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Orvieto: Pozzo della Cava Entry Ticket

1. Orvieto: Pozzo della Cava Entry Ticket

Visiting this centuries-old well in Orvieto will open up the history of the ancient inhabitants' ways of life, from their Etruscan beginnings, through the Middle Ages, to the Renaissance and beyond. The underground cave complex consists of nine caverns for you to explore. You’ll find countless Etruscan, medieval, and Renaissance artifacts preserved by the underground complex running beneath the medieval streets of the Cava neighborhood.  Start at the oldest part of the Pozzo della Cava, with its cistern lined with cocciopesto plaster, where you’ll discover artifacts such as ancient Etruscan burial remains. Next, descend into the hypogeum maze of Urbs Vetus (Orvieto’s medieval name) to discover the intricacies of the houses’ three-story basements.  The final part of the complex displays developments from the Renaissance, when the most recent parts of the Pozzo della Cava were excavated. Marvel at the impressive final cave, which preserves traces of the transformations carried out over a period of twenty-eight centuries.

Assisi & Orvieto Day Trip from Rome

2. Assisi & Orvieto Day Trip from Rome

Escape Italy's busy capital for one day on this trip to Assisi and the Umbrian hill town Orvieto. On this tour, you will unveil the religious architecture of Umbria (such as the famous Cathedral of Orvieto) and discover the wines and local products of Tuscany. Leaving Rome in a northerly direction and driving along the Tiber Valley, reach Orvieto as your first stop, a small town of Etruscan origins where you will stop to admire the magnificent 14th century cathedral, a masterpiece of gothic architecture. The tour continues through the green Tuscan Hills covered in olive groves and vineyards. This is the land of some of Italy’s best known D.O.C. (quality controlled) wines, which include Orvieto, Chianti and Brunello di Montalcin. Afterwards, enjoy lunch, consisting of traditional local dishes. In the early afternoon you will continue your journey and drive along the shores of Lake Trasimeno. Finally, reach Assisi, which is located at the foot of Mount Subasio. Assisi is famous for being St. Francis' birthplace. You will see the Church of St. Claire, St Francis’ birthplace and his childhood home, the Townhall Square. Around the Townhall Square, you will see the People’s Palace and the Roman Temple dedicated to Minerva. One highlight of the tour will be the visit of St Francis’ Basilica, located close to the ancient city walls, with its magnificent frescoes painted between the 12th and 14th centuries. You will reach Rome around 19:30/20:00, where you will be dropped-off in the vicinity of your hotel.

Rome: Monuments Audio Guide with Pantheon, no entry ticket

3. Rome: Monuments Audio Guide with Pantheon, no entry ticket

A wonderful experience. Loved and portrayed by many artists, inevitably impressed in the hearts of all travelers, the Pantheon is not only the most beautiful example of ancient architectural harmony, but it is also the evidence of continuity between Paganism and Christianity which was sealed with the yielding of the sanctuary in 608 to Pope Boniface IV by the Byzantine Emperor Foca. The Pantheon is linked to beautiful legends, mostly related to evil matters, like the legend that claims that Satan himself !! Our audio guide is not only a full Pantheon audio guide with more than 10 audio descriptions and indoor map but a complete audio guide to explore Rome: from the Pantheon to Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, Fontana di trevi and other iconic Rome monuments and church enjoying historical information, stories and anecdotes. We will be glad to take you on a journey to discover the most beautiful city in the world. After the visit to Pantheon with our 20 minutes audio description , find the Caravaggio paints in San Luigi dei Francesi and S.Maria del Popolo, Michelangelo Redentore in Santa Maria sopra Minerva , Bernini statues in Piazza Navona ,listening to more than 20 audio descriptions. And don't forget to throw a coin in the Trevi fountain if you want to be sure of returning to the eternal city!

Perugia: Old Town Walking Tour, Piazza IV Novembre

4. Perugia: Old Town Walking Tour, Piazza IV Novembre

Learn the history of Perugia Old Town on a walking tour for small groups. A local guide will show you through the events that took place in Perugia and that have shaped the city, from the Etruscans to the Romans, until the Papal dominations and the Middle Ages.  Dive into the historic square, Piazza IV Novembre, and admire the masterpiece of engineering and Gothic sculpture that is the Fontana Maggiore. Lose yourself in the splendid landscapes that the city offers and capture photos of the rolling hills and snowy peaks from Mount Subasio to Assisi.  Cross the main street while your guide unveils curiosities and anecdotes about the city, its characters, and some architectural elements that may go unnoticed. See the Etruscan Arch, built in the 3rd Century BC. Then go underground in the Rocca Paolina, a symbol of the power of the Pope in Perugia. Walk around the old fortress and see the exhibitions on display there.

Assisi: Panoramic Tuk Tuk Tour

5. Assisi: Panoramic Tuk Tuk Tour

Assisi, the birthplace of San Francesco, stands atop of a hill, overlooking a valley covered by vineyards. Enjoy a panoramic guided tour along the winding streets aboard an Ape Calessino, following in San Francesco and Santa Chiara’s footsteps, to discover the historical and artistic treasures of this roman and medieval town. The tour departs from the historical town center or you can enjoy a free pick-up from your hotel aboard a vintage Ape Calessino. The driver will show you St Clare Basilica from the outside, the roman and medieval main square "Piazza del Comune", San Rufino cathedral, medieval Rocca Maggiore with a superb view overlooking the valley and the majestic Saint Francis Basilica.  Due to technical problems, if you want to book the tour for 3 people please contact the Asisium Travel Agency by email or by phone

Assisi: St. Francis Basilica Exclusive Digital Audio Guide

6. Assisi: St. Francis Basilica Exclusive Digital Audio Guide

Download our informative Exclusive Digital Audio Guide to enrich your visit at Assisi’s most famous site. Discover everything about the Upper and Lower Basilica, the House of the Tomb, as well as the crypt of St. Francis. Learn all about the masterpieces contained within including pieces by Cimabue and Giotto, and frescoes by Giotto. Learn fascinating stories about the façade of the upper Basilica, with its stately portal adorned with double doors and a large rose window framed with symbols of the evangelists that dominate Assisi’s skyline. Interestingly, this façade does not rest on the walls of the lower Basilica and did not suffer any damage as a result of the 1997 earthquake which caused extensive damage inside, destroying artworks by Giotto and Cimabue which have to date been only partially, albeit masterfully, restored. With our Exclusive Digital Audio Guide, you will discover the most fascinating masterpieces Cimabue, Giotto, Pietro Cavallini, Jacopo Torriti were involved with and at a later time also the Sienese painter Simone Martini and Pietro Lorenzetti. Once inside, you will be able to see frescoes by Giotto, considered to be one of the most important painters of the Middle Ages and the inventor of perspective. Please note that the Basilica is free to visit. This experience isn't a ticket entrance, but a digital audio guide so you can learn and appreciate all the masterpieces inside one of the most magnificent Churches in the world.

From Florence: Orvieto and Assisi Tour with Church Visits

7. From Florence: Orvieto and Assisi Tour with Church Visits

Let’s head to the heart of Umbria and explore the medieval town of Orvieto and the city of Assisi, which lies at the foot of Mount Subasio. Orvieto rises on a tuff cliff and perfectly combines history, art and natural beauties. Marvel at the grandeur of the gothic architecture of the Duomo, whose facade is enriched by precious mosaics and sculptures that will take you to another world. Don’t miss the chance to visit also the inside of the church, with its colorful stained-glass windows and one the most famous frescoes of Luca Signorelli (please, note that the entrance ticket to the Duomo is not included in the price of the tour). Another major attraction of Orvieto is Saint Patrick’s well: a true engineering masterpiece designed to provide a reliable water supply during sieges. Access the depths of the well with the two helical ramps and find yourselves right into another dimension (please, note the entrance tickets to the well are not included in the price of the tour). Get lost among the narrow alleys, explore the local squares and enjoy the typical medieval architecture of the buildings. Don’t forget to browse around the numerous artisans’ workshops: take the chance to bring home a unique artifact to remember forever the time spent in Orvieto. After some free time, you will get back on our fully-fitted GT Coach and head to Assisi: one of Umbria’s most fascinating borgo. Assisi is the city of the Saints: Saint Francis and Saint Clare. It lies on top of a hill, once called Hill of Hell, “Colle dell’Inferno”, since it used to be the burial site of those who were condemned to death. They then changed its name to Hill of Paradise once they set the first stone of the Basilica of Saint Francis. An expert local guide will lead you through the secrets of the city while you walk through its steep winding alleys. You will then enter the famous Basilica of Saint Francis, home to some of the best preserved frescoes painted by Giotto, Pietro Lorenzetti, Simone Martini and Cimabue. You will then enter also the Basilica of Saint Clare, one of the first followers of Saint Francis and founder of the Order of Poor Ladies. After the guided tour, you will have some free time to go shopping in the local small stores or to just chill in the main square, sipping a good coffee. The last stop of the trip before eventually going back to Florence will be the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary of the Angels: a majestic church built on top of the Porziuncola, a smaller church where the Franciscan movement originally started.

Assisi: Walking Tour with St. Francis Basilica Visit

8. Assisi: Walking Tour with St. Francis Basilica Visit

Explore Assisi on a walking tour with a guide who will tell you about the history, art, and local traditions of one of the most famous hill towns of Italy. Meet your guide and head to the ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheater, which was later put to use in the Middle Ages as a quarry for stone to build local houses. See how the amphitheater later was turned into a private neighborhood. From this vantage point, the view of the Rocca Maggiore medieval castle is one of the best in the city. Continuing along narrow alleys and through medieval squares you’ll reach the Cathedral of Saint Rufino Cathedral, the Basilica of Saint Claire, and Piazza del Comune, the main city square. At the square you’ll see the Minerva temple, one of the best-preserved Roman temples in Italy. It is surrounded by imposing medieval government buildings. The tour then continues on to the Saint Francis Basilica, which is well known for its 13th and 14th-century frescoes created by Italian masters of the time, including Giotto.

From Rome: Bagnoregio & Orvieto Day Trip with Wines & Lunch

9. From Rome: Bagnoregio & Orvieto Day Trip with Wines & Lunch

Embark on a captivating journey through central Italy with this full-day trip that starts with pickup from a centrally-located meeting point in Rome. Hop on a comfortable bus for a scenic drive through the incredible Italian countryside until you reach Civita di Bagnoregio in Northern Lazio. Explore the hilltop village on a guided tour. Traverse the iconic bridge, marvel at rare stone formations, and immerse yourself in the historical charm. Hop back onto the comfortable, air-conditioned coach for a drive through the Tuscan countryside. Arrive at a traditional farmhouse in the area of Montepulciano. Indulge in a gourmet Tuscan lunch and a Brunello di Montalcino wine tasting. Indulge in panzanella (salad), salami, capocollo (pork cold cut), wild boar sausage, and Tuscan pecorino amidst this charming landscape. Travel to Umbria, the third-largest region in central Italy, to enjoy the ancient town of Orvieto. From the famous Duomo to the captivating Underground, Orvieto blends history with picturesque landscapes. Have some free time to explore the city and do some shopping before returning to Rome with unforgettable memories.

Assisi: Self Guided Audio Tour

10. Assisi: Self Guided Audio Tour

Explore Assisi on a smartphone tour. Learn about iconic landmarks like the Basilica of San Francesco d'Assisi, the Basilica di Santa Chiara, and the castle of Rocca Maggiore. Download the app and start your self-guided adventure. Use the navigation function to easily find sights and photo hotspots. Stroll along planned routes and immerse yourself in the history and culture of this ancient town. View the UNESCO World Heritage site where Saint Francis died at the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi. See where Saint Clare's remains were found at the Basilica di Santa Chiara. Admire the 800-year old stone castle of Rocca Maggiore. Tune in to the audio commentary to hear about tourist attractions. Start or pause your tour whenever you wish. Have the freedom to design your own schedule.

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Great trip with lots of history. With exception of rain we had a great time. Our guide was excellent. Gave us lots of amazing information on places we visiting. Also great local place to eat and try amazingly good food and wine! Would definitely recommend.

I learned a lot about Assisi in just over two hours! Our guide, Alessandra, was the BEST I’ve had in my over 3 weeks in Italy (and the others were good, too). She made it so interesting!! There were only 4 of us tourists in the group, and it was perfect.

Although it was in Italian, I was given a tablet to read off. So it was good, very informative and interesting!

So glad we came here! The history was mind blowing with a lot of information in English.

Great tour and great guide! Gave me a great feel for the city!