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Tokyo: Daikoku Parking Tuning Scene Car Meetup

1. Tokyo: Daikoku Parking Tuning Scene Car Meetup

We Gaijin Tuned Crew offer immersive experiences that take you beyond conventional tourism. Explore popular car meeting points, visit Japan's largest automotive shop, interact with seasoned Japanese drivers. Our jdm experience is designed to give you an authentic taste of Japan's captivating car culture. Our Experience Gaijin Tuned Team has guides and drivers from Brazil, France, Germany and natives of Japan. The entire team speaks Japanese which provides total interaction with the locals. Not just for car enthusiasts, our experience combine car culture exploration with sightseeing of Tokyo's iconic landmarks - Akihabara, Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge. We believe in diverse experiences, hence our tour makes a memorable trip even for those who are just starting to explore car culture.

Tokyo: Liberty Walk GT-R R35 Ride from Daikoku

2. Tokyo: Liberty Walk GT-R R35 Ride from Daikoku

The JDM Lovers tour with Gaijin Tuned Crew starts from Animate Akihabara - Tokyo. Enjoy the comfortable and spacious SUV or Van ride and experience 15- 20minute ride of powerful 700hp GTR Liberty Walk tuned by Top Secret from the famous Smokey Nagata and customized by Liberty Walk at Daikoku PA! During the tour, we will pass C1 Wangan 湾岸 route which is famous for the Midnight Club, Rainbow Bridge which offers a beautiful view of Tokyo bay and Tokyo Skytree. We will visit the largest and most famous automotive store in Tokyo, "Super AutoBacs" where lots of car enthusiasts from all over Japan visit and we can see many sports cars there. We take a break there to relax and explore the store and we offer you a Starbucks drink. Finally next stop is Daikoku Parking ! The most famous parking area in the world where we can see JDM cars, super cars and classic cars ! You will enjoy the GTR35 ride here. On the way back to Tokyo, we pass by Rainbow Bridge again and stop at Tokyo Tower to take photos. You do not have to worry about how to get back to your hotel because we will drop you off at your hotel.

Tokyo: Daikoku Parking Area JDM Japanese Car Culture Tour

3. Tokyo: Daikoku Parking Area JDM Japanese Car Culture Tour

Take a deep dive into Japanese car culture on this guided tour in Tokyo. Drive along the iconic C1 Loop and Wangan Highways in a luxury sports sedan, admire stunning views of Tokyo, and make stops at epicenters of Japanese car culture, the legendary Daikoku Parking Area and Tatsumi Parking Area. After heading to the meeting point to meet your guide, set off on your thrilling tour. As your guide drives along the iconic C1 Loop and Wangan Highways, take in views of Tokyo and Yokohama's sights. Stop at the famous parking areas to see an eclectic collection of cars, from classic to absolutely wild. Hear insider stories and learn about the history and current state of the car industry in Japan from a guide with over 20 years of experience in the area. Afterward, return to the starting point.

Japan: SIM Card with Unlimited Data for 8, 16, or 31 Days

4. Japan: SIM Card with Unlimited Data for 8, 16, or 31 Days

Being connected to the internet is of great importance in Japan, especially for foreigners. You can use it to navigate the sometimes confusing public transport system, translate unknown words, and simply stay connected with your friends and family. With these convenient SIM cards, you can immediately get an internet connection.  This SIM card has high-speed internet access (4G LTE) and no data limits. It is available for a duration of either 8, 16, or 31 days. It works on the Docomo network, Japan’s biggest network provider. The SIM card connection covers 99% of Japan. It can be adjusted to fit as a nano, micro, or normal SIM card.  If you wish to pick up the SIM at a post office in the airport, please make sure to pick it up during the open hours of the post office. For post office collection, the staff will confirm the name on your passport and then give you the parcel.

Yokohama & Tokyo: Nissan GT-R R35 Guided Tour

5. Yokohama & Tokyo: Nissan GT-R R35 Guided Tour

Ride around through Tokyo and Yokohama in a modified Nissan GTR R35 while taking in car-specific sights and learning about the area from your guide. Buckle up as you journey past iconic landmarks and experience the unique atmosphere of each location. See the Shibuya Crossing, Rainbow Bridge, and A PIT Autobacs Shinonome, the famous car parts and accessories shop. Experience the Wangan Expressway, Daikoku Parking Area—a world-famous car meet place, the Umihotaru Parking Area, and the Tokyo Tower. This is a passenger tour. If you would like to drive please ask us. (need valid Internaitonal permit depending on your country)

Tokyo: Self-Drive R35 GT-R Custom Car Experience

6. Tokyo: Self-Drive R35 GT-R Custom Car Experience

Make your way through the streets and highways of Tokyo and Yokohama while driving a custom R35 GT-R. Admire iconic sights as you drive through the city and enjoy the ride in this special car. Fee the hustle and bustle of the big city and follow your guide's car to Shibuya Scramble Crossing, one of the world's largest; Rainbow Bridge, a symbol of Tokyo; and Wangan Highway, one of the country's most famous roads. Stop at Daikoku Parking Lot, a popular meeting point for JDM and tuning car enthusiasts, and head to Tokyo Tower, an iconic landmark and a great place for some photos.

Tokyo: Daikoku Car Meet and JDM Culture Guided Tour

7. Tokyo: Daikoku Car Meet and JDM Culture Guided Tour

If you are looking to learn local insight and be exposed to JDM car culture, this tour is for you! We are the only 5 Star Tour operated by a licensed business. ******** Beware: Most are doing the right thing but unfortunately there’s a couple of unprofessional operators running similar ‘tours’ so make sure you filter reviews to read all the information and avoid potentially being scammed. This isn’t to promote us, and again there are good operators, but just make sure you don’t have a spoilt holiday while in Tokyo! ******** Get ready for an epic night of JDM car vibes in Tokyo, led by local experts who speak fluent native English, Japanese & Russian. This is a premium full tour with insights and more visits and insights. Your tour starts with a VIP pickup in our very own 2023 Alphard Executive (our guest calls it the JDM Escalade!) in Shibuya before visiting a couple of stops to begin with including LibertyWalk and SuperAutobacs. We will hit the legendary Japanese wangan (Shuto Expressway) for a scenic loop on the C1, with quick stop at the spots where street racers gather. We’ll then get on the Bayshore Route passing through the iconic Rainbow Bridge towards Daikoku in Yokohama to see the amazing cars! Your night out lasts about 4.5 ~ 5 hours and over 110km/68miles return travel. And the best part? You also receive a FREE courtesy drop-off at your hotel if it’s in central Tokyo (limited locations so please message us to confirm) with NO extra fees/hidden surcharges! Forget the usual ‘tourist-type tours’ or going with ‘newbie’s’ with little knowledge. With us, you will be immersed in Tokyo’s car scene like a local. We are part of car community and will show you the hotspots and share stories really known only to those in the scene. IMPORTANT: Due to high demand, we are have to prioritize direct booking guest on our own website so please message us to check availability. 1) We are the ONLY genuine 5 star Daikoku tour business in Tokyo so you are guaranteed a great time out. We have real car enthusiast guides with native English, with a combined experience of over 20 years. 2) We provide stories and insights, and focus on a total complete tour experience and not just taking you to a couple of locations 3) Your reservation is secure and guaranteed. We NEVER overbook or CANCEL on our guests which we hear others do - if this has happened to you by another supplier, message us on IG and we will try to help out. For further details on our tours, please visit or DM us on IG @nichedrive. We are more than happy to help with any questions you may have.

Japan Data eSIM : 0.5GB/Daily to 50GB - 30Days

8. Japan Data eSIM : 0.5GB/Daily to 50GB - 30Days

Highlights The GYG QR is not the eSIM QR > Please refer to the eSIM QR email that will be send within 6 hours. -Save your valuable time & receive eSIM QRCode within 6 hours. -Scan a QR code to set up eSIM, skip the complicated steps of changing a SIM card -Enjoy high-speed network through local carrier. Purchase Notices -Data plan validity starts immediately when eSIM is installed. -Please make sure your phone is unlocked by your operating carrier and its operating system are compatible with eSIM, failure to do so may result in activation failure, and refunds will not be granted -iOS requires version 12.1 or later; please note that iPhones sold in China do not support eSIM and certain cell phones sold in Hong Kong and Macao do not support eSIM. Japan Unlimited Prepaid Data Roaming eSIM 1. Unlimited Data 0.5GB/1GB/2GB - (thereafter unlimited data on reduced speed of 128 kbps (Messaging Apps), daily reset at 2359PM (+8GMT). 2. Unlimited 5GB/10GB/15GB/20GB/30GB/50GB High-Speed Data (thereafter unlimited data on reduced speed of 256 kbps (Messaging Apps) This eSIM is data only. It does not include a phone number to make phone calls or send SMS messages. Please note that iPhones sold in China do not support eSIM and certain mobile phones sold in Hong Kong and Macao do not support eSIM. If you have any questions, please contact customer service, preferably before booking.

Yokohama Port: Private Transfer to/from Tokyo

9. Yokohama Port: Private Transfer to/from Tokyo

Enjoy a safe and reliable private port transfer with a 24-hour service between Yokohama port and the Tokyo area. Avoid long taxi lines and busy public transport. Get help with your heavy bags and skip confusion with a professional meet-and-greet service. Choose between nighttime or daytime transfer options to or from Yokohama port. Find your driver easily, as they will hold a sign with your name on it. Save yourself from having to carry heavy bags all by yourself with the included luggage assistance.  Climb aboard a vehicle that is regularly maintained to high-quality standards. Travel directly with this private service. our driver will track your cruise arrival time, so you won't have to worry in case of cruise delay. For an enhanced service experience, we highly recommend to add the Meet and Greet service. With Meet and Greet service, the driver will be waiting for you at the exit of the port and will personally escort you to the pickup location. This ensures a seamless transition and prevents any inconvenience of not being able to locate the vehicle. You can easily identify the driver as they will be holding a sign with your name on it.

Tokyo: Guided Helicopter Ride with Mount Fuji Option

10. Tokyo: Guided Helicopter Ride with Mount Fuji Option

A great opportunity to look down on the Tokyo metropolis from the sky. It is sure to be a memorable part of your trip to Japan. You can see: Tokyo Tower and Skytree for 20mins cruising Tokyo Tower, Skytree, and Shinjuku city for 30mins cruising Fuji/Hakone area, Tokyo Tower, Yokohama, and Enoshima for 90mins cruisng. Enjoy your private helicopter cruise!

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Experiencing Tokyo with Hitomi as a guide and driver was an absolute must! She is really skillfull driver, ensuring safety and speeeeed. Our journey began in the Tokyo centre, ventured through a car parts shop, explored the lovely Daikoku parking area, and concluded with a view of Tokyo Tower. Thanks to the entire GaijinTuned team, it was an unforgettable experience. I'm definitely coming back for more!

We had such a blast! Michael knows a lot about cars and the neighborhoods which makes it a memorable experience. He listens to your wishes (what types of car would you like to see etc.). We wanted to experience Fast & Furious in person in Tokyo and we definitely did! We even got a surprise visit (to Tokyo tower)! 10/10 would def book again next time :-) thank you so much Michael!

We had a great tour, it was really easy to find the meeting point. Our guide was Dave, he had a great sense of humour and chatted throughout the tour. His knowledge of the area and the car culture in Japan was excellent. One of the highlights of our visit, highly recommended!

Fantastic tour!! Great way to see some awesome sights and areas around Tokyo. Awesome guide.. Professional, personable and so courteous. Would highly recommend.

Got to sit in an R35 and it felt incredibly amazing