speelland Beekse Bergen Entrance Ticket

At Speelland Beekse Bergen, children will experience a day of spectacular fun and exciting water shenanigans! While the children entertain themselves in the various attractions, you can sit back and enjoy the sandy beach. We’ve got enjoyment for the whole family! There is so much to play with at Speelland, like waterslides, trampolines, minicars and even an adventure island! There is almost too much to choose from. And while the children are enjoying the many attractions at Speelland, you as a parent can just sit back and relax on the sandy beaches and the beach bar with all kinds of delicious refreshments.

"The Walter Case" Tilburg : Outdoor Investigation Game

7. "The Walter Case" Tilburg : Outdoor Investigation Game

🕵️‍♀️ THE WALTER CASE 💣 While investigating a banal blackmail story against a billionaire CEO, you learn that a bomb is hidden in the city, ready to explode in two hours! You are the only one with enough skills to crack the case. Play as a private detective and experience an immersive investigation in the heart of the city. Interrogate the witnesses and collect the clues along your way to be able to defuse the bomb in time! YOUR AVENTURE STARTS NOW! 🎭 A fun city tour with an offbeat scenario 🧠 Solve riddles along the way to crack the case 👀 Find the clues that are hidden on the monuments around you 💎 Explore the must-see places & discover some hidden gems 🔐 Unlock fun facts about the places you visit ⌚ Play at your own rhythm: start and pause whenever you want 💬 The Coddy team is available for you 7/7 via live chat (9AM-8PM)

Tilburg: Electric Kick Scooter Tour with Local Guide

8. Tilburg: Electric Kick Scooter Tour with Local Guide

Tilburg is a very interesting city due to his Industrial history and especially due to the peoples who make the city. Get ready to be blown away by Tilburg. We can't wait to share this incredible experience with you! Our city tour is all about fun, and that's what sets us apart. With our fantastic fleet of large and safe electric kick scooters, we offer something truly unique. No one else can provide our visitors with such a comprehensive view of the city. We will show you the highlights what makes Tilburg so interesting. Explore how the industrial heritage has been transformed in the several hotspots. But we will also visit some local heroes. Artists, entrepreneurs, craftsmen listen to their passion and Enjoy their skills! Brace yourself, because by the end, you'll be just as amazed as we are. Tilburg will leave you utterly captivated.

Tilburg: Bike Taxi History and Nature Tour

9. Tilburg: Bike Taxi History and Nature Tour

During this very varied tour you will see very different sides of Tilburg. In addition to the history that can be found in iconic buildings, you will also experience nature on the outskirts of the city. Why is the name of King Willem II so associated with the city? And what was Vincent van Gogh doing in Tilburg? What is still visible of the former textile industry for which the city was so famous? You will be sitting in a comfortable, modern version of a rickshaw, motorized (but still needs peddling by your driver) but slow enough to enjoy the surroundings. Your driver is also your tour guide, he'll tell you everything there's to discover along the tour and more. You'll make some shorter stops during the tour and even a few larger stops to have a better view of the points of interests. We take our time during the coffee stop and the climbing of the watch tower, no need to hurry. After visiting the watch-tower, we'll return to the city centre and drive trough one of the most beautifully streets which has Tilburg, the history of this street is literately palpable. Some 3 hours after your start we'll be back at the central station (or elsewhere in the city centre).

The Tilburg: Syndicate City Escape Game

10. The Tilburg: Syndicate City Escape Game

With this self-guided game, you can explore the city and engage with its surroundings as you immerse yourself in this role-playing, story-based game! The laboratory has been developing highly potent formulas, which are too dangerous for any individual to possess. Unfortunately, the trusted alchemist, Magnus, has stolen all six formulas from the unbreakable safe and intends to use them for his own nefarious purposes. In this game, each member of your group becomes a character with a vital role in the mission. Everyone will play a fundamental part in achieving success. To progress, you will encounter challenging puzzles, riddles, and photo tasks that will require you to explore the city. Your primary objective is to apprehend Magnus and recover the stolen formulas, but time is of the essence, so don’t delay and start playing The Syndicate now! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - Difficulty level: medium - Duration: 2 hours - Tickets: You only have to buy 1 ticket per group (1-4 people). 1 ‘Adult’ stands for 1 ticket. Each group will play with 1 device. For groups of more than 4 people, you can buy 2 or more tickets. - To book this game you need to indicate a date/time, BUT you can start whenever you like.

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Overall the ticket is worth it, comparing it the the facilities and water show etc. However, the guy working at the swing boat made us feel discriminated and offended. We’re trying to wait until the next boat and let other people go but however he said that we couldn’t choose our seat while others are doing that! and after that we wanted to sit at the top cuz it’s more exciting and however he didn’t let us to do and made us sit in the middle which we definitely didn’t like ( all the people chose their seats, and there are obviously vacancy). This is NOT FAIR and DISCRIMINATED I believe. On top of that, he even kicked out some children that had been playing it for several times, at the same time there were very few people lining up at that moment (no more than ‘one’ boat capacity). Apart from that, everything is all good.

We were 4 people and we liked to split our group into 2 at Joris en de dragon. So we could race against each other. Now only one row was faster than the other, so we didn't get together. But by asking an employee, he helped us get together. And we could still race against each other. He made our day even better. Thanks for that! Furthermore, the Baron is highly recommended and we ate delicious poffertjes at 't poffertje.

Omg I LOVED Efteling!!!! Such an amazing park, I had so much fun!! I 100% recommend this!! Also getting there with public transportation from Amsterdam is very easy, just find it on google maps and it’s easy and cheap :D Ig @ cassieofearth or youtube CassandraBeatrice for pics and vids :)

We went to Efteling with the services of Get your guide where we took the entrance tickets to the park, everything was grandiose, fabulous and we decided to return there with a hotel night, Efteling is a magnificent park and fairy

We had a lot of fun, felt like in a fairytale. Great activity!