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Varanasi: Evening Arti Boat Tour with Dinner

1. Varanasi: Evening Arti Boat Tour with Dinner

At around 5:30PM, your chauffeur along with your tour representative will pick you up from the hotel lobby to drive you toward the Dashashwamedh Ghat to experienc the mesmerizing Ganga Aarti. On arrival, you will board the royal boat to enjoy a 1-hour cruise and Aarti experience in a more comfortable manner. This royal boat has red carpet flooring and is decorated with flowers. You will receive a warm welcome on board to the boat with a welcome drink, with the boat also having snacks and soft drinks to make this evening more relaxed and comfortable. You can easily catch a glimpse of Ganga Aarti from the boat, with many vantage points being provided to enhance your evening aboard the vessel. The Aarti will start from 6:45PM after sunset, with a croon of mantra. This will be followed by melodious hymns dedicated to Lord Shiva, Surya (The Sun), Mata Ganga (Ganga river) and Agni (Lord of Fire) given by priests wearing the same kind of cloth named as dhoti and kurta, and holding a multi-tiered heavy brass lamp and conch shell. After experiencing the elegance of Ganga Aarti, you will be taken to a famous restaurant in Varanasi for a tempting dinner. In the restaurant, you will receive a pleasing welcome before being served with drinks, starters, a main course and desert. After your appetizing dinner and interesting conversation with your guide, your chauffeur will drop you back at your nearby accommodation.

Delhi: Spice Market Guided Tour with Cooking Class & Dinner

2. Delhi: Spice Market Guided Tour with Cooking Class & Dinner

Embark on a culinary journey through the vibrant streets of Old Delhi! Your day will begin with a private vehicle pick-up from your hotel, accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who will take you on a fascinating tour of the spice market. Explore the colorful and aromatic stalls and discover the incredible variety of spices and their uses in Indian cuisine. This is an unforgettable opportunity to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of Old Delhi and gain a deeper understanding of Indian culture and cuisine. Old Delhi market provides a chance to witness one of the most organized yet chaotic and bustling markets in the world. Next, visit the breathtaking Jama Masjid, one of the largest and most famous mosques in India. Marvel at the stunning architecture and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of this iconic landmark. For lunch, you will visit the famous Karim's restaurant (cost not included). A visit to this world-renowned restaurant is a must for anyone visiting Delhi. The curries are perfectly balanced in taste and spices, making for a delightful experience. Throughout the day, your guide will provide fascinating insights into Indian traditions, culture, cooking, history, and much more. The tour is fully customized to your requirements and expectations, and the host will discuss the menu in advance to ensure you have a truly personalized experience. After lunch, head to the host family's home for a truly authentic cooking class. Enjoy an evening tea with Indian snacks before diving into the cooking experience. Learn traditional recipes and tips to recreate the exact taste at home and savor the flavors of your own cooking during an elaborate dinner with your host family. Indulge in an elaborate and immersive cooking experience where you'll learn the art of making the famous Indian evening tea snack, fritter. The host has a unique recipe that will keep these crispy delights fresh for hours, and the taste is so divine, you'll be whipping them up effortlessly in your own kitchen. But that's not all - you'll also learn to make Masala Tea, lovingly called chai, and enjoy a relaxing tea time that will rejuvenate your senses for the cooking class. Served with three delectable Indian snacks, this tea time will be a treat for your taste buds. After tea, it's time to get your hands dirty in the kitchen! The host will have a few main and side dishes ready, and you'll be a part of the cooking process for 2-3 main dishes. Want to focus on a specific dish? No problem – this is a fully customized experience where you can plan your learning experience as per your desires. Their suggested menu includes a delectable curry dish (chicken/mutton), a mouth-watering Paneer (cottage cheese) preparation, a lentil dish, a seasonal veggie, a potato dish, and an elaborate Biryani - all followed by a homemade Indian dessert. The host recommends focusing on learning the curry, Biryani, and a veggie/lentil dish to truly master the art of Indian cooking.

Varanasi: Night Boat Ride, Aarati Ceremony and Dinner

3. Varanasi: Night Boat Ride, Aarati Ceremony and Dinner

Your tour will begin at 5:00 PM with pickup from your hotel. Take a boat ride along the river, where you can enjoy the breathtaking sights of the city lit up at night. Disembark to watch the aarti ceremony on the banks of the Ganges. See a priest take a sacred brass lamp and offer prayers to the holy river. The ceremony involves lights, cymbals, scented incense sticks, and people singing hymns and chanting. It’s a truly mesmerizing experience. After the ceremony, you will be taken for a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. Order your favorite dishes and relish them in the warm hospitality and cozy ambiance. After dinner, you will be dropped safely back at your hotel in Varanasi.

India: Evening Ganga Aarti With Dinner and Private Transfer

4. India: Evening Ganga Aarti With Dinner and Private Transfer

Your driver will collect you from your hotel lobby for the journey to Ghat for Aarti. On arrival at Ghat, you will embark on the boat trip to Dashashwamedh Ghate. The Aarti prayer service is performed each evening by a group of priests. You will also witness the Agni Pooja, which is performed as a commitment to the Lord Shiva. All priests here are students of the Vedas and Upanishads, which is led by the head priest of the Gangotri Seva Samiti. The service is performed by traditionally-garbed priests by the light of brass lamps. This magnificent Aarti takes 45 minutes and starts at 6:45 p.m.  After Aarti, eat in a famous Indian restaurant, where you will enjoy a mouthwatering dinner.

Varanasi: Evening Boat Ride and Ganga Aarti Experience

5. Varanasi: Evening Boat Ride and Ganga Aarti Experience

Indulge in spirituality and experience Indian culture in its most raw form in this day tour of Varanasi which takes you to an experience that you won’t ever forget. Begin with your guide picking you up from your hotel in the afternoon. Head for your boating experience at the Ganges from the Assi ghat. With 108 ghats (stone embankments build by the river for religious ceremonies) the view of this city will captivate you. Get indulged in the many religious and mythological stories of this city and the ghats by your guide before you get down to the famous Manikarnika ghat (where Hindu cremations take place). Navigate your way through the narrow alleys of the oldest part of Varanasi in your heritage walk. Afterward, experience a magical Ganga aarti, a ritual where priests use fire as an offering in the form of many oil lamps. Once you’ll be done with Aarti, get dropped off back at the hotel.

Varanasi: Maharaja Boat Ride and Dinner

6. Varanasi: Maharaja Boat Ride and Dinner

At around 5:00PM, your chauffeur will pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the Dashashwamedh Ghat, for a Maharaja boat ride with music and Ganga Aarti. Once you have reached the ghat, you will board the Maharaja boat, welcomed by a seller who is dressed up in a uniform complete with a garland and bouquet. The royal boat will be decorated with flowers, furnished with carpet, and you will be served some snacks and drinks like tea, coffee, cashew nuts, cookies and chocolates. Once you go upstairs on the boat, you will see that the floor has been covered with white mattresses, one side of which renowned musicians will be sitting with a tabla and sitar. You can sit here on a chair or on the floor to enjoy the mesmerizing Indian classical music. After admiring the soothing Indian music and praising the art of the musicians, it will be time to watch the magical Ganga Aarti. You will be able to easily catch a glance of this one hour Ganga Aarti from the boat. This awe-inspiring Aarti will start a chant of mantra followed by harmonious hymns dedicated to Lord Shiva, Mata Ganga (Ganga River), Surya (the sun), and Agni (lord of fire). The prayer will be given by a group of priests dressed up in similar clothes (dhoti and kurta), who will be holding a multi-tiered heavy brass lamp and a conch shell. This Aarti is splendid, with the ghats being overcrowded with people to witness this glorious Aarti. Every evening it seems to be the occasion at Dashashwamedh Ghat. After sightseeing this lavish Ganga Aarti, you will be taken to one of the famous restaurants in Varanasi for a tempting dinner, after which you will be dropped back at your hotel.

Varanasi: Private Evening Rooftop Dinner

7. Varanasi: Private Evening Rooftop Dinner

At around 6:30PM, your chauffeur will pick you up from your hotel lobby and drive you to the Ganga View Roof Top Restaurant, situated near Chausatti Ghat and Dashaswmedh Road. It is a relatively low costing restaurant that prominently serves North Indian Cuisine. From this open terrace restaurant, you can enjoy the light breeze coming in from the river, as well as an enchanting view of the Ganga river. The panoramic glances will take your breath away, and you can take photographs from here to catalogue your memories. After having a mouth-watering dinner in one of the most famous restaurants in Varanasi your chauffeur will drop you back to your nearby accommodation.

Varanasi: Evening Dinner with Private Transfer

8. Varanasi: Evening Dinner with Private Transfer

Between 7:00PM and 7:30 PM, your chauffeur along with a representative will pick you up from the hotel lobby in a private air-conditioned vehicle for your evening dinner in local restaurant. Upon arrival, you will be received with a pleasing welcome by the restaurant staff. You will receive some soft drinks as per your taste, partnered with appetizing starters. In between, you will have the opportunity to ask questions about Varanasi City, about its culture & tradition, about Hinduism, and any curious questions which you might want to know the answers to. After your authentic three course dining experience is over, you will be dropped back at your nearby accommodation in your air-conditioned vehicle.

Agra: Street Food Walking Tour with Tastings

9. Agra: Street Food Walking Tour with Tastings

Treat your taste buds to a variety of Indian street food on a walking tour of Agra. Enjoy 30 dishes including samosas, kachori, chaat papdi, pain puri, dahi bhalla, and more. You may visit countries and try their prominent street foods, but we bet the taste won't match the one you'll have in the Street food of India. From mouth-watering Paani Puri, the Dahi Bhallas to the Chaat Papdi Indian Street foods are delicious. As diverse as is the country, it experiences a manifold of cuisines, each having at least one speciality of Street Food.

Cooking Workshop and Vegetarian Dinner in Agra with Family

10. Cooking Workshop and Vegetarian Dinner in Agra with Family

Experience the cooking classes at the house of the owner and get the detailed knowledge about the Indian dishes. Enjoy the Dinner with the family with typical Indian sweets. The Driver will reports at hotel at 6:45 PM and bring you to the destination by car. You will be welcome by the owner of the house and later enjoy the Tea with Indian snacks. After Tea, you are ready to enjoy the cooking classes. The owner will start the food preparation in front of you and you will get the complete information about the spices and the oils. Later you can experience that how to kneed the dough and how to make the Indian breads. After the cooking classes, enjoy the dinner with the family. After dinner, the driver will drop you at the hotel.

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