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Private Day Tour Tunis Medina Carthage Sidi Bou Said

1. Private Day Tour Tunis Medina Carthage Sidi Bou Said

Discover Tunis’ fascinating back-stories on a full-day, private tour with a history-loving guide. Featured highlights include the ruins of Carthage, Sidi Bou Said Andalusian Village, and the Medina of Tunis. By exploring with private transport and a personal guide, you’ll get straight to the most interesting places, making the most of your limited time in the city. - The Tour will start with a pick up from your hotel or specific address. - Visit the Tunis Medina - Visit the different sites of Carthage - Visit the Andalusian village of Sidi Bou Said - Drop off at your hotel or address. During the day we will have time for you to have a break for Lunch , I will show you several places where you can choose from depending on your budget and requirement . Also on request we can visit the American WWII cemetery

From Tunis: Kairouan, El Jem, & Sousse Day Trip with Lunch

2. From Tunis: Kairouan, El Jem, & Sousse Day Trip with Lunch

After being picked up from your Tunis accommodation, set off for Kairouan. Start your tour with a visit to the last 2 9th-century Aghlabite Basins which were among the greatest waterworks of the Middle Ages. Witness the monuments from the top of the Tourist Information Building as you gain an introduction to the foundation of Kairouan and its glorious age. After this, continue the tour with a visit to the 7th-century Great Okba Mosque, the oldest mosque in North Africa. Appreciate the powerful and beautiful expression of faith inherent in the 9th-century architecture. Proceed to the nearby Sidi Sahbi, to visit the 17th-19th century building known for its minaret and beautiful courtyards lined with green-blue tile work and white plaster stucco. Then, arrive at the entrance to the Medina for a guided walk through the main street and up to the mystical "Bir Barrouta". Spend some free time strolling through the Medina and shopping. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant.  Up next, climb back into the vehicle and be transferred to the El Jem amphitheater, one of Tunisia's most visited sites.  Discover all about this monument, built in the 3rd century and still the largest Roman monument left in Africa. Marvel at its architecture. Finally, visit the Sousse Old Medina and the Port of El Kantaoui. Head back to Tunis and be dropped off at your accommodation in the city.

From Tunis: Day Trip to Kairouan, El Jem and Sousse

3. From Tunis: Day Trip to Kairouan, El Jem and Sousse

Be picked up at your accommodation in Tunis and head to Kairouan. Kairouan was established in 670 AD and flourished under the Aghlabid Dynasty. Visit the Great Mosque of Kairouan, the Aglabits Bassins, and Sidi Sahbi Mausoleum. Spend some time exploring the Kairouan Medina and enjoy a typical Kairouan lunch. After lunch, head to the small village of El Jem. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see the El Jem Amphitheater ruins. The Amphitheater is the largest colosseum in North Africa and could hold up to 35,000 people. Your next stop is Sousse. Here you’ll visit the Sousse Old Medina and the Port of El Kantaoui. Head back to Tunis and be dropped off at your accommodation in the city

Walking Tour of the Medina

4. Walking Tour of the Medina

Classified as a Unesco heritage since 1979, it is one of the biggest medinas of the Islamic world , covers 260 Hectares and hosts some 700 historical monuments. You will go on a trip into the memory of the Mediterranean. Founded originally as a military base , Tunes Lemdina will become one of the most prosperous and attractive cities of the the Mediterranean. The Zaytouna mosque and university will make the medina of tunis a keystone of islamic knowledge and culture in Africa . Amazingly located at the borders between the four corners of the world , Tunes has attracted all students, pirates ,scholars, traders, soldiers , curious and artists . You will experience the mase of souks ; onve thete was a separate souk for each activity; gold,perfumes,traditional clothes,copper,leather,wool and much more. Enjoy the special smells of pastery mixed with traditional perfumes , coffee and old books .. Experience the composition of sounds of artisans graving visitors’s names on copper dishes or canting their merchandise..There is one shop in every 2 metres , each is playing a different music .. Then experience, the calm and tranquility of the Great Mosque, the medressa ( school of Coran) . Get into the courtyard..Enjoy the atmosphere and explore the colourful ceramics and amazing ornamentation of the roofs .. Enjoy a green tea with nuts or an arabic coffee or a fresh lemonade , at the roof of old palaces that give you a breathtaking panorama of Tunis. You will walk away from the souks , through the medina narrow streets to explore the neighbourhood and stop at the government yard “la kasbah”..surrounded by the Prime Ministry and some of the most important ministries of the country , the kasbah mosque,a small part of the old rampart and fort and Assadiquia School, Tunisia first modern school.

From Tunis: 2 Day Sahara Express Experience

5. From Tunis: 2 Day Sahara Express Experience

Day 01 : Pick up from your place of residence and departure to El Jem, visit of its coliseum , measuring 148 meters long, 122 wide and 36 meters high, served during two centuries. Its capacity estimated at 35,000 spectators and its imposing size class unquestionably among the largest amphitheatres in the world. This building dating from the third century, shows the greatness of the Roman Empire. Continuation to Matmata located at 40 km west of Gabes, on a mountainside, it is a Berber village of 1800 inhabitants, at an altitude of 600 meters. The name Matmata came from a Berber tribe originating from Morocco, descendant of the Temzit. Matmata is very well known for its troglodyts houses. Troglodyte homes are homes built into the ground as a way to escape the heat of the summer sun, creating their own natural air conditioning. As you walk around on the surface of the ground, you can peer down into these craters, which are the courtyards of these homes. Some of the courtyards have sheer drops of up to 30 feet deep. These courtyards have rooms cut into the ground where residents live. Typical Tunisian lunch in Matmata Departure after the lunch towards Douz also called the desert gate, discovery of the city, check in at your hotel, dinner and accommodation Day 02 : Early breakfast and departure for Chott El Djerid to experience the sunrise on this beautiful salt lake, located between the Gulf of Gabes and the Algerian border, for nearly 300 km, the desert is covered with Chotts, desert areas covered with salt deposits that rest on a mass of mud. When it rains, the chott is covered with water and becomes a kind of inland sea. The mirages are frequent on this salted plain, of a brilliant whiteness. Departure for chebika via Dgueche, picturesque small village of the Tunisian south. Arrival in Chebika, discovery of this mountain oasis, formerly a Berber village that was washed away. Visit of Ong Jmal, known as the setting for the famous 'Star Wars' saga. But Ong Jmal is above all a magnificent place, completely disconnected from time and space. Visit of "Mos Espa" Proceed to Gafsa where you will have lunch On the way back to Tunis, panoramic visit of Kairouan a fascinating city still anchored in a distant past. One of Islam’s holy cities, it was the first capital of the Maghreb. Designated a Unesco World Heritage site, it conceals several marvels and it is also Known as Capital of traditional hand made Carpets Back to your place of Residence.

Carthage: Guided Bike Tour of the Archaeological Site

6. Carthage: Guided Bike Tour of the Archaeological Site

Start the tour close to the Tophet, the first site you will visit. The meeting point is possible to access by car or train. Meet your guide and get kitted out with a bike. Then, set off to explore the most important ruins of the site including the Tophet, Punic Ports, Baths of Antoninus, Villas Romaines, Byrsa Hill, Saint Louis Cathedral, and Carthage Aqueduct. Ask the guide to stop at any point to take photos and see the ruins more closely. The tour offers several spectacular views of the sea and to the city of Tunis. Loop back round to finish the tour where you started from.

From Tunis: Unesco World Heritage Tour

7. From Tunis: Unesco World Heritage Tour

Start the tour with pick up from your accommodation in Tunis. First, drive to Carthage - a historic city located on a hill next to the Gulf of Tunis. The city was founded by the Phoenicians and contains extensive archaeological ruins. Take a tour through this Unesco listed town, learning about the central role the city played in Antiquity and in the Punic Wars.  Next, set off to explore Kairouan - another historic settlement which was founded in 670 AD and flourished under the Aghlabid Dynasty in the 9th Century. Discover the Great Mosque, the Aglabits Bassins, and Sidi Sahbi Mausoleum. Also, enjoy a relaxing stroll through the narrow streets of the old Medina. Stop for a typical lunch in a local restaurant to recharge at your own expense. After lunch, proceed to the small village of El Jem to explore the impressive ruins of the largest colosseum in North Africa. Find out about how this huge amphitheater could hold up to 35,000 spectators. Marvel at this 3rd-century monument which illustrates the grandeur and extent of Imperial Rome. Finally, return to Tunis where you will be dropped back at your accommodation and the tour concludes.

Dougga & Bulla Regia Private Full-Day Tour with Lunch

8. Dougga & Bulla Regia Private Full-Day Tour with Lunch

Depart from your centrally located accommodation in Tunis for the Roman archaeological site of Dougga. Begins your visit with a stop at the Theatre, built-in 168 AD by one of the town's wealthier occupants, Marcus Quadratus. Stroll through the residential quarter, where you will see temples and extensive Licinian Baths. There are some choice spots down here to photograph the Capitol. Continue on to Bulla Regia where you can explore the superbly preserved villas. Enjoy lunch before concluding your tour with a return back to your hotel in Tunis.

Tunis Airport to Tunis City Center Private Transfer

9. Tunis Airport to Tunis City Center Private Transfer

Meet your driver near the orange box in the airport; they will be holding a signboard with your name on it. Climb into a comfortable vehicle and enjoy a safe and comfortable transfer from the airport to your hotel.  Take advantage of this convenient service which means you won't need to wait for a taxi or navigate public transportation when you arrive. Receive a free bottle of water during the journey.

From Tunis: Bulla Regia & Dougga Archaeologial Tour & Lunch

10. From Tunis: Bulla Regia & Dougga Archaeologial Tour & Lunch

Immerse yourself in the historic and cultural legacy of the Roman Empire in Tunisia and explore millennia-old monuments on this guided tour of the ancient towns of Dougga and Bulla Regia. Dougga & Bulla Regia Tour Itinerary Having been picked up from your hotel in Tunis at 8 am, you'll board a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle and begin your excursion to the archaeological sites of Dougga and Bulla Regia. After around a two-hour drive through Tunisia, you'll reach the first stop on your itinerary: Bulla Regia, one of the country's most important Roman archaeological sites. You'll embark on a guided tour of this important historic site, during which you'll learn all about the origins and history of the ancient Punic, Berber and Roman settlement as you discover some of its best-preserved ruins, which include incredible colorful mosaic floors. Next, you'll make your way to Dougga, located a little over an hour away. On reaching the historic town, the first thing you'll do is enjoy a well-earned break with a delicious lunch at a traditional restaurant to build your energy for the rest of your tour. With happy taste buds and full stomachs, you'll continue on your route, visiting Dougga's Roman theater, constructed in the 2nd century CE. Did you know that this enormous venue could seat more than a third of the town's population when it was built? Follow your English-speaking guide around the ruins of Dougga, which has been called the best-preserved Roman town in North Africa, admiring the Square of the Rose of the Winds, the market, the capitol temple, the forum and the baths. The excellent condition of the structures and the fascinating explanations of your guide will transport you straight back to Tunisia under the Roman Empire. At the end of a full day of sightseeing, you'll begin your return journey to Tunis, where you'll be dropped back off at your hotel at around 4 pm.

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I highly recommend this tour. Our guide Mohammed was very knowledgable, kind and spoke good English. Also the driver was very kind and helpful. The places with visited were very interesting and of much importance in Tunisian history - must see, if you travel here for the first time.

This guided tour was a fantastic way to see some culturally, and historically significant cities and sites in Tunisia. The guide was very knowledgeable and friendly, and made it seem as though you were a friend or relative visiting from a far.

The tour was very interesting, and I learned a lot. We covered a lot of area and got to see some amazing sights. Mohamed, the tour guide, was very knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend this tour!

We loved the experience ! Both our guide and driver were nice and very attentive to our needs !

Both driver Emir and guide Yaya were extremely kind and helpful! Highly recommended!