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Zakynthos: Half-Day Tour to Turtle Island and Keri Caves

1. Zakynthos: Half-Day Tour to Turtle Island and Keri Caves

Spend the day at sea on this multi-stop boat tour in Zakynthos. Visit Kalamaki Beach, Laganas, Turtle Island (Marathonisi), and a local olive oil press. Meet the resident turtles, swim near the Keri Caves, and taste olive oil samples.  After hotel pickup, start discovering the highlights of the southern region of Zakynthos. The first stop will be at Kalamaki Beach to learn about the turtle nests in the area. Next, embark on a 3-hour cruise on a glass bottom boat around the beach of Laganas. Stop at the nearby island of Marathonisi, also known as Turtle Island. Admire its beautiful caves and white sand beaches, and keep an eye out for the Caretta turtles who inhabit the surrounding waters. Continue sailing to the Keri Caves, located on the southern coast of Zakynthos. Make a stop for swimming before returning to the port and traveling to the Aristeon Olive Oil Press.  At the press, learn about the long history of olive oil production on the island and taste some samples before returning to your hotel.

Zakynthos: Marathonisi and Cameo Islands & Keri Caves Tour

2. Zakynthos: Marathonisi and Cameo Islands & Keri Caves Tour

After a convenient pickup from your hotel, head to Kalamaki beach on Zante's southern shores. Enjoy the pristine beach with soft sand and warm waters, protected by National Marine Park. See where the endangered loggerhead sea turtles nest. Next, head to Laganas beach to board the glass-bottom boat. Sail to the Keri Caves, carved by time, tides, and wind. Follow the coastline, admiring the white beaches, rock arches, forested hills, and enormous limestone cliffs that fall into the sea. Pass through the famous rock arch, Kamara.  Stop for a 20-minute swim just outside the entrance to a vast cave. Climb back on board to head to Marathonisi Island, an exotic, green, and coincidentally turtle-shaped island. Enjoy an hour on the golden sandy beach where you can swim and snorkel. Head back and pass the famous Cameo island bridge. Enjoy the idyllic views of secluded beaches surrounded by steep white limestone. Enjoy a final stop at the award-winning Aristeon ecological olive oil press museum in Lithakia. Explore the history of olive oil making on the island with experts.  Enjoy free tasters of local olives and traditional bread with different flavored extra virgin olive oils (most likely lemon, orange, and garlic). Take a sample of olive oil shampoo, soap, body cream, or face cream. You can also buy these products to support local businesses.

Zakynthos: Romantic Guided Sunset Tour to Agalas Viewpoint

3. Zakynthos: Romantic Guided Sunset Tour to Agalas Viewpoint

Embark on a Zakynthos sunset tour experience. Make sure to carry your camera as your guide will capture fabulous photos of you and the magnificent views on the tour. After pickup, get a map of the adventure awaiting you. Explore Cameo Island, Keri Mizithres viewpoint, Agalas, and Damiano's cave. Make your way to the charming paradise of Cameo Island. Walk across a 100-meter wooden-rope bridge that connects the island with the mainland, enjoying views of the crystal-clear seawaters. Spot sea urchins and fish. If you are lucky, you can see the loggerhead Caretta swimming under the bridge. Continue to the Keri Mizithres viewpoint. See 2 imposing white rocks in the waters of the southwestern coast. Find yourself surrounded by huge cliffs. Capture the view with the help of your guide. Learn about the world’s largest Greek flag and a copy of an ancient Greek sculpture at this site. Move onward to Agalas, nestled among pine trees and olive groves. Witness its colored buildings and the large bell tower of the village's church. Navigate the rocky 150-meter path to Damiano's cave. This 2-story structure is filled with awe-inspiring stalactites and stalagmites. Enjoy the view of the lush hills and the sea from the cave. On the opposite side of the cave, see the 12 wells of Agalas village. Hear the local legend of Andronios, the 300-meter-tall dragon who is said to have made the wells. Make a stop near Damiano's cave at one of the stone-built rest areas to enjoy the glorious sunset. Soak in the stunning surroundings and romantic atmosphere from this location.

Zakynthos: Vineyard & Winery Tour with Local Winemaker

4. Zakynthos: Vineyard & Winery Tour with Local Winemaker

Visit an authentic winery in Zakynthos and meet the winemaker. Stroll across the vineyards and learn the secrets of local grape varieties. See a workshop of Byzantine art with exhibits of the work of the painter and winemaker and relax in a beautiful countryside. Tour the winery where you can see stone buildings from 1870, samples of Zakynthos architecture and its evolution over time. Discover the Orchard, where there are many fruit trees and olive groves from where the farmer produces the organic oil of the estate and there is a reference to the varieties grown in Zakynthos. Finally, tour an organic vineyard with information on how to cultivate local DOC varieties. Finally, taste delicious wines paired with local snacks. This wine tasting option includes the tasting of 6 different wines accompanied by handmade bread, organic olive oil of our production, cheeses locally accompanied by fig syrup and breadsticks, which are homemade.

The Popolaros Evening: Food, Drinks & Live Greek Dancing

5. The Popolaros Evening: Food, Drinks & Live Greek Dancing

Highlights: • Great ambience • Learn a bit about Zakynthos history • Excellent Greek food and wine • Live Greek music and Greek dancers The Popolaros Taverna was established in 1992 and is located in the village of Ampelokipi. It takes its name from the Italian word “popolari” which means popular, but also dates back to the Venetian occupation of Zakynthos in the 16th century when “popolari” was the name given to the “common people” of the island. It is a very popular taverna for the local residents of Zakynthos both in the summer and winter months. Following a devastating fire in the summer of 2020, after which only the charred remains of the taverna were left, it has now been rebuilt and out of the ashes has emerged a fantastic setting which takes you back in time. It gives the illusion that you are eating outside in a traditional village square from street-name signs, authentic lamp-posts, a balcony and the “night sky ceiling” and provides an unforgettable atmosphere. We will arrive at the venue at around 20.00. During the evening there will be a short sketch showing some of the history of Zakynthos to set the scene for the evening and to provide an authentic atmosphere to get you in the right mood to enjoy an unforgettable evening. The entertainment includes live Greek music and Greek dancers. After the meal it will be your turn to have a try at Greek dancing along with the professionals. At the end of evening around 23.00 you will rejoin your coach and be taken back to your resorts. Included: Meal Starter: Tsatsiki (Garlic, cucumber and yoghurt dip), courgette balls, chicken pie, sautéed pork, pita bread and seasonal or Greek salad. Main Course: • Oven baked chicken with rice and potatoes • Vegetarian option on request Dessert: Seasonal fruit One bottle of wine (between 2 people) One big bottle of water (between 4 people) (All other drinks: including beer and soft drinks must be paid for by the guests)

Zakynthos: Shipwreck, Blue Caves, Viewpoint VIP All-Day Tour

6. Zakynthos: Shipwreck, Blue Caves, Viewpoint VIP All-Day Tour

Spend the day touring Zakynthos in a comfortable, air-conditioned Mercedes minivan. Swim and snorkel in crystal waters and even venture into the Blue Caves for incredible views. In the afternoon, enjoy lunch in a typical Greek tavern and visit a traditional olive oil factory for a tasting.  The day begins with pickup from Zakynthos and the surrounding areas. The first stop of the day is Bohali hill to take in splendid views of the sea and town below. Continue to Xigia beach, where the springs provide a natural spa. In the second part of the tour, will take a 3-hour cruise to Shipwreck Beach and the Blue Caves. Enjoy 20-minute stops at each location for swimming and venture into the Blue Caves by boat to admire the lights and colors.  Return to the port and head to the Shipwreck viewpoint for stunning views. Enjoy lunch in a traditional Greek tavern and take a photo stop at the 2,500-year-old olive tree at Exo Chora. Last but not least, Therianos Family Farm is an organic farm where they cultivate a wide range of fruits and vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Their Olive Oil was awarded the Gold Standard at the International Society, Olympia Awards. They also produce a selection of wines and the famous black raisins. We will visit the farm, meet the animals, and taste the local products.

Taste the Culture of Greece: A Live Cooking Experience

7. Taste the Culture of Greece: A Live Cooking Experience

The seminar takes place at a beach front restaurant, which specializes in modern Greek cuisine using excellent local raw materials. The interactive seminar is led by a professional chef who will guide you through the creation of a 5-course menu featuring dishes from the Ionian Islands. During the seminar, you'll learn about the characteristics of Greek cuisine, including the use of olive oil, fresh herbs, and seasonal ingredients. You'll also have the opportunity to participate in the hands-on practice and create your own recipe alongside the chef. At the end of the seminar, you'll sit down with your fellow participants and enjoy the delicious menu that you've created together, accompanied by local wines exclusively from Zakynthos. You'll also receive a detailed recipe so you can recreate the dishes at home and share the flavors of Greece with your friends and family.

Zakynthos Island: Private Tour in a Minibus

8. Zakynthos Island: Private Tour in a Minibus

Begin the tour at your hotel or cruise ship port. Your driver will take you safely through the island. Enjoy the scenic route with views of natural landscapes on the way to Xigia Beach where you can enjoy a swim in natural sea "spa" water. Next, stop on top of a mountain and enjoy the most beautiful wild landscape and views on Shipwreck Beach. See the famous shipwreck named Panagiotis and take memorable photos. Continue to the Monastery of Anafonitria where you have time to explore the architecture and the traditional Christian Orthodox artifacts. Experience life outside the cities in the picturesque village of Exo Chora afterward. Enjoy lunch at a local traditional tavern in Kabi (not included). On your route back your driver will take you to a Greek winery where you can enjoy a wine tasting (not included).

Sunset Flavors of Zakynthos: A Gastronomic Delight Tour

9. Sunset Flavors of Zakynthos: A Gastronomic Delight Tour

Experience a journey through the vibrant flavors of Zakynthos, renowned for its rich culinary heritage. Join us for a delectable afternoon trip that will immerse you in an explosive combination of flavors, aromas, and music, while delving into the island's culture and customs surrounding food and drink. Experience the Gastronomic Magic: Step into a world of tantalizing tastes as our 5-hour adventure begins with a convenient pick-up from your accommodation. Venture along the enchanting wine roads, where you'll have the opportunity to explore and taste the unique varieties of well-known and rare Zakynthos wines. Delight in a guided tour of a local vineyard's cellar, witnessing the entire winemaking process from production to bottling. Deepen your understanding of the local traditions and let your taste buds dance with joy. Indulge in Cheese Delights: Next, we'll transport you to a traditional cheese workshop renowned for its ladotyri, a spicy goat's and sheep's cheese matured in oil for months. Accompanied by skilled cheese makers, you'll embark on a captivating journey through the artistry of cheese production. From its humble beginnings to the moment it bears the Zakynthos stamp, you'll witness each step of the process. Prepare to savor the exquisite taste of this culinary gem and appreciate the craftsmanship behind it. Discover Liquid Gold: As Zakynthos boasts vast olive groves, our next stop takes us to one of the island's oldest and most esteemed oil mills. Dive into the world of liquid gold as you taste and appreciate the cornerstone of Zakynthian cuisine: olive oil. Gain an insider's perspective on the production, processing, and packaging of this precious elixir. Learn about the Mediterranean diet and the significance of olive oil as an integral part of its heritage. Let each drop transport you to the heart of Zakynthos' culinary legacy. Delight in an Idyllic Dinner: Prepare for the grand finale of our epicurean expedition—a special, idyllic dinner in a magical setting with captivating views. Indulge in the finest cuisine inspired by authentic Zakynthian recipes, prepared with pure local ingredients. Let the melodic tunes of the island's music create an enchanting ambiance, elevating your dining experience to new heights. Every bite will be a harmonious symphony of flavors, leaving an indelible mark on your culinary journey. As you return to your accommodation, this eonion's original tour will have etched unforgettable memories into the fabric of your being. The delectable tastings, exploration of local producers, and the island's natural beauty will intertwine, creating a treasure trove of cherished moments. Join us on this extraordinary adventure and savor the flavors of Zakynthos like never before.

Discover The Past/Jeep Safari

10. Discover The Past/Jeep Safari

Discover the past/Jeep Safari with us. We pick you up in the morning from your hotel/ pick up at about 10:00 a.m in our Jeep. We then take you to Calinico winery and vineyard for some wine tasting and expert knowledge in winery and see all the interesting ways they used to make wine back in the past. We then take you to Lithakia olive oil factory where you get to see how the olive oil is made from start to finish. And also get to taste lots of the different olive oils and flavors they have there. Then take a beautiful drive up the mountain roads and all through the old villages. Beautiful scenery and views. We then stop at Exo Hora to see the oldest olive tree on the island. Also there are some small local shops selling lots of handmade and different products. We then take you up further into the mountains where we also go to see the shipwreck from above. Then it's a lunch stop in Orthonies at the beautiful Botager taverna where they have a very traditional food and it's also a beautiful little museum inside. Where you can see how they used to farm and make things back in the old days. Finally we travel back down the other side of the mountain and stop for a swim stop before heading back to your hotel. We are able to pick up from most destinations all over the island at a small extra cost. For more information please get in touch with us.

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What people are saying about Zakynthos

HIGHLY recommend this tour! Khalifa was an awesome guide kind, informative & passionate about the topics. We saw a sea turtle on the boat tour thanks to our amazing captain, the water & landscapes were breathtaking. Olive press museum was more enjoyable than I had expected, don't forget to try some of the cosmetic products. Don't pay 5EUR to enter the island across the bridge, theres nothing to see that the tour hasn't already shown you except for a keyring with your photo on it.

Nice driver showed us many places on the island where we otherwise would not have come on our own, wonderfully private too, always the possibility to stop somewhere to take pictures. Possibility to go swimming, tasted delicious wine even though I am not a fan of wine myself and my girlfriend is a “lightweight”. Definitely recommend.

The guide was very nice and showed us all the places that were in the description. We had enough time to look at everything in peace and to take pictures or have them taken. The view of the sunset was simply breathtaking. All in all it was a great trip with new impressions and information about the island.

Nikos was really friendly and knowledgeable about all the locations. He picked us up on time, he gave detailed information on all the stops and we had plenty of time to explore and take pictures. The sunset spot at the end of the tour was fantastic. I would happily book the tour again.

Great tour, great guide, great captain! Beautiful places! Always a pleasure!